Germany vs Argentina Live Stream of World Cup Final

Here are five ways to listen or watch a Germany vs Argentina live stream.

Here’s where you can find the Germany vs Argentina live stream options to watch the 2014 World Cup Final from any device, and pretty much anywhere. If you don’t have cable this will show you where to watch Germany vs Argentina free on your iPhone, iPad or Android. Fans that want to watch the Germany vs Argentina live […]

Brazil vs Germany: Live Stream of World Cup Semifinal

The Brazil vs Germany live stream is the best way to watch for many users.

Forget a TV, the Brazil vs Germany live stream is how many fans will watch one of the most exciting World Cup 2014 semifinal matches. If you plan to watch the Brazil vs Germany game in the U.S. you’ll need to make sure to tune in on a live stream since it is once again during the […]

Nexus 4 On Sale in Google Play in UK & Germany At 5 PM Local Time


Android fans in the U.K. and Germany will get another chance to buy the Nexus 4 today at 5 p.m. local time according to an Engadget report. Today people who signed up for notifications about the device in the U.K. and Germany received emails saying the Play Store will have the phones in stock later […]

HTC to Try Its Hands at Retail With New Store Openings


In an effort to boost sales and interface better with customers, smartphone-maker HTC will be attempting to launch its own retail stores. Initially, HTC’s efforts will be a store-in-store concept, not unlike what Apple has been doing with retail partners like Best Buy in securing a dedicated presence within retail stores operated by partners with […]

iPhone 5 Pre-orders Sold Out Globally at Apple for Release Day Delivery

U.S. iPhone 5 Sold Out

Apple will still take your money, but anyone hoping to see the FedEx delivery man show up on September 21st with an iPhone 5 in hand is out of luck. After a somewhat smooth iPhone 5 pre-order process online, initial iPhone 5 pre-orders are sold out for release day delivery across the globe. Read: How […]

Nano SIMs arrive at Retailers ahead of iPhone 5 Release Date

iPhone 5 Nano Sim T-Mobile Germany

Rumors say the iPhone 5 will use the new Nano SIM standard when it launches, and as we lead up to the anticipated iPhone 5 launch and release, it looks like retailers are receiving new Nano SIMs for the, “latest generation of smartphones that come in the near future.” iFun reports that German T-Mobile locations are receiving the new smaller […]

Samsung Redesigns Galaxy Tab 10.1 for Germany


After the German courts had sided with Apple to ban Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 from going on sale in the country, Samsung had went back to the drawing boards to produce the Galaxy Tab 10.1N with a slight hardware re-design that would hopefully be seen as not infringing on Apple’s designs. While identical to the […]

Apple Wins Early Decisive Victory Against Samsung in Germany


In its ongoing patent dispute suit against rival Samsung, Apple had won an early decisive victory in a German court, which upheld ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for sale in Germany. However, the lawsuit, a win for Apple, still means little for Samsung and long-term implications of the decision will need further assessment. The […]

Nokia N9 Also Not Launching in Germany


Following Nokia USA‘s and Nokia UK‘s decisions to not launch the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 smartphone in their respective U.S. and UK territories, it looks like the love child of Nokia and Intel through the MeeGo partnership will also not be launching in Germany. Once considered the solution for Nokia’s turnaround strategy after stagnant Symbian sales […]

Elusive White iPhone Appears on Vodafone Germany’s Inventory System


The elusive white iPhone 4, which has been delayed by Apple multiple times, is finally making an appearance on German carrier Vodafone’s inventory system in both 16 GB and 32 GB variations. Most recently, Apple had said that it would be delaying the white iPhone until Spring. It’s unclear though when the phones would ship, […]