Predictable Privacy Reactions to Google Drive Surface Like Clockwork


It was as predictable as a Swiss watch. Yesterday Google formally announced its Google Drive product, that allows users to store files, documents, etc… on Google’s servers and access those files as if they were stored on a local hard drive. As we’ve seen time and time again these kind of services raise privacy issues. […]

Google Drive Gets Fully Detailed

Google Drive Appears on Developer's Phone

Google Drive is finally here, at least it will be here soon according to a pulled Google France blog post. According to TechCrunch, Google France accidentally posted the description of Google’s cloud storage service on its official blog. The post was quickly taken down, but not before some were able to see it and save […]

Tablets and Simplicity: The Cloud


Last week I started a series on how Tablets help me with my quest for simplicity. As I said in this post, the quest isn’t one that finds me actively searching for some sort of simple holy grail. Rather, solutions often find me as I test new Apps and new solutions. Tablets promise a new […]

Google Drive Caught on Camera

Google Drive Appears on Developer's Phone

Google Drive, Google’s rumored Dropbox-like service, made a brief appearance on a developer’s phone today, a sign that the online storage and syncing service might finally be ready for a public launch. The Verge spotted an icon for the device during a Android Developers Hangout. While showcasing an app’s sharing features on a Samsung Galaxy […]

Google Drive To Launch Next Week with 5GB of Free Storage

Google Drive

Google Drive, a new online storage and syncing service for Google users could launch as early as next week with 5GB of free storage for Gmail users. Google Drive has come up a lot in the past few weeks. There’s been leaks from potential partners and rumors about what the service will include. According to The Next […]

Google Drive Launch Nears as Integration Leaks

Google Drive Lucidchart Integration

Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage service might be closer than we thought. Lucidchart, a service for creating diagrams, put up, and soon removed a webpage that hints at integration with Google Drive. The Verge reports that, while the page was active, it offered to automatically sync Lucidchart documents to Google Drive. Without a Google Drive account […]

Google’s GDrive Cloud Storage to Launch with 5 GB Free Storage


Google’s speculated launch of its cloud storage system dubbed GDrive may launch with 5 GB of free storage in an effort to compete against Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Apple’s iCloud, and other third-party services like Box and Dropbox. In the past, it was believed that Google would launch the GDrive branded service with 2 GB of free […]