Voice Chat Comes to Gameloft’s Android Games Thanks to Verizon’s 4G LTE


Gameloft is partnering with Verizon Wireless to bring voice chat to the company’s Android games, which will help to deliver a better experience for multiplayer gaming. Voice chat through MMO games have been a long-standing feature of more powerful systems, like on standalone home gaming consoles and on computers, and it’s nice to see the […]

Resident Evil Movie Trailer Outs Sony XPERIA Arc HD Smartphone?


Prior to CES 2012, there were speculations that Sony would introduce a successor to its 2011 flagship Android smartphone in the form of the XPERIA Arc HD, but that never came to fruition. Instead, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company introduced a high-end XPERIA S smartphone. So what happened to the Arc HD? […]

Hackers Port Counter Strike to Android Smartphones, Tablets


Hackers have devised a successful unofficial port of the first person shooter game Counter Strike to Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, users of the game-centric Sony Ericsson–now Sony–XPERIA Play Android smartphone with dedicated hardware gaming buttons will be able to use the device’s console-like buttons for the unofficial game port. The game was […]

Razer’s Project Fiona Brings Gaming to Windows 8 Tablet on Intel Ivy Bridge


While the Razer Switchblade concept was an intriguing device with a novel design approach, serious gamers were turned off from the machine because it utilized more netbook innards than performance gaming brains, but Razer is hoping to change that with a new concept and new prototype. Dubbed Project Fiona for now, the company is looking […]

Sony Feeling the ‘Fire,’ Drops Tablet S Pricing By $100


Sony’s Playstation-certified Tablet S is now seeing a price cut for both the 16 GB and 32 GB versions. Both versions will get $100 knocked off, bringing the price down to $400 and $500 respectively. It’s unclear if this is the move represents Sony’s plans to introduce a successor model or if the company is […]

JXD Brings Gaming Control to 7-Inch S7100 Android Tablet


JXD is hoping to differentiate its 7-inch S7100 Android tablet running on Google’s Froyo build by adding hardware gaming controls for those who like to play games on a mobile tablet. Adding gaming controls would help gamers have easier control of their games and allow for finer manipulations; casual gamers will also have access to […]

Rovio Finally Slinging Angry Birds Onto BlackBerry PlayBook


While content is still sparse and limited for the BlackBerry Playbook, running on the BlackBerry Tablet OS, users of the tablet will now be happy to know that they too can join iOS and Android in partaking in the game of Angry Birds. The tablet edition of Angry Birds is now available in BlackBerry App […]

Grand Theft Auto III Coming to iOS, Fragmented Android Market


The good news is that Grand Theft Autio (GTA) III is coming to Android and iOS devices come December 15. The bad news is that the popular gaming franchise’s release on Android will be to a fragmented list of devices, both old and new. The release is curious as it’s unclear why some Android smartphones […]

Smartphone Use Climbs at Home: Net, Games, Music and Movies


Where do you use your smartphone the most? If you’re anything like the rest of us smartphone addicts, your time is almost split in half between use at home and elsewhere. A new survey by Millennial Media found that about 40% of the time spent by an average smartphone user is at home. The usage survey looked […]

GameTanium Brings Subscription Gaming to Android Phones, Tablets


Similar to what Netflix did for movies, GameTamium is hoping to do the same with mobile gaming. The subscription-based mobile gaming service costs $5 per month and is compatible on Android smartphones and tablets. Rather than have gamers pay a la carte per game title, players will now have unlimited access to GameTamium’s catalog of […]

Official Scrabble Makes it Over to Android Market at Long Last


Android users have had to make due with non-official solutions like Words with Friends in the past while iOS users have long enjoyed the official Scrabble for some time now, but now Electronic Arts is releasing Scrabble as a free download on Android Market. As Scrabble is a free title, you’ll have to face ads. […]

Cut The Rope Game Comes to Android for Free via GetJar

Cut The Rope Android App

Grab those scissors and get ready to Cut The Rope in the Android version of Chillingo’s fun puzzle game Cut The Rope. iPhone and iPad aren’t alone in their ability to cut ropes and feed cute monsters thanks to the release of Cut The Rope for Android on the GetJar app store. Cut The Rope is a physics based puzzle game […]

Sony S1 Tablet Passes Through FCC for 4G Life on AT&T’s HSPA+ Network?


After the dual-screen Sony S2 Android tablet had gone through the FCC, it looks like Sony’s also readying the single-screen S1 slate for release. The tablet was recently seen going by the FCC for regulatory approval for use in the U.S., and the certification documents reveal that the model being inspected comes with AT&T-compatible mobile […]

Early XPERIA Play Pre-Orders Have Begun to Ship


Despite a promise that pre-orders of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play would only begin to ship on  May 25th to coincide with the launch on May 26th, the U.S. CDMA model has already begun to ship by Verizon Wireless. A reader had sent in screenshots of his FedEx tracking to Droid-Life, which shows that the […]

Flight of Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7 Delay


The estimated arrival time of Rovio’s popular Angry Birds title for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform is now delayed. Both companies say that the new launch date for the flight of Angry Birds will now by June 29th, not the anticipated March 25th launch date. Microsoft says the delay is to accommodate a better customer […]

Beach Volleyball Comes to Angry Birds Rio


Rovio is now starting to push out updates to its latest Angry Birds Rio franchise with an additional beach volleyball level of game play. The update brings a fresh level of gameplay in which users are not freeing caged birds, but assaulting menacing monkeys, similar to the trying to blunting the pigs with the original […]

HTC S3D SDK Allows for 3D Apps, Game Development for HTC EVO 3D


In order to kick-start development for the HTC EVO 3D, a smartphone with a glasses-free 3D qHD display as well as dual rear cameras to capture photos and videos in 3D, HTC and Sprint are now releasing the S3D SDK so that developers can now create and release apps and content for the smartphone. Results […]