GBM Shortcut: HP Elitebook 2760p Bluetooth Audio Streaming from iPhone


Every time I think I’m done with the HP Elitebook 2760p, something new pops up. It’s like a Swiss Army knife or the Martian Manhunter packed with abilities. This time, it’s Bluetooth pairing with an iPhone or iPad for audio streaming and control. This post is one in a multi-post review of the HP Elitebook […]

GBM Shortcut: Amazon Kindle 2 Unboxing


There is nothing like getting a sweet gadget snatched from your hands – one minute I had a Kindle 2, the next minute it was gone, gone, gone. Fortunately, Amazon quickly stepped in to save my broken heart and shipped me a replacement Kindle 2, which arrived just minutes ago. Checkout this GBM Shortcut where […]

Please Welcome Lenovo as the Exclusive Sponsor for GBM Shortcuts


We are very excited to announce Lenovo as the Exclusive Sponsor for GottaBeMobile’s GBM Shortcut videos. GBM Shortcuts are 3 to 5 minute informal videos featuring hardware, quick looks at software, accessories, and editorials. We have been producing GBM Shortcut videos for over a year and we are thrilled to have Lenovo’s support. With Lenovo […]