GTA 5 Breaks 7 Guinness World Records


It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto 5 was a highly-anticipated game, and its launch was a raving success. To prove that, the game broke seven Guinness World Records, including the best-selling video game in a 24-hour time frame, blasting right past the Call of Duty series, which has claimed the crown for several years […]

Logitech G-Series iPhone 5s Gamepad Leaks Out


We knew Apple-approved gamepads for the iPhone would come at some point, and now we’re seeing them in the flesh, thanked to some leaked press shots. Outed by evleaks, we’re looking at Logitech’s G-Series gamepad for the iPhone 5/5s for the first time, essentially consisting of a bar-shaped piece of plastic and rubber where your […]

Infinity Blade 3 Arrives Ahead of iOS 7 Launch


The one game that Apple demoed during their iPhone event earlier this month is now available in the iTunes App Store. Infinity Blade 3, which is the third installment in the popular game series, is available now for $6.99. While Apple and Chair Entertainment demoed the game on the new iPhone 5s, it’s actually compatible […]

Grand Theft Auto 5 Leaks Out, Microsoft Throws the Banhammer

Pick up free weapons at any gun shop in GTA 5 single player mode.

Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn’t officially release until next Tuesday, but some folks have claimed to already gotten copies of the game, and they’re turning around and selling them on eBay for a big profit. For example, this PlayStation 3 copy was sold for $500, and the seller is guaranteeing Saturday delivery on September 14 […]

New iPhone Call of Duty: Strike Team brings Console-like Gaming to iOS

A screenshot from Call of Duty Strike Team for iPhone and iPad.

Gamers who purchase Call of Duty: Strike Team for the iPad and iPhone are in for a lot of different game mechanics in addition to shooting enemies. Now available in the iTunes App Store for $6.99, the latest entry into the mobile Call of Duty franchise won’t just enable users to shoot enemies with the […]

Sony Reveals 33 PS4 Games Coming in 2013

Sony reveals the list of PS4 games coming in the days and weeks after release.

The PS4 release date is set for November 15th, and Sony is now sharing details about what PS4 games users can expect to see in 2013. This list of PS4 games for 2013 isn’t a listing of the games available on release day, but does offer up a collection of heavy hitters coming to the […]

Neil Gaiman’s First Video Game Coming Later This Year


Neil Gaiman, famed author of many novels, and graphics novels, will venture into the world of video games for the first time later this year with his game Wayward Manor. The new game follows the story of a ghost who occupies a large New England mansion where he just wants peace and quiet. Players will use […]

New Trailer Shows Battlefield 4 Battelog and Second Screen Abilities


EA, and developer DICE, want to make smartphones and tablets integral to the Battlefield 4 experience, both during the game and on the go. A new trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 4 shows the new Battlelog app for iOS (and presumably Android) that will show players game information no matter where they are. The app […]

Microsoft May Allow Self-Publishing On Xbox One (Update: Confirmed)


Despite earlier comments, Microsoft may bring an App Store-like policy to the Xbox One, letting independent developers self-publish their own games. Citing unnamed sources, Game Informer claims Microsoft will announce the policy shift sometime in the near future. Previously Microsoft indicated that it would require publishers for every game released on the Xbox One, shutting […]

Microsoft Exec: Xbox One Sales Are “Through The Roof”

Xbox One release holiday shopping

GameStop had to halt its pre-orders of the Xbox One due to high demand for the console and not low supply, according to a Microsoft executive. Xbox chief of staff Aaron Greenberg recently said on Twitter that demand for the Xbox One at GameStop was “through the roof.” The retailer had to halt taking pre-orders […]

Need For Speed: Rivals Trailer Talks Motivations

Need For Speed- Rivals

A new trailer for the upcoming Need For Speed: Rivals shows the difference between the two factions in the games: the cops and the racers. The new Need For Speed: Rivals, as with many games in the franchise, pits illegal street racers against police officers in super-powered cars. The extended trailer for the new game […]

Halo: Spartan Assault Hands-on

Halo- Spartan Assault

Halo is finally available on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 as a top-down two-stick shooter that’s a lot of fun in short bursts. We were able to play a preview build of the new Halo: Spartan Assault earlier this week on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 (using a Nokia Lumia 928 and […]

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Games & Features

The PS4 beats the Xbox One in consumer interest based on search trends.

Later this year Sony and Microsoft will release the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. While both consoles are still a few months out, there’s already a lot of information out there about both. With pre-orders starting to run dry, now’s the time to decide which console is […]

Forza 5 Will Require One Time Internet Connection To Play

Forza 5 Xbox One box art

Xbox One launch title Forza Motorsport 5 is playable offline like many other upcoming Xbox One games, but the game won’t work without a one-time Internet connection to download a day one patch. In an interview with IGN Dan Greenawalt, studio head at Forza developer Turn 10 Studios said that gamers will have to connect go […]

Gamers Can Play Xbox One Games As They Download

Xbox One

The Xbox One will let gamers play games on their console as they download them from Xbox Live. Microsoft today confirmed to Polygon that it will let gamers play games as they download them to their Xbox One, eliminating some of the wait time. Gamers will still have to wait for part of the game […]

Steam Summer Sale Goes Live: Great PC and Mac Game Deals


PC and Mac gamers may want to hide their wallets for the next 11 days as the Steam Summer Sale is now live with a number of great discounts on tons of PC and Mac games. Over the next 11 days many, if not most, games offered through Steam will see discounts of some sort. […]

5 Best Console Games for the iPhone and iPad

The Bard's Tale

While there are a countless number of great games made specifically for the iPhone and iPad, many of the best iOS games are ports or continuations of games that debuted on consoles. Some of those games are direct ports that translate everything from home consoles and PCs to touchscreens, while others use the same worlds […]

GTA V Gameplay Video Shows Chases, Shootouts and Customizations


A new GTA V gameplay trailer shows off the re-imagined state of San Andreas that players can explore and destroy in the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. Today’s Grand Theft Auto V trailer shows the first gameplay footage of the new GTA V, proving that although the series won’t make the jump […]

Best iPhone & iPad Games and Apps Go Free: Score $50 in Apps

Sword & Sworcery EP

This week Apple’s iOS App Store turns five years old, and to celebrate some of the best apps and games for the iPhone and iPad are now available for free. Many of the apps and games available typically cost a few dollars, but many are now free for the first time in their history. Some […]

BlueStacks GamePop Mini Android Console Comes Free With Subscription

GamePop Mini

Today BlueStacks announced its new GamePop Mini Android console that will come free with a subscription to the upcoming $6.99 GamePop games service. The new GamePop Mini will come out later this year at the same time as the $129 GamePop microconsole, but gamers only have to pay for the service to get the smaller […]