Home Button Killer: iOS 5 Gestures to Take You Back Home!

iOS 5 features Accessibility adds new gesture control panel, no hardware buttons needed

With the latest release of the third beta of iOS 5 for developers, Apple has introduced a number of gestures aimed at possibly replacing the home button, which will take you to the home screen from any screen and also aid in multi-tasking. Found within the Assessibility menu is a new gesture control panel called […]

5 Exciting iOS 5 Features for iPad Owners

ipad iOS 5 mulittouch gestures

Apple announced iOS 5, the latest version of the popular iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch operating system at WWDC 2011 this week. While iOS 5 will be coming to a collection of devices, there are a number of new iOS 5 features that extend the functionality of the iPad and iPad 2. While iOS 5 […]

Apple Patent Hints at New Gestures Somewhere Down the Road


Patent applications can give us some idea of what companies are thinking about for the future. And usually that future is a ways down the road. Apple has recently filed some patents that show some interesting new multi-touch gestures for its iOS devices, although I would assume some of that might make it to the […]

Apple Patent Reveals Touch-Sensitive Buttons Underneath iPhone Bezel

1 - Apple Blows us Away with Smart Bezel Detailing - Apr 7, 2011

Similar to the discrete gesture areas on webOS smartphones like the HP Palm Pre, an Apple patent shows that the iPhone-maker is looking to embed dynamic buttons, gestures, and actions into the unusued bezel area surrounding the touchscreen smartphone. In the patent application, Apple intends to use the area as a secondary display with electro-luminescence technology. Apple […]

Next iPad to Use Proximity Sensor to Auto-Unlock Screen


The new iOS 4.3 beta that was released to developers this week reveals hints that Apple may employ a proximity sensor in the next iPad to automate the process of locking and unlocking the tablet display. In the past, Apple has used–and popularized–proximity sensors on the iPhone to automatically turn off the device’s display while […]

New iOS 4.3 iPad Gestures Will Not Make Final Consumer Release


Developers had discovered new multitouch gestures on the iOS 4.3 Developer Preview of Apple’s mobile operating system targeted for the iPad, however, the company is saying that those features are for testing at this time and will not make it to the consumer release of iOS 4.3. Those new multi-touch gestures provides the same functions […]

Synaptics ClearPad 1100 Could Make Resistive Touchscreens Obsolete (Video)


With the rise of the iPhone, many handset-makers have tried to replicate Apple’s success with capacitive touchscreen displays, abandoning old technologies such as resistive touchscreens. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both touchscreen technologies, for now, gesture support, ease and accuracy of tapping, and the ability to use high-end materials, such as Gorilla Glass, […]

Mac OS X Lion: OS X meets the iPad


At today’s “Back to the Mac” event, Steve Jobs and company showed off Mac OS X 7 a.k.a. Lion. Unlike the Snow Leopard release, which was primarily under the hood improvements, Lion is mostly UI improvements, specifically features they’re bringing in from the iPad and iOS.

Evoluce introduces touchless multi-touch to surface computing


Last we heard from Evoluce, they introduced a 47″ HD multi-touch display for surface computing. Now, they’ve made touch unnecessary with an off-screen gesture detection system that responds to your hand movements as if you were touching the screen, much like Microsoft’s Project Natal.

Add Mac-Like Scrolling to Windows Trackpads


If you’re someone who wishes you had MacBook-like scrolling on your Windows machine’s trackpad, this hack might be for you. Lifehacker has put it all together for you and let’s you know upfront that you won’t get all the pinch to zoom or rotation gestures, but you will be able to scroll from your trackpad, […]

Gesture app, StrokeIt, returns from the future


GBM regular fleon shared news in the forum that StrokeIt, a gesture-enabling app for Windows, has returned from the abyss. The news from their website, however, seems to indicate a return from the future. Yeah, I’m guessing that’s a typo. Regardless, a new version of StrokeIt is presently available to enable all sorts of gesture […]

Companies Poised for a Thumb War

Daniel Roth from Wired Magazine published an  interesting  article  about a battle that’s brewing over gestures. The stakes are high as touch computing moves into the mainstream, with as many as 30% of mobile phones expected to have the feature by 2013. Flicking, pinching and swiping are all gestures that the likes of Apple, Nokia, […]

Fujitsu Adds a Multi-Touch Trackpad


Looks like Fujitsu wants to get into the multi-touch trackpad game. The P8020 ultra-portable will have one on board so you can pinch, navigate, rotate pictures, etc… using two fingers only though, from what I’m seeing. There are buttons. You’ll have to look pretty deep under product features to see this touted on Fujitsu’s product […]