How to Use the Galaxy Note 3 Camera Flash for Notifications

2014-03-05 12.53.11

When it comes to getting alerts and notifications on your Galaxy Note 3 for incoming calls and text messages, there’s multiple different options available. From ringtones to custom vibrate modes and more. There’s also one more you’ve probably seen before from many iPhone owners. And that’s the camera flash. Setting your phone on silent mode […]

25 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features You’ll Actually Care About

Check out the best new Galaxy Note 3 features.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is finally official with a new look, new S Pen and new Galaxy Note 3 features that will arrive next month when the U.S. Galaxy Note 3 release rolls round. Samsung ran through a long list of Galaxy Note 3 features during the presentation today, but for users that just […]