Square Enix Shows Off Demons’ Score iOS and Android Game

Demons Score

Square Enix is pumping out mobile games like crazy in recent weeks, and its latest game is a rhythm game called Demons’ Score. Square Enix describes Demons’ Score as “a breakbeat action game that seamlessly fuses music and battles.” The game combines the two by making players tap and flick icons on the screen in […]

Great End of Summer iPad Games

Avengers Initiative

As Autumn approaches a lot of the gaming world shifts towards consoles and PCs as giant games with massive budgets release at a pace of almost one every week. At the end of Summer a few new games came to the iPad and iPhone, and they’re enough to tide over most gamers as they wait […]

Bad Piggies from Angry Birds Maker Lands September 27th

Bad Piggies

Rovio’s next game returns to the Angry Birds universe but ditches the birds in favor of their nemeses, the pigs. The Finnish developer’s new game is Bad Piggies, and it will come to iOS and Android on September 27. The game will also launch on Windows Phone, Mac, and PC sometime soon after. The familiar […]

Horn Arrives on Android, Runs Best on Tegra 3 Devices


Horn, the latest game from Phosphor Games is now available for Android in the Google Play Store. The mobile adventure game debuted on iPhone and iPad recently, but is now finally available for Android devices. Like the iOS version of the game, Horn for Android will cost gamers $6.99. The game works on both Android […]

The Walking Dead Episode 2 Comes to iOS This Week

The Walking Dead iPad game

The next episode in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead adventure game is finally coming to iOS this week. According to TouchArcade sometime this week The Walking Dead players should receive a push notification about the new episode. Gamers who didn’t pre-purchase the episode will get a notification saying the episode is available for purchase. Those […]

Horn Review


Zynga is mostly known for its plethora of social games that link to Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of more hardcore games. Horn is the latest game published by Zynga, and it’s the furtherest thing from casual an iPhone game can get. In Horn players take control of a boy named Horn who […]

Square Enix Charging $30 For Final Fantasy Dimensions on iPhone

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Among iOS gamers, Square Enix is known for charging a lot of money for its iPhone games. However its new game, Final Fantasy Dimensions, will cost the same as a standard Nintendo DS game, a lot more than most iOS games. According to Kotaku Square Enix announced the pricing for Final Fantasy Dimensions on its […]

Infinity Blade Developer Gets Political With “Vote!!!”

Vote!!! game for iOS

Chair Entertainment, the developer behind Infinity Blade has a new game with a political twist coming to the iPhone and iPad this week. According to Polygon, the developer’s new game “Vote!!!” will come to the iPhone & iPad App Store tomorrow for free and will let players control cartoon representations of President Barack Obama and […]

Gameloft Releases First Gameplay Trailer for Wild Blood

Gameloft Unreal Engine game

Gameloft is doing its best to build up hype for its first Unreal Engine game, Wild Blood, and today it finally released a gameplay trailer for the game. As expected, the trailer reveals the game is a God of War-esque action game that involves a lot of hacking and slashing at enemies. The trailer shows […]

Humble Bundle For Android 3 Launches With More Android Games

Humble Bundle for Android 3

The Humble Indie Bundle is back with more independent games for Android users. The new Humble Bundle for Android 3 lets gamers pay what they want for four Android games. Those games include Fieldrunners, Bit.Trip Beat, SpaceChem, and Uplink. Gamers who pay above the average price (which is currently $6.06) also get a copy of […]

EA Origin is Coming To Android

EA Origin coming to Mac, Android, and Facebook

EA is bringing Origin, its online game service and store to Android sometime in the future. According to Polygon, EA announced the service will come to Android, Mac, Facebook, and Smart TVs at its Gamescon press conference in Germany. The company didn’t give many details on how the service will come to Google’s mobile platform, […]

Gameloft “Wild Blood” Trailer Teases First Unreal Engine Game

Gameloft Unreal Engine game

The teaser trailer Gameloft’s first Unreal Engine game is finally here, showing the game in action for the first time. The new game is Wild Blood, and it looks like a dark fantasy game featuring ogres, zombies, and other creatures we can’t quite name. The only obvious hint to the story of the game aside […]

Gameloft Announces & Teases its First Unreal Engine Game

Gameloft Unreal Engine game

Gameloft, typically known for its plethora of mobile games tied to movies or “inspired” by console games, is now teasing its first game made with Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine. The French developer is teasing the game on its Facebook page, but it won’t say too much about it yet. Right now Gameloft only offers up […]

Temple Run Reaches 100 Million Downloads In Just 1 Year


Imangi Studios, the developer behind the hugely popular game Temple Run announced a new milestone for its game today. Today Imangi Studios announced that Temple Run has crossed the 100 million downloads mark just one year after it first came to the iPhone and iPad. Users downloaded the endless running game 68 million times on iOS […]

Infinity Blade II Receives Last Free Content Update

Infinity Blade 2

Infinity Blade II recently received another big free content update, but this is the last one Epic Games will issue for the game. According to Game Informer, Epic Games wrapped up the story of Infinity Blade II with the version 1.3 update. The content update, called Infinity Blade II: Skycages adds new characters, items, and […]

Fake Infinity Blade 2 Comes To Google Play Store

Infinity Blade 2

Epic Games’ Infinity Blade is a popular franchise on iOS, and one scammer wants to convince Android users that it’s finally arrived on their platform of choice. Pocket Gamer found the fake game on the Google Play Store today, though the app says it’s been in the Play Store since July 28. The Play Store […]

The Walking Dead for iPad Review (Episode 1)

The Walking Dead iPad game

The Walking Dead is the latest adventure game from Telltale Games, arguably the biggest developer that keeps the genre alive. The new zombie comic book-based game took a few weeks to come to the iPad and iPhone, but the wait was definitely worth it. Unlike other zombie games that focus solely on shooting the undead, […]

Big Fish Unlimited Delivers Tablet & PC Cloud Gaming

Big Fish Unlimited

Big Fish Games now has its own cloud gaming service specifically targeted at casual gamers. According to GeekWire, Big Fish Games announced the new service at Casual Connect in Seattle. The new service offers users access to 45 casual games from Big Fish Games for just $7.99 per month. There isn’t much information about which devices […]

EA Removing Rock Band From App Store on July 31

Rock Band iPhone

EA Games will soon remove Rock Band from the iOS App Store and shut down servers for in-app purchases. Today EA announced that it will pull Rock Band and Rock Band Reloaded for iOS from the App Store on July 31. Unlike indications from the previous issues with the games, gamers will still be able […]

Dead Trigger for Android Goes Free Due to Piracy

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger, the new game from Madfinger Games is now free on Android, but only because too many people weren’t paying for it before. The game went for $0.99 on the Google Play Store to Free over the weekend, and today the developer issued a statement regarding the price drop on Facebook. According to the […]