Galaxy S5 cases

A cheap, but wonderful Galaxy S5 case option.

21 Amazing Galaxy S5 Cases

Buying a Galaxy S5 case is not an easy task, because there is such a huge selection of options available online and in stores. If you want to buy the perfect Ga...
Galaxy S5 S View Wireless Charging Cover

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

There are many Samsung Galaxy S5 cases on the market with more coming in April near the planned Galaxy S5 release date. For users that hate to go a day without ...
The new Galaxy S5 OtterBox cases are coming with several Galaxy S5 case options.

OtterBox Galaxy S5 Case Options Announced

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 goes on sale next month it will offer a water-resistant design that can handle a 30 minute drop into water, but users that need prote...