Did the Entry-Level Samsung Galaxy Grand Phablet Just Get Benchmarked?

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 8.46.25 PM

With the success of larger screen devices such as the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II, Samsung may be pushing into the entry-level space with the same phablet form factor. It looks like the leaked Samsung Galaxy Grand phablet, an entry-level device with specs such as a lower resolution WVGA display spread out over […]

Samsung Combines Galaxy Nexus, S III Specs Into Affordable Galaxy Premier


Samsung is growing its Galaxy lineup of Android smartphones to hit more price points and target more consumers, and the latest Galaxy Premier is a phone that slots in just under the flagship Galaxy S III with commendable specs. The device will be between the company’s Galaxy Nexus, which was made together with Google, and […]

Galaxy S IV From Samsung Rumored With 13-Megapixel Camera Sensor


Samsung is rumored to be exploring options for a 13-megapixel camera sensor on its unannounced Galaxy S IV, which will succeed this year’s Galaxy S III flagship Android smartphone. This would help Samsung compete in a game where camera performance on high-end smartphone is becoming increasingly important, with HTC, Apple, and Nokia all highlighting cameras […]

Samsung Planning Galaxy S III Mini Launch Next Week?


The Samsung Galaxy S III may be followed by a smaller cousin if Samsung has its way. The South Korean Android smartphone-maker may be unveiling a smaller counterpart to its popular flagship in the form of the Galaxy S III Mini on October 11th if rumors pan out to be true. An invitation for the […]

Samsung Developing Proprietary Galaxy Browser for Smartphones


Rather than using the stock Android browser of Google’s Chrome for Android, Samsung may have plans of its own in the browser space for future Galaxy smartphones. In a report on┬áCNET, Samsung may be looking at developing its own proprietary web browser based on the open-source WebKit standard for its own Galaxy smartphones, and the […]

Samsung Planning Galaxy Smartphone Launch With Tizen OS


Samsung had historically used the Galaxy trademark for launching Android smartphones, tablets, and even cameras, but it looks like the South Korean electronics-maker will be broadening the Galaxy moniker to include smartphones running the Tizen OS, which is being developed jointly with Intel and other partners. It’s unclear what the branding will mean for Samsung’s […]

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S III GPS Problems


A free Android app called GPS Status and Toolkit saved me from getting lost on a recent trip by fixing my Samsung Galaxy S III GPS signal failure. This weekend I went to visit my son at college. While returning home we stopped midway through the four-hour trip in an unfamiliar town looking for supper. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note II Impressions & Detailed Preview (Video)


Though Samsung had debuted the Galaxy Note II, the company’s second-generation smartphone with a screen that’s roughly 5-inch large, in Berlin at the IFA trade show, the company recently brought the phablet to the U.S. to show it to American media in San Francisco, California and New York. Not much was said about specifics for […]

Sony Blamed for Galaxy Note II’s 8-Megapixel Camera


At the IFA Berlin trade show, Samsung stole the show with their announcements of the Galaxy Camera and the Galaxy Note II. Given the attention to photography behind the Galaxy Camera and its optical zoom, it was curious to see Samsung stick with the same 8-megapixel that was present in the first-generation Galaxy Note given […]

T-Mobile Announces Galaxy S Relay 4G

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G

Following numerous leaks and speculations, T-Mobile has finally announced the latest addition to its Galaxy liinup with Samsung’s Galaxy S Relay 4G. The device is targeted to enterprise customers and will be able to support T-Mobile’s fast 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps network featuring a 5-row landscape-oriented slide-out hardware keyboard. Though similar in specs to the […]

Sprint to Launch Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Mid-Range This Month


A leaked employee rewards document for Sprint’s retail stores suggest that the Now Network is gearing up to debut a mid-range Android smartphone made by Samsung for the carrier’s growing 4G LTE network. The phone, called the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, will be a mid-range model that slots in under the Galaxy S III and […]

Galaxy Player 5.8 Announced; Is This What to Expect for the Galaxy Note 2?


Samsung has recently unveiled its Galaxy Player 5.8, a personal and portable media player with a larger 5.8-inch display that straddles the media player market that’s traditionally dominated by Apple’s iPod series as well as the tablet sphere. The device has a 5.8-inch LCD display panel with a qHD 960 X 540-pixel resolution. The display […]

Mid-Range Galaxy Stellar Inbound for Verizon Wireless


It looks like Verizon is getting ready to launch the unannounced Galaxy Stellar by Samsung, which will feature 4G LTE network connectivity. The smartphone, which is expected to be priced at just under $100 with a two-year service agreement and after a $50 mail-in-rebate, is a mid-range handset. According to the leaked marketing display information […]

Samsung to Battle iPhone 4S, 5 With Galaxy S II Plus, Galaxy S III Mini


With the impending release of Apple’s iPhone 5, it appears that Samsung is planning some lower-cost Android alternatives to Apple’s smartphones. The company is rumored to be prepping a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini to battle the iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S II Plus to challenge the Apple iPhone 4S, which should be […]

Galaxy Blaze Q 4G Rebranded as Relay 4G for T-Mobile


It looks like the rumored August 15 launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q 4G was missed and now the latest leaked training documents for the carrier suggests that the 4G HSPA+ keyboarded smartphone will get a new name upon launch. The device may debut now as the Galaxy Relay 4G for T-Mobile USA’s […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Coming August 8, Starting at $200 On Contract

G Note

After having teased and announced the Galaxy Note, T-Mobile is finally coming clean with when you can queue up in line to get one. According to the 4G HSPA+ Magenta Network, the Galaxy Note will be available at T-Mobile USA online and retail stores starting on August 8. Customers who are eligible on the T-Mobile […]

How to Take a Screen Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S III

taking screenshots with the samsung galaxy siii

The Samsung Galaxy S III gives users two different ways to take a screenshot. One is easy, especially for former iPhone or iPad users. The other is so hard I don’t bother. Let me show you how to do both, for when you really need each of them. Taking a screenshot with an Android phone […]

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Samsung Galaxy Note


Samsung makes my two favorite smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy S III. I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note when it became clear that the Apple iPhone would never show up with a larger screen. So I went for the biggest screen I could find in a phone and enjoyed it immensely. […]

Analyst: 6.5 Million Galaxy S III Sold in Q2


JP Morgan analysts are estimating that Samsung may have sold approximately 6.5 million Galaxy S III smartphones in the second quarter. Sales in the smartphone are expected to pick up and it is estimated that Samsung will move an additional 15 million units between July and September and will have a combined Q2 and Q3 […]

Sprint, AT&T Galaxy S III Updated to Remove Universal Search

This is now removed as part of Samsung's software update.

In addition to working around the Galaxy Nexus ban as part of Apple’s lawsuit against rival Samsung, it appears that Samsung is preemptively trying not to upset the iPhone-maker with its own flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. The company had started issuing an update to remove universal search features on the Sprint Galaxy S III […]