Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

Best Galaxy S4 Cases - Case Mate Aluminum

The Galaxy S4 arrives with a slimmer stronger design and an overwhelming collection of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases to add features, protection and style to the Galaxy S4. We’ve tracked down the best Samsung Galaxy S4 cases available to help new Galaxy S4 owners find the perfect fit for their new smartphone. From a Rugged […]

Speck Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Hands-On Video

Speck includes openings for the Galaxy S4 IR sensor and microphones and accents larger openings with a brighter color.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives in a matter of days, and we are already seeing a number fo Samsung Galaxy S4 cases arrive on the market. A collection of Speck Galaxy S4 cases, which mirror the company’s iPhone 5 line, are set for release in the coming days, and we were fortunate enough to go […]

Belkin Announces Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases


Just over 12 hours after Samsung’s launch event for the Galaxy S4, Belkin has announced that it has a line of new cases ready for the new flagship Galaxy smartphone. Belkin announced 11 new cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The cases range from standard protective cases to arm bands, wallet cases and wristlets. The cases should […]

Otterbox Announces Cases For Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands On - 10

It’s almost like clockwork: any time a major manufacturer launches a new smartphone, Otterbox is there with at least a few new cases. The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch is no different. Shortly after Samsung’s launch event for the Galaxy S4 started, Otterbox announced that it will bring three of its popular lines to the new […]

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Hands On

The Samsung Galaxy S4 U.S. release date has seen its first carrier confirmed.

Last night during the launch event of the Galaxy S4 Samsung announced a number of new accessories to go along with its new flagship smartphone. The new accessories do everything from protect the new Samsung Galaxy S4 to help charge the new phone and sync fitness data. Samsung wasn’t very clear on when any of […]

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case & Cover Pre-Orders Go Live

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 cases appear online ahead of the Galaxy S4 announcement.

A new set of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases appeared online today with yet another design, one day ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event in New York. The same retailer is also taking pre-orders for the “official Samsung Galaxy S4 flip case” and the “Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover” These purported Galaxy S4 […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Available, But Not Worth the Asking Price

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 inside Galaxy S4 cases.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement is set for March 14th, and case makers are already shipping Galaxy S4 cases, but they aren’t worth the price — even at $5. We saw the first Samsung Galaxy S4 cases appear in mid-February, sporting a Galaxy S3 style design and couldn’t resist ordering three of these Galaxy S4 […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Appear as Launch Nears

Galaxy S4 Cases

The first Samsung Galaxy S4 cases are up for sale nearly a month before the expected Galaxy S4 launch. These are not the Galaxy S4 accessories we’ve heard rumored multiple times, but are low-priced Galaxy S4 cases that are likely made using guesswork and estimated sizes. CellJewel offers three different Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, the first of […]