XCOM: Enemy Unknown For iOS To Use Cloud Saves


This summer 2K Games will bring XCOM: Enemy Unknown to the iPhone and iPad, complete with cloud saving and a free multiplayer update sometime after release. According to Polygon, the iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown will feature cloud saves so users can start the game on their iPhone and pick it up later on […]

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Coming To iPad Soon

Star Wars KOTOR iPad

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, the classic BioWare RPG is coming to the iPad sometime in the near future. While BioWare hasn’t yet announced its 2003 RPG for the iPad, but IGN has an exclusive review of the game. The review doesn’t give a release date for the game, but a release sometime […]

Jawfish Makes Real-time Multiplayer Between iOS & Android Possible


New technology from Jawfish Games will let up to hundreds of thousands of mobile and web gamers play in tournaments online in real-time. Jawfish Games was founded by Phil Gordon, a former professional poker player and World Tour champion. Speaking to Polygon, Gordon explained that Jawfish originally worked with Big Fish Games to make Match-Up! the […]

Xbox One: Microsoft Promises Indie Game Developer Support

Don Mattrick Xbox One

Don Mattrick, the head of interactive entertainment at Microsoft recently told Kotaku that Microsoft will offer a way for independent developers to get their games on the Xbox One. Last week another Microsoft executive said the company won’t let indie developers self-publish their own games on the Xbox One. Mattrick didn’t outright oppose those claims, […]

Best New iPhone and iPad Games For May 2013

Poker Night 2

Following the announcement of the Xbox One and the upcoming reveal of the PlayStation 4 at E3 home game consoles are dominating the games conversation at the moment, but there are still some great games coming out for the iPhone and iPad. The games in the App Store might not have the recognition of a […]

Google Play Games Leaked Ahead of I/O Developer Conference


Ahead of Google’s I/O developer conference this week, Google Play Games, a social hub for gamers to compete against iOS’ Game Center and Windows Phone’s Xbox Games hub, has leaked on the Internet. Google Play Games will feature multiplayer social gaming, leaderboards and achievements. Additionally, users will be able to save game progress on Google’s […]

Gamepop Brings Android Games To HDTVs With a Monthly Subscription


The new Gamepop Android console from Bluestacks promises a wide array of Android games on an HDTV for a monthly subscription, like a Netflix for Android games. Gamepop is both the name of the service that offers Android games and the console that connects to the HDTV. The Gamepop console looks fairly similar to the […]

Heads Up: A New iOS Party Game Made For Ellen Degeneres

Heads Up iPhone game

Impending, developers of the fantastic Clear app, has a new iPhone game designed for Ellen Degeneres’ show that anyone can download. It’s called Heads Up. The idea behind Heads Up is simple: players select a category of things they want to guess and place their iPhone on their forehead. Their friends will then try to […]

Ace Patrol for iPhone: WWI Strategy Game From Civilization Creator

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol

Sid Meier, the creator of the classic PC franchise Civilization has a new game coming to the iPhone and iPad that lets players control squads of planes in World War I. Like Civilization and developer Firaxis’ last game XCOM: Enemy Unknown Ace Patrol is a turn-based strategy games. Players are given control of groups of […]

Google I/O Schedule Reveals Heavy Gaming Focus


Google has recently published a schedule of the various different tracks that developers can choose from as they navigate around the Google I/O conference this year, and gaming on Android appears to be a heavy focus. This shouldn’t come as surprising as it has been rumored in recent weeks that Google is attempting to take […]

5 Best iPhone Games To Get in April


There’s no shortage of great games on the iPhone and iPad, and a number of great games have come out in just the past few weeks. These five games all came out in the past month, and represent some of the best games available on the platform at the moment. They range from new takes […]

Fieldrunners 2 Coming To Android April 24


Months after it first arrived on iOS, Fieldrunners 2 is finally coming to Android devices next week. Fieldrunners 2 will arrive in the Google Play Store on Wednesday, April 24 for Android devices. The tower defense game first arrived on iOS last July, a full nine months ago. The game is also already available on […]

Google Games: Is Google Planning Real Time Multiplayer and More?

myglass games

A teardown of the MyGlass Google Glass companion app reveals that Google may have plans for a gaming service similar to Apple’s Game Center. Android Police tore down the MyGlass APK and found that Google shipped the entire GMS (Google Play Services) library, including a previously unseen “games” folder. GMS is a set of components that […]

Blizzard Shows Off Hearthstone iPad Game (Video)

Hearthstone Heroes of WarCraft

A new video from Blizzard gives a glimpse of the gameplay in Hearthstone, the publisher’s new card battle game that’s coming soon to the iPad, Mac and PC. The new ten minute shows a quick game of Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft between the mage and shaman heroes as they battle for supremacy in a card […]

Elder Scrolls: Arena May Come to iPad Soon


A new Australian rating listing for The Elder Scrolls: Arena means Bethesda could be planning an HD remake of the classic DOS RPG for iOS or Android. The new listing, spotted by games.on.net, gives the game an M rating and notes that it is a multi-platform game. There’s no mention of which platforms the game is […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us iPad App Syncs To Console Game

Injustice: Gods Among Us

On April 16 console gamers will get the chance to pit DC super heroes and villains against each other in Injustice: Gods Among Us, but iOS gamers can play a version of the game now and unlock some features in the console game. Today Warner Bros. released a version of Injustice: Gods Among Us on […]

Duke Nukem 2 for iPhone & iPad Celebrates 20 Years of Duke

Duke Nukem 2

Duke Nukem 2 first came to the PC 20 years ago, and today the side-scrolling shooter is available for the iPhone and iPad. The iOS release of Duke Nukem 2 features the same “insane VGA graphics” as the original game, using the high-resolution versions of the original sprites instead of redesigning the game with new […]

Table Gaming Goes Digital With iPad Controlled RPG Adventures


A new game called Eon Altar looks to recreate classic Dungeons & Dragons role-playing using iPads, Android and Windows 8 tablets. The new game lets players enjoy playing with their friends in the same room while playing a game on their tablet. Eon Altar uses up to six tablets as substitutes for character sheets, dice, […]