Nintendo DS Emulator for iPhone and iPad Arrives, No Jailbreak Needed


From the developer who brought you GBA4iOS, there’s a new gaming emulator in town that’s available for iPhone and iPad without a jailbreak. NDS4iOS, as it’s called, brings Nintendo DS games to your iOS device without the need to jailbreak, although it can still run on jailbroken devices so that everyone isn’t left out. As […]

GameBoy Emulator for iPhone Arrives with No Jailbreak Required

GameBoy Advance emulator for iPhone and iPad

You might remember when GBA4iOS snuck its way into the iTunes App Store using a loophole, but that was quickly patched up by Apple. However, version 2.0 has released, giving iPhone and iPad users the opportunity once again to get GBA4iOS without requiring a jailbreak. Furthermore, the updated version is getting a bunch of new […]

iPhone SNES Emulator Sneaks into iTunes App Store

snes emulator

Certain types of apps (such as emulators) are banned from the iTunes App Store, but one developer snuck in a SNES emulator trojan horse style by disguising it asĀ a file browser for Dropbox and FTP, calledĀ Remote File Manager. The app works as advertised, with the ability to open a variety of file types, including SNES […]

iMAME Available On The App Store – Get It Before It’s Gone


The iMAME game emulator is now available in Apple’s App Store and gamers are rushing to get it before the Powers That Be wake up and pull it, as usually happens with unofficial emulators like this. So far it’s been up for many hours, so perhaps it will last? Or perhaps no one over at […]