Apple the New Free Software Distributor

Screenshot 2013-10-22 10.49.31

Many consider Apple a premium brand company that sucks every single dime they can out of their customers, but at this year’s October Apple Keynote they announced a lot of free stuff. We get free apps and updates that they used to charge users for, even with new machines. So long as Apple’s move to free doesn’t […]

Thoughts on the New iPads: Forward Looking? You Betcha

The iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 could aid the continuing decline of Mac sales.

As expected, Apple has rolled out two new iPads: the iPad Air and a retina version of the iPad mini. The new iPad Air will go on sale on November 1 and the Retina mini will debut later in November. I would expect great demand for both this holiday season. While we’ve seen some brief […]

Apple and The Seduction Game of Free Software

The seduction of free

We all know how dope dealers lure in customers. Have a taste for free. You get hooked, and then voila, the dealer has a new customer. Well, I’m not saying that Apple works like dope dealers here, but with the deluge of new free software and upgrades Apple offered up yesterday in its big announcement, […]

iMovie and GarageBand Updated for iOS and OS X

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As expected (and rumored from earlier last week), Apple has redesigned and updated the iMovie and GarageBand apps on both iOS and OS X. The new apps are compatible with 64-bit architectures (such as the iPhone 5s’s new 64-bit processor), and they also work with iCloud. iMovie has a bunch of new features this time around, […]

New iPhoto and GarageBand Icons Hint at Impending Redesign

Image Credit: MacRumors

New icons for iPhoto and GarageBand for iOS have been spotted in the iCloud Storage Management section of the Settings app, which hints to the likeliness that these two apps will see updates soon in order to blend in well with iOS 7. Plus, these icons aren’t hidden at all; you can easily view them […]

Figure for iPhone is An Addictive Musical Treat

Figure iPhone App - Bass

Figure for iPhone sounds like a math app, but it’s the most addictive music app on the iPhone. Figure can’t compete with GarageBand on features, but when it comes to fun and simplicity the Figure app is a clear winner. Figure for iPhone is an affordable 99 cents, and offers an endless music making experience. […]

Apple Updates Garageband To Use iCloud

Garageband for iOS

Apple announced updated to a few of its iOS apps today in addition to the new iPad and new Apple TV. The new version of Garageband adds a new features including iCloud functionality and Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud uploading. The most important new Garageband is that now you can start jam sessions with up to three of your […]

Will Apple Unveil iPhoto for iPad at Today’s iPad 3 Event?


Apple may unveil iPhoto for the iPad today at the iPad event, to take advantage of the Retina Display on the iPad 3, or iPad HD, as well as a rumored upgraded camera. iMovie and GarageBand are already available for iOS, so it makes sense that Apple would release the third iLife suite on the iPad, and give users a better […]

iPad 2: So Easy a 5 Year Old Can Use It


My nephew is all of five years old and like a lot of kids his age, he can use an iPad without any assistance. His dad owns an iPhone 4 and so he is used to iOS and apps, but it still amazes me that kids his age are right at home with the iPad. […]