Sprint Galaxy Nexus Launches April 22nd, Pre-order Today

Sprint Galaxy Nexus pre-order

Sprint announced that the Galaxy Nexus will launch on April 22nd, for $199 on the only remaining national carrier to offer new Unlimited plans. The Galaxy Nexus launched on Verizon in 2011, and remains one of a few phones to offer stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. (Read: Galaxy Nexus Review) Sprint customers can pre-order the […]

Sprint Agent Informs Customer Galaxy Nexus Launch Date is in May


There has been much speculation that the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung would launch on Sprint’s 4G LTE Now Network alongside the mid-range LG Viper 4G LTE on April 22nd, but it appears that will not be the case. GottaBeMobile reader Alejandro Martinez had informed us that a Sprint customer service agent online had told him that […]

Sprint Showcasing Galaxy Nexus on YouTube Channel

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 9.47.16 PM

It looks like the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Google phone is now closer than ever as the Now Network has now uploaded a video overview of the 4G LTE smartphone it its own Sprint YouTube channel. In the video, Sprint highlights the Google apps, Google Wallet, Google integration, Play Store, dual cameras, easy […]

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Release Date All but Confirmed

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Release Date All but Confirmed

Yesterday, evidence surfaced indicating that the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date might be April 22nd, same day the LG Viper 4G LTE goes on sale. Today, more evidence has surfaced showing off the same date, which makes it all but certain that that is the date that Sprint is planning to launch its 4G […]

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Might Launch April 22nd

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Might Launch April 22nd

It would appear that Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus might still be on track for a launch this April even if the carrier has yet to give it any sort of official release date as of yet. According to evidence obtained by Android-Life, the Galaxy Nexus might finally make its way to Sprint on April 22nd. […]

Case-Mate Pop Case for Samsung Galaxy Nexus


I have been checking out cases for my Galaxy Nexus lately. After my iPhone back glass got busted by a very minor fall and my wife busting her iPhone’s front glass a couple of weeks ago, I am thinking about protecting my phones better. I really like using a device without a case, but they […]

Why Did I Buy the Galaxy Nexus Again?

Why Did I Buy the Galaxy Nexus Again?

At the end of 2011, I faced a tough decision about which phone I should buy to replace my iPhone 3GS. Ultimately, I decided on the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. One of the reasons I decided on the Galaxy Nexus was because it was a Nexus branded device. What does this mean […]

How to Get More Screen Real Estate for your Android Phone


Android phones have a set resolution and pixel density from the factory, but it;s easy to tweak this for a better user experience and more screen real estate. Looking at screenshots posted online, Android users may notice that someone who has their phone has more real estate on their screen. Chances are that they have adjusted […]

Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE vs Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE vs Sprint Galaxy Nexus

This week Sprint and HTC unveiled their new flagship Evo phone, the EVO 4G LTE. This handset is already cause for much excitement, but what about the other flagship phone coming to Sprint soon? That would be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Both phones will run on Sprint’s as-yet-unveiled 4G LTE network. Both phones represent the […]

Galaxy Nexus Headed to AT&T?

Galaxy Nexus Headed to AT&T?

AT&T has been rumored to be getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for its 4G LTE network and it appears that a release might be just around the corner. According to a source of AndroRev, AT&T 4G LTE SIM cards are currently out for testing for the Galaxy Nexus. Apparently the SIM cards are standard and […]

Android 4.0.4 Update Ushers In Signalgate Bug for Galaxy Nexus


It appears that the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update that’s being rolled out to the GSM version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is causing some grief for a number of users related to signal and reception. The update, which brings the software to Android version 4.0.4, is causing a sudden and high drop […]

What to Expect from Sprint’s 4G LTE Network

What to Expect from Sprint's 4G LTE Network

It’s finally official. Sprint, in it’s announcement regarding one its first 4G LTE devices – the LG Viper 4G LTE, confirmed that its 4G LTE network would be rolling out sometime during the month of April. The carrier did not give a specific date for the roll out only to say that it would occur […]

Instagram for Android: First Impressions and Performance

Instagram for Android: First Impressions and Performance

Today is a huge day for those who are proud owners of an Android device as Instagram for Android is finally available on the Google Play Store. The app has been one of the most anticipated app launches in Android history and those who use their smartphone as a camera will want to this app […]

Windows Phone, iOS, Android: Mobile OSes and Me!


Today a reader commented on “Moving from Android to Windows Phone  7 Part 6: The Verdict“, an article I posted last fall when I switched from the Motorola Atrix as my personal daily driver to the HTC Titan. The comment asked me why I had returned back to the Titan and Windows Phone after I […]

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Looks Good for April

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Looks Good for April

Earlier today, we told you about a possible release date for Sprint’s first 4G LTE smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Originally, the release date had been said to be April 15th but now April 22nd is the date we’re looking at. And while we still don’t have an exact date pinpointed, it looks all but […]

Samsung Offers Free Extended Battery With New Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the best Android phones available at the moment, but the LTE radio in the Verizon version can really drain the battery. New buyers won’t have as many problems with the battery if they buy it directly from Samsung by May 10. Samsung is offering a free extended battery […]

HBO Go Review: Best Way to Watch Game of Thrones

HBO GO Review - Selection

HBO Go is a cool service from HBO that streams full episodes of great HBO original series like Game of Thrones, Eastbound & Down, Sopranos and The Wire on your iPhone, iPad, the web and most Android smartphones. I’d argue that HBO G0 is worth the subscription just so you can stream Game of Thrones online, […]

Woman Cooks Her Galaxy Nexus (Photos)

Woman Galaxy Nexus

I’ve thought about throwing my Samsung Galaxy Nexus off a cliff. I’ve envisioned chucking it against the wall. However, I’ve never, and I repeat never have imagined cooking it up in a broth and eating it which is exactly what a Russian woman has done for the sake of. Well, you tell me. Gizmodo stumbled […]