10 Surface Pro 3 Tips & Tricks

surface pro 3 connections

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 gives owners a versatile 2-in-1 device that they can use as a large 12-inch tablet or a nice Windows 8.1 laptop. With the new Surface Docking Station, it even replaces a desktop system as well. For as little as $800 a buyer can enjoy the Surface Pro 3. But to really […]

Potential New iPhone 6 Gesture Could Challenge Galaxy S5


After having applied for a patent on a hover gesture a few years ago, the United States Patent & Trademark Office has finally awarded Apple the patent, which could potentially debut on a future iPhone and iPad tablet. Though owning the patent doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple would commercialize the innovation, but if Apple does […]

Hidden iOS 7 Features Reveal New Gestures

Hidden iOS 7 features include multitasking gestures and nested folders.

The iOS 7 beta is only a week old and already users are discovering hidden features and settings menus in iOS 7 that show off some features Apple was testing and could possibly bring to a future iOS 7 beta or iOS 7 release. iOS 7 is already available as a beta to iPhone developers, […]

Will Facial Gesture Unlocking Give You the Right to Act Weird in Public?


Google had debuted a key security feature called Face Unlock on the Android 4.0 software release, but users eventually found out that holding a picture of the owner’s phone up to the device’s front-facing camera would unlock the device, supplanting the security benefits. At its core, however, Face Unlock does offer a lot of potential, […]

Flipboard for Android Now Supports Hover in Anticipation for Galaxy S4


Flipboard has updated its Android news reader app in advance of Samsung’s release of the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone to support new hover gestures. Hover is part of the touchscreen technology that will be debuting with the Galaxy S4 where users can point to a screen–and not touch the display–to evoke additional actions, similar to […]

Google May Add Touch Gestures to Rear of Phones


Google had filed for a patent that could potentially bring a touch-sensitive controller to the rear side of the phone so users can interact with the back, rather than the primary touchscreen, for simple touch commands. The backside touch controller would be used for basic tasks, like scrolling, turning the page of an e-book, or […]

Applications for Capri Kinect Tech Could Extend Beyond Smartphones

Video thumbnail for youtube video PrimeSense Looks to Bring 3D Kinect Motion Tracking Tech to Phones

We had reported that Capri would bring Kinect’s motion tracking technology to smartphones and mobile devices thanks to the shrunken chipset that would be 1/10th the size of the motion tracking chip inside Microsoft‘s home gaming console accessory. On the surface, Capri would open the doors to natural user interfaces and new ways that a […]

Leaked Gmail 4.2 for Android Reveals Pinch to Zoom, Swipe Gestures


Google may be working on a new version of the Gmail app for Android users, bringing the app to version 4.2 and adding new features such as pinch to zoom and swiping gestures. With Google slated to announce the LG-made Nexus 4 (previously rumored to be called the Optimus Nexus) later this month, this new […]

How Will Google Evolve Android’s UI With Rumored Viewdle Purchase?


Google is rumored to be acquiring artificial reality and facial recognition company Viewdle in a deal that is set to close this week for about $30 to $45 million. Google and its hardware business, Motorola Mobility, declined to comment about the deal and Viedle CEO told ZDNet to contact Motorola Mobility for comment, suggesting that the […]

Tyype HD for iPad Uses Gestures For Easy Text Editing

Tyype HD

We’ve seen a few concept videos of gesture-based text editing apps on the iPad recently. Tyype HD is yet another gestured-based text editor, but this one is actually available in the App Store. Tyype HD uses a number of one-, two-, and three-finger gestures to make it easier for users to select text and move […]

Touchless Phones to Become the Future for Huawei


When Apple had announced the iPhone in 2007, it brought with it the disruptive technology known as capacitive touchscreen, and since then we’ve seen this employed on a number of handsets using various platforms such as Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, HP/Palm’s webOS, Nokia’s Symbian, and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS. Now, it seems that […]

Top 11 iOS 6 Features We Want on the iPhone 5

iOS 6 features

The iPhone 5 can’t get here soon enough, but the software that powers the new iPhone is just as important as the hardware itself, and we can expect a look at it in just a few months. iOS 6, the next version of the software that will come to the iPhone 4S and the new iPad, […]

iPad 3 Could Drop the Home Button, Rely on Gestures

iPad 3 might have no home button

Today Apple sent out invites to an event March 7 about a new iPad that could come some time within a few days to a few weeks of the launch. If the image on the invite shows the new device, then we might already know some details about the iPad 3 (or iPad 2S if […]

Nokia May Debut Swipe UI on Nokia Donna Update, But Not Carla


After the Nokia Anna and Nokia Belle software update for the Symbian operating system, it appears that the Finnish smartphone-maker has Carla and Donna on deck as future software updates. According to dsmobile, it appears that Nokia may be working on a port of its swipe-based UI, which debuted on the company’s version of the […]

How To Set Up Your New iPad 2

How to setup your new iPad 2

If you got an iPad 2 as a gift, but don’t know what to do next, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to set up your new iPad 2, get started with apps, backup your iPad and a collection of fun things to do with your iPad 2. Whether you got […]

New Touch Gestures Revealed in Apple Patent


Patently Apple points to some new patent information from Apple that shows some possible (and potentially powerful) new touch gestures. The concepts behind these patents make good sense to me. First up is what is labeled as Swipe and Hold. The user swipes in a direction but leaves the finger on the screen. Data then […]

eyeSight Brings Gestures to Pantech Vega Android Phones

LTE (IM-A800S)

Ever wanted to control your phone with a gesture or motion of your hands? Thanks to eySight’s gesture control technology, which works in the same way that gamers control the interface of the Xbox thanks to Kinect, users can begin to start gesturing to their phones later this month when Pantech launches its new Vega […]