Amazing Deal Lets Users Upgrade to the Xbox One and PS4 on the Cheap

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Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 gaming console aren’t getting any cheaper any time soon. That being said, GameStop is offering Xbox 360 and PS3 users an absolutely spectacular deal when they trade in their older console towards an upgraded counterpart. From now until July 13th GameStop is guaranteeing users an extra 50% in value […]

GameStop Delivers Blockbuster Xbox One Deals


It hasn’t been that long since Microsoft announced the Xbox One, but already users are clamoring for a better deal on the console’s related games and accessories. Luckily for those users, GameStop seems more than happy to honor their request. GameStop is holding an exclusive sale that will see the latest in Xbox One games […]

Gamefly Can Help Some Gamers Save $200 a Month

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A few years ago my family subscribed to Gamefly, but the service failed to measure up to our expectations. When we bought the new Xbox One for Christmas, we decided to give it another try. This time we’ve enjoyed a better experience and we’ve saved almost $200/month when compared to buying games. Gamefly won’t please everyone, […]

XBox One In Stock at GameStop…at a High Price

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GameStop is the only major retailer with the XBox One in stock. Unfortunately, GameStop won’t sell the XBox One by itself and selling it as a $739.99 bundle. GameStop’s XBox One Exclusive Bundle consists of an XBox One console, an extra controller and three games. The games are Forza 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, and […]

PS4 Black Friday Bundle In Stock at GameStop Online Store


GameStop is now selling its PlayStation 4 Black Friday bundle online while supplies last. The company is also offering the PS4 at its retail locations, but if you aren’t already in line for one you’re probably too late as the stores opened at midnight and quantities are limited. The GameStop Black Friday PS4 bundle includes […]

Xbox One Release Date Tips for Buyers

The Xbox One release date starts at midnight.

The Xbox One release date is here later tonight as many retailers open late on Thursday night to start selling the Xbox One Day One edition as soon as the clock rolls over to 12:01 Am local time. For gamers who ordered online, the Xbox One should be on the way from UPS or FedEx […]

Xbox One Release Date Expectations

The Xbox One release date is here Friday. This is what to expect.

The Xbox One release date arrives on Friday with midnight release parties, major festivities and a few Xbox One game deals worth checking out. The Xbox One release date comes a week after the PS4 and $100 more expensive, but Microsoft also brings a robust entertainment package, the Kinect 2.0 sensor and a legion of […]

GameStop: 90% Higher PS3 & Xbox 360 Trade In Values for Xbox One


GameStop will boost the trade-in value for last-generation gaming hardware by 90%, when shoppers apply their credit towards Microsoft’s Xbox One – for one day only. GameStop announced the deal in a press release today and detailed a special pre-launch night event that will happen at many of its stores in the United States on […]

Xbox One Pre-Orders Return to GameStop for the Last Time

The Xbox One release date window narrows to between the PS4 release date and Black Friday.

Gamers planning to purchase the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, have just one last chance to pre-order the console at GameStop. The United States’ largest games-specific retailer announced that it would begin taking pre-orders for the Xbox One at its local stores and on its website today. While the body of the press release […]

PlayStation 4 Controller Shipping Now Ahead of Official Launch


The PlayStation 4 doesn’t officially ship out until November 15, but customers who pre-ordered PS4 controllers are already receiving them ahead of the official launch. Those who pre-ordered DualShock 4 controllers from Amazon and GameStop are already receiving them on their doorsteps. If you pre-ordered, but have yet to receive it, they might already be […]

$29 Battlefield 4 and $49.99 Wiis at GameStop on Black Friday

The Cover of GameStop's Black Friday ad.

As a leaked advertisement for its upcoming Black Friday event reveals, GameStop is pulling out all the stops in getting gamers in stores to spend money. Upcoming deals included everything from copies of the upcoming Battlefield 4 for just $29.99 to offering pre-owned iPhone 3Gs devices for $89.99. All told, the deals in the advertisement, […]

Xbox One Game Deal Helps Gamers Play Before Xbox One Release Date

GameStop has gamers covered if they can't wait for the Xbox One release date to play the latest games.

The Xbox One release date arrives just as popular games are coming out for the Xbox 360, and GameStop has a new plan in place to help buyers enjoy the hottest new Xbox games this fall without buying games twice at full price or waiting around. Microsoft has yet to announce an official Xbox One […]

Microsoft Exec: Xbox One Sales Are “Through The Roof”

Xbox One release holiday shopping

GameStop had to halt its pre-orders of the Xbox One due to high demand for the console and not low supply, according to a Microsoft executive. Xbox chief of staff Aaron Greenberg recently said on Twitter that demand for the Xbox One at GameStop was “through the roof.” The retailer had to halt taking pre-orders […]

Best Buy Restarts Xbox One Pre-orders


After previously halting pre-orders of the Xbox One, Best Buy now has more Xbox One Day One Editions to sell to gamers who absolutely must have the console on launch day. Best Buy recently stopped taking pre-orders of the Xbox One Day One Edition, but it seems the retailer now has more units to sell. […]

Best Buy Online Sold Out of Xbox One Pre-orders

Xbox One

Less than a month after Microsoft announced the $499 price of the Xbox One the first retailer has already stopped taking pre-orders for the video game console. Best Buy is no longer taking pre-orders for the Xbox One, making it the first retailer to sell out its pre-order allotment. The company’s website now lists the […]

GameStop “Unlimited” PlayStation 4 Pre-orders Come To An End

PlayStation 4

Just a few weeks after Sony reportedly told GameStop to “open the floodgates” and take “unlimited” pre-orders for the PlayStation 4, the video game retailer now claims the console is sold out. GameStop recently halted sales of the PlayStation 4 console on its website, meaning gamers will have to look elsewhere for the next Sony […]

Where To Pre-order the PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4 is now available for pre-order from a number of retailers both as a standalone console and as a bundle with at least one game. During its press conference Sony announced the PlayStation 4 will sell for $399 this holiday season, undercutting the Xbox One by $100. Now that Sony announced the […]

GameStop May Recall Wii U Basic Shortly After E3

Wii U

A report from Kotaku claims that GameStop may stop carrying the 8GB Wii U Basic on June 18, a week after the start of E3. The report comes from a leaked message sent to GameStop stores giving all stores two weeks to prepare for a recall of the $300 version of Nintendo’s latest home console. […]

GameStop Expects Low PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Prices

The Xbox One price remains missing despite a very Apple-like event for the Xbox One reveal.

GameStop expects the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to cost less than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 did at launch. According to GameSpot in an earnings call GameStop CFO Rob Llyod said he expects the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to cost less than their predecessors did at launch. That would price the […]

GameStop Expands Trade-Ins Beyond iPads Based on Customer Demand

Apple offers several iPad mini deals in the Apple refurbished store.

In an interview with Polygon, GameStop’s Sean Cleland noted that the retailer (known more for selling videos games than gadgets) gathers metrics from consumers to make a decision on what consumer electronics it will allow to be traded-in. According to Cleland, in addition to monitoring traffic on its own website, its partnership with BuyMyTronics allows […]