6 Ways the Droid DNA Beats the Samsung Galaxy Note 2


In just a few days, Verizon will launch two competing large screen smartphones in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the HTC Droid DNA. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 currently rules the 5-inch display realm though the Droid DNA is looking to battle it for supremacy with some high-end specifications, one of […]

6 Ways the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Beats the Droid DNA


On November 21st, HTC and Verizon will release their brand-new smartphone, the Droid DNA, a device that will be the first of the Droid family to featured a display in the 5-inch range. It features some hard-hitting specifications including a full 1080p HD display, quad-core processor, smooth design, high-end camera and more. When the Droid […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Droid DNA


Finally, after weeks and weeks of rumors and speculation, HTC and Verizon announced the new Droid DNA smartphone that will be coming out in just a few days to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. We took a look at how the rumored version of the Droid DNA matched up against […]