Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Rumors Begin to Swirl


The Galaxy S5 isn’t the only smartphone Samsung has in store for early 2014, and now that its been fully revealed we’re starting to see reports regarding what’s next. In the usual Samsung style and just like years past, Samsung is preparing to release a Galaxy S5 Active according to one leakster, reportedly bringing the […]

AT&T Galaxy S4 Active Android 4.3 Update Finally Lands


The update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived back in October for most, and since then the company has been paying most of its attention to the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 to deliver the same update. While AT&T and Samsung have yet to confirm the update or news, we’re […]

Samsung to Shrink Galaxy S4 Active to ‘Mini’ Size?


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 family is getting a little crowded with devices ranging from the flagship Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, and the Galaxy S4 Active. A recent FCC filing suggests that Samsung may add yet another member to the Galaxy S4 family in the form of a Galaxy S4 Active […]

AT&T Makes Good on Waterproof Promise of Galaxy S4 Active


Following reports that the Galaxy S4 Active (reviewed) may not be as waterproof as Samsung and AT&T would like you to believe, the Rethink Possible network is now making good on its promise with customers by allowing users to make a one time exchange of water damaged phones. The program will allow users whose phones […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Review


This year, we’re beginning to see a trend where waterproof phones that fit the active lifestyle are coming with specs that are worthy of a flagship phone, and the Galaxy S4 Active from Samsung, an AT&T exclusive, is no different. Samsung is really diversifying the Galaxy S line, with the Galaxy S4 being the flagship […]

Top 5 Waterproof Smartphones to Kickstart Your Summer


Whether you’ve got mildly butterfingers and are prone to spills or a wild summer of fun planned, these five waterproof phones will complement your wet and active lifestyle. Some on the list are rugged and are mil-spec tested while others are just waterproof designs. These five phones show that waterproof and rugged doesn’t always mean […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active now up for Pre-Order on AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is water resistant to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

AT&T users looking for a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a more rugged build quality now officially have a new device to possibly call their own. AT&T is offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for pre-order. Starting today, users on the nation’s second largest mobile network will be able to order the device from AT&T’s website […]

AT&T Galaxy S4 Active Launch Imminent

active teaser

A new video posted to YouTube points to AT&T launching a device tomorrow that’s able to handle being submerged into large quantities of water, a description that sounds awfully like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The video depicts a smartphone being dropped into a glass of water, with the smartphone in question looking identical to […]

Rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Coming to U.S. This Summer

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active - 5

Samsung just announced a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that offers very similar performance and features, but comes with water and dust resistant features that let users keep the phone in water for up to 30 minutes without damage. This rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 is part of the Galaxy S4 brand, but comes […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Breaks Cover

This appears to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for AT&T.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is thought to be joining the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom in the weeks ahead and today, the device, which is a rugged version of the Galaxy S4, decided to break cover ahead of time, showing off its design and AT&T branding. For months now, […]

Galaxy S4 Active Gains FCC Approval Ahead of Samsung’s June Event


Ahead of Samsung’s scheduled June 20th event to unveil new Galaxy and ATIV products, the FCC has approved the rugged and waterproof Galaxy S4 Active smartphone. The U.S. regulatory agency approval shows that the device packs the same LTE bands that are supported on the AT&T Galaxy S4, suggesting that the Galaxy S4 Active will […]

New Photos Surface of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 features wireless charging, perhaps the Galaxy Note 3 will as well.

A more rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, dubbed the Galaxy S4 Active, could be on its way to users soon. According to pictures and information compiled by GSMArena, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active will feature most of the same internal specifications as the company’s newly released Galaxy S4, however it would replace the […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini & Rugged Galaxy S4 Pegged for July

This could be the Galaxy S4 Mini next to the Galaxy S4.

It appears that the rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 that a Samsung executive seemingly confirmed is indeed a real device and it appears that it will be joining another Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, this summer after the initial Galaxy S4 release. Read: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Release Slated for July. Since the arrival […]