Next Xbox Could Have Cross-Platform Achievements

Microsoft’s next Xbox console may include new cross-platform achievements that gamers can unlock on their smartphones, social sharing features, and anti-piracy tools as publisher-controlled DRM options. The current Xbox 360 lets gamers control their console through the┬áSmartGlass app, though for games the app doesn’t do much aside from show gamers statistics. The next hardware version […]

Wireless Association Hopes to Standardize Ratings for Mobile Games, Apps


The Wireless Association, also known as CTIA, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board are partnering together to create a standardized and unified rating system for games and apps on mobile devices. With Apple’s introduction of third-party apps through an easy-to-use centralized App Store for the iPhone, adoption of mobile software has taken off on the […]

Angry Birds Has Wasted Over 200,000 Years Of Our Time (And We Love It)

Angry Birds Surpasses half a billion downloads

Today at the Slush 2011 startup conference in Helsinki, Rovio CEO┬áMikael Hed announced that their flagship game, Angry Birds, has been downloaded over 500 million times. As impressive as this accomplishment is, the video Rovio played to trumpet this news also included some other statistics, including that gamers have spent over 200,000 years (collectively) playing […]