5 Car Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.52.09 PM

While winter technically starts in November, January and February are some of the most treacherous months as far as snowfall is concerned. If you’re car ever gets stuck, here are five gadgets that you should have on you. Some things are extremely important to keep in your car, including a set of jumper cables, blankets, […]

Most Exciting Tech for 2015

shutterstock_165754091 - Exciting Tech 2015

The most exciting tech for 2015 will deliver new experiences, upgrades to favorite gadgets and bring exciting new technology. Many of the smartphones, tablets, services and technology on this list are only rumors right now, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking forward to the day when we can buy them. Join us for a look […]

9 Gadgets to Take on a Camping Trip


Some people go camping to unplug and get away from the grid. Most of us just like the pretty outdoors and enjoy unplugging to a degree, but we don’t want to get too extreme. We still want to take photos with a smartphone and play a game of 2048 as we take a fifteen minute […]

Best Gadgets to Blow Your Tax Refund On


If you’re in the market to blow your tax refund on something special, you’re in luck because there are a ton of cool consumer electronics that you can buy with that hard-earned money, and depending on how much you got back, there’s a device with your name and price range on it. Most people that […]

How to Sell Your Gadgets on eBay Without Getting Ripped Off


We’ve given you some tips in the past about buying gadgets on eBay, but what if you’re selling them? Getting rid of your old gadgets can be dead easy, especially if you use a trade-in program at a store (but we don’t recommend that). To get the most out of selling your old gadgets, posting […]

Thanksgiving Travel: These Airlines Are Now Boarding Personal Electronics


All gadgets aboard! With the Thanksgiving holiday season fast approaching in the U.S. and after the Federal Aviation Administration has cleared the way for the use of personal electronic devices on all phases of flight, these airlines have now cleared the way for your smartphones, tablets, and ereaders to remain powered on throughout the entire […]

Leaving My Bag at Home With Scottevest (Video)

Snap Front Pockets ScotteVest

One of my favorite things about the proliferation of mobile technology and speedy cellular networks is the ability to work wherever I want to go. It should come as no surprise that I’m a gadget bag freak. I love trying new bags to tote my gear around town and across the country, but when I’m […]

Inside an Olympic Photographer’s Gear Bag

Olympic Photographer Gear bag cameras

The 2012 Summer Olympics are set to kick off in London and we caught up with an Olympic photographer about to leave for London to figure out what’s in his gear bag to cover the Summer Olympic games in the ever-changing weather of London. Andrew Weber, is a photographer with the US Presswire who will be photographing […]

Asteroid Mining Could Facilitate Made in U.S. iPhone, Gadgets

Asteroid Mining iPad US

The world waits to learn about plans to mine near earth asteroids for, among other things, rare earth elements — minerals that play crucial roles in the batteries, screens and components of gadgets like the iPhone, iPad and other devices. We expect Planetary Resources to announce plans to mine near earth asteroids with robotic “droids” to bring precious minerals […]

The Voice Controlled Future: Your Gadgets Are Listening

Dragon TV Voice

Voice controlled gadgets are not new, but for the first time in years the technology is god enough that we can use it on a regular basis, as a means of interacting with our smartphones when fingers and tapping just wont do. We’ve moved from ‘simple’ apps that turn our speech into text to more […]

CES 2012 Gear And Gadgets: What’s In K. T.’s Bag

The gear and gadgets in K.T.s CES 2012 arsenal

Today is the first official day of CES 2012 and I’m about to head onto the show floor with my bag full of gear. Since you all enjoy seeing what’s in our bags I thought I’d share. The picture below is of all the gear I brought, but I’m not carrying everything in this picture. […]

Gift Guide: 5 Gifts You Shouldn’t Give in 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook

While we’ve been busy telling you about all of the gadgets and gizmos that you should be buying this holiday season, it’s time to switch gears a little bit and tell you about a few things that shouldn’t be on your wish list this 2011 holiday season. We know that there are going to be […]

Getting Ready for Hurricane Irene Using Tech

Hurricane Fran

As Hurricane Irene bears down on the Eastern United States, residents prepare for the worst… but hope for the best. I lived in Eastern North Carolina from 1996 to 2000, during which time six hurricanes blew over my community. That included Hurricane Fran, which toppled a 300 foot tall pine tree onto my church’s building, and […]

What Are You Missing With Your Mobile Gadget Solution?


So, here’s a question for you. What can’t you do that you want to do with your mobile gadget scenario? What’s missing? What do you want to do, that you can’t do right now with whatever gaggle of gadgets you use daily? OK, that’s several questions, but hopefully you get the point. As the focus […]

What Happens to Recycled Gadgets, Monitors and Computers (video)

recycle logo

When we are done with our old gadgets there are a number of places we can take them to be recycled. But what does gadget recycling really mean. Some services will resell our old gadgets that still work, but for old monitors, desktops and other items the time has passed and the only thing left […]

I don’t use my iPad. Am I alone?


I am was sitting there last night a little upset and I looked over at the iPad on the keyboard dock collecting dust and it made me happy that I made a choice not to buy the MacBook Air 11 today. I almost bought one on an impulse just before I left work. I thought […]

What’s Making Your Christmas List?


In no way am I trying to push some sort of Christmas creep here, but this is the time of year that geeks everywhere start scheming and plotting to make sure the gadgets they want end up under the Christmas tree on December 25. Don’t deny it, you know I’m talking to you. Gadget sites […]

MSNBC: 7 Gadgets that Make You Look Like a Jerk


MSNBC has a little slide show that offers up 7 Gadgets that make you look like a jerk. Far be it from me to call one person’s gadget choice jerk-worthy and I’m sure folks around here won’t be too surprised by most of what’s on the list. Everything from Bluetooth headsets (hey, I wear one […]