Metal Samsung Galaxy F Leaks to Take Over the Galaxy S5


Lately the rumor mills have been churning about a device being called the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, but recently more and more leaks are suggesting the device could actually be called the Samsung Galaxy F. A new successor that may finally take over the Galaxy S range. While we’ve been hearing rumors of an aluminum […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Details Emerge


In the weeks and months leading up to the Samsung Galaxy S5 reveal and launch back in February, reports and rumors were running rampant talking about all sorts of crazy specs and features that never made the cut. Since the announcement and release of the Galaxy S5 around the globe in early April, a few […]

HTC One M8 Prime Rumored to Battle the Galaxy Note 4


Lately all the attention has been on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and new HTC One M8, with good reason, but there’s a few other impressive devices coming later this year that buyers may be interested in. Of course the iPhone 6 is in the works and coming soon, not to mention the LG G3 is […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept: Realistic Features, Metal Design

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger review - 2

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch likely won’t take place next year but we’re already seeing Galaxy S5 concepts emerge showing off what Samsung enthusiasts want to see from the next Galaxy S smartphone with the latest sporting features that while conceptual, could very well make their way onto the real Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung’s new […]

Galaxy S5 Concept Boasts Metal Design, No Home Button (Video)

A Samsung Galaxy S5 concept.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may be months away from launch but that hasn’t stopped intrepid designers and Android enthusiasts from dreaming up their own Galaxy S5 concepts. The latest Galaxy S5 concept pairs a metal design, something that has already been rumored, with a 16MP camera, and no home button to speak of. Several weeks […]