AT&T Launches New 4G LTE-A Network, Prepares for Galaxy S5 Release

The 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives on AT&T today.

AT&T has reportedly gone live with its first 4G LTE-Advanced network this week in Chicago, with others coming extremely soon. We’ve been seeing “LTE-A” devices lately from Korea and a few other markets, offering a new faster LTE-Advanced network, and now AT&T is first with it in the US. According to reports from GigaOm, AT&T […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advanced is Ready, U.S. Carriers Aren’t

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit is now on sale, as expected.

A version of Samsung’s popular Galaxy S4 will ship with compatibility for next generation LTE-Advanced technology. That’s according to the company’s Co-CEO JK Shin, who spoke with Reuters on the subject this week. According to estimates from Samsung cited by the outlet, a Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advanced instead of standard LTE could have movie […]