7-Inch Sharp Galapagos Tablet Seen at FCC


It looks like Sharp may be readying a 7-inch Android tablet under its Galapagos brand name. The 7-inch model would sit in the middle of Sharp’s other tablets with a 5.5- and 10.8-inch displays. Not a lot of information is available at the FCC at this time, but it is now known that the Sharp […]

Sharp Galapagos E-Reader Tablet to Take on Nook Color


Sharp’s Galapagos brand e-reader tablet comes in two different different screen sizes: 5.5- and 10.8-inch. Sharp isn’t disclosing what operating system the tablets were running at CES, but the company did give us a demo of the 5.5-inch version on video at the show. The device has a 3D-cube user interface, a trackball for navigating, […]

Sharp Galapagos Android 3D Glasses-Free Smartphone Demo (Video)


I was excited to hear that Sharp would be bringing its Galapagos line of smartphones to the U.S. market, and at CES we were able to get a hands-on demo to see what the fuss was all about with the glasses-free 3D experience. I came away pretty impressed, as users of the Galapagos glasses-free 3D […]

Sharp Launches Glasses-Free 3D Android Smartphone


In addition to making the 3D screens for the Nintendo 3DS, which will provide a 3D experience without requiring 3D glasses, Sharp will also be using those same 3D display panels on its own Android smartphones, which will for now be limited to the Japanese market. The pair of smartphones, launched as the Galapagos 003Sh […]

Sharp Enters the Android Tablet Game with Galapagos


When I read “Galapagos” I think of Charles Darwin and his theories on evolution. Perhaps Sharp’s choice of name for its Galapagos Tablets and media platform is inadvertently pointing to what will obviously become a “survival of the fittest” landscape when it comes to Tablets and Slates. Sharp is unveiling its Tablet/Slate plans and it […]