How to Use the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a Flashlight


*+-The Samsung Galaxy S4 has an impressive 13 megapixel camera and a bright LED flash, one that is useful for more things than just taking pictures. Earlier this week we explained how to use the Galaxy S4 flash for alerts and notifications, but today we’re focusing on using it as a dedicated flashlight. This is […]

How to Close Apps on the Samsung Galaxy S4


*+-The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a powerful flagship Android smartphone. One that is capable of multi-tasking with the best of them, or running any app or game available on the Google Play Store. However, there’s times when closing all of those running apps could be useful. This may seem like a simple task for most […]

Samsung Galaxy S4: 5 Features That Justify The $250 Price

The Galaxy S4 comes with a microSD card slot.

*+-As we inch closer to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Release date in the U.S., we learned that the AT&T plans to charge $250 for the Samsung Galaxy S4, $50 more than most flagship smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 showed that shoppers are willing to pay more for what they see as a higher value, […]