Potential New iPhone 6 Gesture Could Challenge Galaxy S5


After having applied for a patent on a hover gesture a few years ago, the United States Patent & Trademark Office has finally awarded Apple the patent, which could potentially debut on a future iPhone and iPad tablet. Though owning the patent doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple would commercialize the innovation, but if Apple does […]

How Will Google Evolve Android’s UI With Rumored Viewdle Purchase?


Google is rumored to be acquiring artificial reality and facial recognition company Viewdle in a deal that is set to close this week for about $30 to $45 million. Google and its hardware business, Motorola Mobility, declined to comment about the deal and Viedle CEO told ZDNet to contact Motorola Mobility for comment, suggesting that the […]

How to Open Google Now From Anywhere on the Nexus 7

Google Now Card

Google Now delivers instant access to information, Google search requests and handy information cards on the Nexus 7. The Google Now app can be launched from the lock screen or from the search bar, but it’s even easier to open Google Now from inside any app on the Nexus 7 with a simple gesture. Read: Google […]

RIM Offers More Insight On BlackBerry 10


Research in Motion had kicked off its BlackBerry Jam prior to the commencement of CTIA to demonstrate what its BlackBerry 10 operating system will look like and even gave developers in attendance some free BlackBerry developer hardware to play with. Now, after some brief demos of the BlackBerry 10 OS on stage at BlackBerry Jam, […]

A Better Gesture for Accessing iPhone’s Multitasking Apps (Video)

iPhone Gestures

Use the iPhone for any amount of time, and you’ll grow tired of double tapping the home button to access multitasking apps. Not only is the double tap audible in quiet situations, but if you use the home button double tap as much as I do, you’ll notice that the home button feels less responsive after just […]

Sony Swipes Swype Keyboard for Xperia Phones

Sony Gesture Typing

Sony has been paying attention to the needs of Android users, and found that many of them are fans of the Swype keyboard, which allows you to slide your finger across keys to type. Instead of paying to put Swype on the new Xperia smartphones, like many other manufacturers have started doing, Sony decided it would be […]