Samsung Gear Fit Hands-On: The Fitness Smartwatch


Earlier this week at Mobile World Congress Samsung announced the all-new Gear Fit wearable smartband. Being one of three smartwatches announced, it joins the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. To be completely honest the Samsung Gear Fit looks exactly what most expected the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch to look like. It has a curved […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear 50% Off Firesale Ignites Gear 2 Rumors

Check out these hard to find Galaxy Gear Features.

Samsung is expected to make multiple announcements and reveal a few new products later this month at the annual Mobile World Congress event. From the Galaxy S5, new tablets, to possibly even wearable devices like a Galaxy Gear 2 or Glasses to take on Google Glass. While Samsung’s been busy teasing 9 features for the […]

Samsung Begins Slashing Galaxy Gear Price Ahead of Gear 2 Debut


With rumors that Samsung may be launching its second smartwatch, speculated to be called the Galaxy Gear 2, alongside a highly anticipated flagship Galaxy S5 debut this spring, the company is now discounting its original Galaxy Gear by over $120. At this time, however, VR-Zone is reporting that the price cut is only for India, though it […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessory Rumored as a Complete Reboot

The first major Samsung Galaxy S5 accessory may be a redesigned Galaxy Gear 2.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release won’t be a lonely one with multiple models rumored and a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 on hand to usher in a new smart watch experience for 2014. Samsung debuted the Galaxy Gear with the Galaxy Note 3 in late 2103, eventually delivering support to the Galaxy S4 and a handful […]

Knockoff Pirates Just Say No to Wearables like the Galaxy Gear


Supposedly Wearable devices are the next big trend. I’ve been on a trend saying that I think this is just another fad that won’t catch hold in the consumer market without someone providing a good use case. Hot new things for hot new things’ sake don’t usually fare well in the marketplace. We haven’t seen […]

What’s Samsung’s Next Big Thing? Hint: It’s Not a Phone.


Moving in 2014, Samsung, like South Korean rival LG, will be less reliant on its smartphone business in helping it pad the bottom line. While Samsung’s partnership with Google in producing Android-powered Galaxy phones, phablets, and tablets have been a profitable venture for Samsung and propelled it to fame, the company is looking to diversify […]

New Ad Pushes Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, Calling Robin Thicke

galaxy gear and galaxy note 3 robin thicke ad

Many of its products are category winners, but Samsung, like other companies, isn’t satisfied with users buying just one of their devices. As a new advertisement profiling the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and the Galaxy Note 3 showcase, for Samsung the future is all about promoting the way its devices work together. In the latest commercial […]

More Notifications and Gestures Coming in Galaxy Gear Update


Samsung seems to have taken the complaints of early Galaxy Gear buyers to heart. After being panned by most critics for its unfinished software and lack of any real use outside of a core set of functionality, Samsung will begin rolling out a new update that adds support for third-party app notifications and more this […]

Samsung Bullish on 800,000 Galaxy Gear Shipment

Check out these hard to find Galaxy Gear Features.

After a story emerged that Samsung may have encountered a major flop with the Galaxy Gear noting that the manufacturer only sold 50,000 units, the company had gone on the defensive stating that it has shipped 800,000 units. Speaking to Reuters, Samsung says that 800,000 units have been shipped worldwide in just 2 months on the […]

Galaxy Gear a Universal Flop for Samsung?


For a product that bears the futuristic space-age “Galaxy” brand of Samsung’s coveted Android product lineup, the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch may be a huge universal flop. According to a report on Business Korea, Samsung may have sold as little as 50,000 Galaxy Gear watches since the device debuted in September, a far cry from the […]

Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 Dates Rumored for U.S.


It looks like Samsung is working hard to bring Galaxy Gear support to Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 owners around the world, including in the United States, where a leaked timeline suggests that the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 roll out could begin as early as next week with Galaxy S3 and […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

The Gear's built-in accelerometer functions as a pedometer to track your steps walked. It will sync with the S Health app on the Galaxy Note 3--the same app that debuted on the Galaxy S4--and will hopefully inspire you to be a bit more active. Samsung says it hasn't forgotten about the S Health Band fitness accessory that was introduced alongside the Galaxy S4 either. That accessory is a more simple wrist band, a la Nike FuelBand and Fitbit, that will track steps but lack the smartwatch features of the Galaxy Gear. The company could not comment on availability for the S Health Band at this time, and that accessory is more fitting for users who may not need or want all the frills that come with Gear.

The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first foray into the wearable computing market, and Samsung is hoping that its first will beat Apple. However, is being first enough? And more importantly, will users find value in an accessory that costs as much as the phone that it’s designed to work with on a two-year contract in […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear Ads Prove That Fantasy Is Now Reality

Screenshot 2013-10-07 12.21.33

Over the weekend, Samsung launched a new ad campaign to show off its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The ads show off many instances in TV shows and movies where “smartwatches” were used, such as in Star Trek, The Jetsons and Knight Rider. Of course, these were all fictional worlds, but Samsung is touting that its […]

DEAL: T-Mobile Offers 30% Off Galaxy Gear Watch


Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be posted shortly, but in the meantime if you have your mind set on getting the companion accessory to the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, T-Mobile U.S. is running a promotion that will save you 30 percent off the retail price. […]

Samsung to Boost Galaxy Gear Support

Image via Yahoo

As promised Samsung is now sharing more details about the roll out of the software needed for its smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, to connect to devices besides the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung president of strategic marketing for mobile, DJ Lee, told the Korean Times that the company will bring support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Gear Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

Image via Yahoo

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow on AT&T. The carrier announced the news via Twitter today, and linked to its landing page for the new wearable accessory. However, AT&T didn’t list a time on when the Galaxy Gear would officially go live for pre-orders, but we’ll be sure to […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Official Hands-On Video

samsung galaxy note 3 hands on video

Samsung Mobile posted the firsts official hands-on video highlighting the new features in their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone phablet announced at the company’s launch event at IFA in Germany. The video also shows off the features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch intended to work with the Samsung Gaalxy Note 3 and other Galaxy […]

Samsung to Reconcile With Android As Galaxy Gear Looks to Expand


Although the Galaxy Note 3‘s announcement earlier this week was more about Samsung, TouchWiz, and the software enhancements that deliver value to the S Pen than it was about Google’s mobile OS, Samsung is looking to reconcile its differences with the Android ecosystem as it looks to find more homes for the Galaxy Gear. The […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear Lowdown: Everything You Want to Know


After having teased a 6-minute walk-thru after unveiling the Galaxy Note 3 phablet and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung is back again this time with a more in-depth look at both devices. In an 18-minute long video, the Galaxy-maker shows off the hardware of the Galaxy Note 3, the software enhancements and S Pen features, […]