Why You Might Not Want To Buy a Tablet/Slate This Christmas


The floodgates have opened. Everybody and their brother is releasing some form of Tablet this month and next in hopes to capture some of your Christmas dollars. Actually that’s not completely true. Some smart players are waiting until next year before getting into the game. But all are playing a very weird game of follow […]

The iPad is the Next iPod…And Then Some

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While a lot of companies have made promises about media tablets this year, Apple’s the only one to sell such a device in any real volume. There are some Android tablets hitting the market and the BlackBerry Playbook was recently introduced. But for the time being, Apple’s the only one out there with a cohesive […]

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Tab Sign Up Form Online


If you are a excited about the Galaxy Tab and want to be notified when new information about T-Mobile’s version, you might want to head over to T-Mobile to get signed up early. They have a sign-up for you to get information when it becomes available.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Unboxed

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Here’s a video for all of our European friends who complain that GBM is too U.S. centric. This is a video of the Samsung Galaxy Tab being unboxed, with commentary in Italian. I have no clue what our Italian geek friend is saying, but our few thousand Italian readers might appreciate it. via Google News via CrunchGear via Netbooknews.it […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Stylus Details Pop Out


I’m guessing Samsung doesn’t quite feel the way Steve Jobs does about using a stylus. At least after seeing this post from Engadget linking to Play.com this morning. Apparently details are starting to pop out on a Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Stylus. Looks like the UK price is set at £49.99. Though not officially announced by […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Won’t Play Nice With Some Android Apps


The Galaxy Tab will soon be available from every major U.S. mobile carrier, sporting a slick design, Google’s Android operating system and of course Android Market. Samsung’s acknowledged one very real problem with Android apps on the Galaxy Tab. Samsung previously  As Google representatives have recently explained that Android 2.2 (Froyo) is not optimized for tablets, specifically the larger […]

Samsung Ups Ante with Orion 1GHz Dual Core Arm Cortex-A9


There may still be some confusion over the pricing of Samsung’s first Galaxy Tab, but there’s no confusion that Samsung is planning ahead for the second wave of Galaxy Tabs. Xavier reported earlier today what many are saying about the $799 price tag for the Galaxy Tab, and the Wall St. Journal is reporting that […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Listed for 799 Euros


The Samsung Galaxy Tab still doesn’t have an official price tag here in the U.S., but it does over in Europe. Amazon.de is taking pre-orders for unlocked copies of the Galaxy Tab for 799 Euros. The hefty price tag affirms the $800 Galaxy Tab price point that’s been thrown around lately. By the time this […]

Samsung’s Tablet Starts To Get Official

Samsung teases 7_ Tablet for September 2-1

There’s been no lack of info about Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet. But now, Samsung is beginning to officially “tease” the 7 inch Tablet with a web page and teaser video. It’s running Android 2.2, and the video shows off the usual range of things we are all expecting from a Tablet. It’s scheduled to officially debut […]