Tiny Wings 2 Launches as Free Update, With iPad App

tiny Wings 2

Earlier this week we heard that Tiny Wings 2 would finally be coming to the App Store tomorrow. Today, however, we have found out that Tiny Wings 2 is actually Tiny Wings 2.0. According to Touch Arcade, the new version of Tiny Wings is a free update to the original Tiny Wings that adds a […]

Amazon GameCircle Brings Leaderboards & Achievements to Kindle Fire

Amazon GameCircle

Amazon is building its own game service to compete with Apple’s Game Center. Amazon’s new GameCircle is an Xbox Live-like service for games on the Kindle Fire, though it doesn’t seem to offer multiplayer gaming like Xbox Live. The service does, however, offer achievements and leaderboards like Xbox Live and Game Center. Like Game Center, […]

Ouya Brings Android To Home Video Game Consoles

Ouya Brings Android To Home Video Game Consoles

A new video game console might solve a problem Google’s had for a long time: getting Android the TV. The Ouya is an inexpensive Android-based video game console that’s currently taking funding through Kickstarter. The platform uses Android as a base because it’s free and easy to create games for. The console, however, doesn’t just […]

Rovio’s Angry Birds Sequel Might Be Angry Pigs

Angry Pigs

After the success of Angry Birds Space Rovio might be looking at turning the franchise in another direction. According to Pocket-Lint Rovio’s next Angry Birds game will focus on the pigs instead of the birds. The game will feature King Pig and other pigs like the Soldier Pig and the Pig With a Moustache as […]

Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 iPad Game Review

Magic- The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

With it’s 9.7-inch multitouch screen, the iPad is the perfect device for video game versions of board and card games, and fortunately, some companies are finally figuring that out. As a result we get games like Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 on the iPad. Duels of the Planeswalkers first came to the consoles and […]

Max Payne Mobile for iOS Now Syncs Saved Games with iCloud

Max Payne for Android Finally Launches

Max Payne Mobile, the smartphone and tablet version Rockstar Games’ popular game just received a major update that’s great for gamers who own both and iPhone and iPad. Rockstar Games announced the newest version of Max Payne Mobile for iOS adds iCloud support for loading game saves to the cloud. With the new feature gamers […]

GottaBeFunded: GameDock Turns iOS Devices into Retro Game Consoles


There’s a lot of great retro-style games in the iOS App Store, but most of them are hard to control thanks to their virtual buttons. The GameDock hopes to fix that issue by turning iPhones and iPads into retro gaming consoles. The GameDock is a small dock that connects the iOS device to an HDTV […]

Big Sales Come to The iOS App Store For Independence Day


Like many brick-and-mortar stores iOS developers and publishers seem to make every major U.S. holiday a reason for a sale. With Independence Day tomorrow, a number of publishers are slashing prices on their iPhone and iPad games, including a few games that rarely go on sale. Out of the major game publishers in the App […]

Windows Phone 8 Will Support DirectX For Better Gaming

DirectX in Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is playing to one of its core strengths in Windows Phone 8: gaming. The next version of the mobile platform will bring support for Microsoft’s DirectX. DirectX is a set of proprietary APIs developers can use to build games for Windows. DirectX is why Windows games so often look better than Mac games, and aren’t easily […]

The Dark Knight Rises iOS and Android Game Coming This Summer

The Dark Knight Rises

As with many major action or superhero movies, The Dark Knight Rises will have its own video game on iOS and Android later this summer. The new game definitely fits the world of Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe, and features Batman walking around a dark, gritty Gotham City. The trailer mostly shows Batman beating up common […]

Max Payne for Android Finally Launches

Max Payne for Android Finally Launches

Finally, after weeks of waiting, Max Payne for Android has finally hit the Google Play Store. Rockstar Games promised that the highly anticipated game would go on sale early this morning for those in the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST) and last night for those in the Pacific Standard Time zone (PST) and the developer […]

$99 Xbox 360 Coming to Best Buy and GameStop

$99 Xbox 360 Coming to Best Buy and GameStop

Microsoft will extend it’s $99 Xbox 360 offer to both Best Buy and GameStop later on this month. The company confirmed the plans to PCMag saying that both retailers would start offering the $99 Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle during the month of June. Microsoft, Best Buy and GameStop have not attached a specific release […]

Five Older iPhone Games That Are Still Great

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja recently celebrated its second anniversary of being in the App Store. For such a young platform, that’s quite a long time. Hearing about how long Fruit Ninja has been around made us think of all the other games that we still enjoy on our iPhones (and now iPads) that were around for at […]

Dead Trigger On Tegra 3 Shows Console-quality Graphics

Dead Trigger

Madfinger’s Dead Trigger is the game developer’s follow-up to Shadowgun HD, and it looks even better than the previous title. Dead Trigger looks like a straightforward zombie first-person shooter. Players take their guns to small hordes of zombies as they slowly walk through corridors. Survivors either need to mow down as many zombies as possible […]

iCade Mobile iPhone Gamepad Now Shipping for $80

iCade Mobile

Ion’s iCade Mobile that we first saw, and gave an award to, at CES 2012 is now available for purchase for $80. According to TechCrunch, the iCade Mobile is shipping along with the iCade Core, a new arcade-style unit for the iPad. The iCade Mobile attaches to the iPhone, and adds a d-pad, four face buttons, and […]

Disney and Imangi Studios Team Up For Temple Run Brave

Temple Run Brave

Brave, the new Pixar movie that comes out in a few weeks, will have an iOS game from the developer that created Temple Run. According to TouchArcade, Temple Run Brave is the result of a partnership between Disney and Imangi Studios. The game is a re-skin of the original Temple Run with improved graphics and […]

Gameloft Brings NOVA 3 to Android

nova 3

Gameloft’s fantastic-looking sci-fi shooter NOVA 3 is now available in the Google Play Store. The game comes to Android about two weeks after it hit the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Judging by the screenshots, NOVA 3 looks just as good on Android as it does on the iPhone, though we assume the graphics […]

Autumn Dynasty Review: A Great RTS for the iPad

Autumn Dynasty gamplay

With its large touchscreen, the iPad seems like the perfect platform for Real Time Strategy games, and Autumn Dynasty proves it, mostly. Autumn Dynasty is an RTS iPad game with art that looks like tradition Chinese painting. The story involves quelling a rebellion while solving a mystery of shady noblemen. The story though,  just serves […]

Apple Introduces Free App of the Week Program


Apple recently made a few changes to the iOS App Store, including a free “App of the Week” program. According to Gamezebo, Apple now has “Editor’s Choice” apps in the App Store as opposed to “App of the Week” and “Game of the Week.” The store still highlights apps and games with “Editor’s Choice,” but […]

EA Cuts iOS Game Prices For Memorial Day Sale

EA Games

EA’s annual Memorial Day app sale is back, with the publisher cutting prices on “nearly 49″ iPhone and iPad games for the holiday weekend. The sale puts close to half of EA’s iOS games on sale, with most games dropping down a dollar or two, though EA says it cut some prices by up to 90 […]