ZTYLUS iPhone 6 Plus Case, Lens and Ring Light Review

ZTYLUS iPhone 6 Plus with fish-eye lens covering iphone 6 plus lens

Taking pictures with an iPhone 6 Plus produces beautiful images, but the ZTYLUS Metal Series lens case for the iPhone 6 Plus can improve on an already great camera with a set of add-on lenses to transform ordinary iPhone pictures into works of art. That’s the promise from ZTYLUS. Read on and find out how […]

PSA: iPhone 5s Giveaway Ends This Week


If you’re gearing up for the new year and found out that Santa was not able to bring you an iPhone 5s for Christmas, be sure to enter GottaBeMobile‘s iPhone 5s giveaway with Numbridge. Winners will be able to choose a 16 GB iPhone 5s in the color of their choice that will work with the […]

Contest: iPhone 5s Giveaway from Numbridge and GottaBeMobile


If you’re aching for a new smartphone as it would make it easier for you to connect with friends, family, and loved ones over the holidays, be sure to enter our iPhone 5s giveaway contest together with Numbridge. Winner can select a 16 GB iPhone 5s model of their choice, choosing between the silver, gold, […]

PSA: AT&T Galaxy Camera Giveaway Contest Ends This Week!


Just a reminder, GottaBeMobile’s giveaway contest of the AT&T Galaxy Camera ends this week on February 28th. You can visit the official post to find out what you’ll need to do–it’s really simple–for a chance to win the Android-powered HSPA+ connected smart camera with a 21X optical zoom. The contest is sponsored by AT&T Northern […]

Post-Valentine’s Blues? AT&T and GottaBeMobile Love You Giveaway


If you didn’t get the gadget you’ve been fawning over lately from your significant other as such gadget may be deemed to be a not-so-romantic gift, fret not as GottaBeMobile and AT&T Northern California are teaming up with two giveaways. The first option is announced today, and we will announce the second giveaway later. The […]

Reminder: Enter to Win the T-Mobile Lumia 710 Giveaway


Just a reminder that GottaBeMobile and Nokia are giving away a T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone. You can read out post on the giveaway and enter for your chance to win the device. Contest ends on Saturday, and we’ll be notifying the winner directly on Facebook, so if you’ve won, be sure to respond to […]

Giveaway: Win a Lumia 710 from Nokia and GottaBeMobile


Seeing cool phones being announced at Mobile World Congress that you wanted but cannot have at this very second like the Nokia 808 PureView? Hopefully, we’ll have something to help cure some of your MWC blues. At GottaBeMobile, We’re hosting a giveaway for a Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone that’s sponsored by Nokia U.S. In an […]

Win a ThinkPad Tablet from Lenovo and GBM

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Have you been craving a new tablet? Perhaps you want an Android tablet that you can use at work now that your kid or significant other has commandeered your iPad to play Angry Birds. If so, you’ll want to enter for a chance to win the ThinkPad Tablet from Lenovo. This tablet can play Angry […]

Last Day to Win an iPhone 5 for Release Day

iPhone 5 giveaway

If you are excited about the iPhone 5 release date, which is almost here, then you’ll definitely want to check out our latest GottaBeMobile Giveaway. Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win an Apple gift card that will be delivered in time to purchase an iPhone 5 on release day. To enter, […]

Win a 32GB iPad 2 By Telling Us How You’d Use Vonage Time to Call

Vonage Time To Call

You heard me right, GottaBeMobile is giving away a 32GB iPad 2 WiFi to one lucky reader. The prize comes courtesy of Vonage, which is promoting the company’s new affordable international calling app for iOS. The new Time To Call app works on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, using your data connection to bypass […]

iHome iDM12 Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

iHome iDM12

I reviewed the iHome iDM12 Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker earlier this spring. The iDM12 provides good truly wireless sound for hours thanks to a battery recharged through your USB port. It connects to your Bluetooth enabled audio device like a smartphone or computer filling a small room with sound. The charging cable also includes an auxiliary stereo jack […]

WiFi2HiFi Giveaway: Use Your iPhone to Stream to Your Stereo


Have you ever wanted to stream audio from your computer to the home theater system across your house? Sure, you can get dedicated systems to do this, but if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad all you need is WiFi2HiFi, a $4 app that turns your iOS device into a receiver for your […]

AGF Cases for AT&T or Verizon iPhone 4 and Blackberry [Contest]


AGF offers a number of cases for many smartphones including the Apple iPhone 4 and the Blackberry Torch or other Blackberry smartphones. They are one of the many companies to now offer cases compatible with the Verizon iPhone 4, including the iPhone 4 Beetle Case and the Premium Leather Pouch designed for Blackberry devices like […]

Seagate GoFlex Slim Announced, Win a GoFlex Slim of Your Own [Contest]

Seagate GoFlex Slim

Seagate has just announced the Seagate GoFlex Slim, a 320GB USB 3.0 hard drive that is as slim as a pencil and includes a blazing fast 7200RPM hard drive in an incredibly portable package. The Seagate GoFlex Slim has a USB 3.0 connection and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. The GoFlex slim wraps a […]

Giveaway from CES: Win a Lenovo IdeaPad u260


Here at CES Lenovo is announcing some really cool products for consumers and business users with new AMD Fusion APUs and Intel Sandy Bridge processors. They even have a laptop that boots faster than a MacBook Air. Lenovo is the official sponsor of Notebooks.com and GottaBeMobile at CES and has provided us with two of their Lenovo IdeaPad […]

Contest: Win $150 ScotteVest Gift Certificate (Black Friday Giveaway)


If you love to have all of your gadgets and gear with you wherever you are, then you usually need to commit to wearing a backpack or carrying a purse with you at all times, but not if you have a ScotteVest jacket or vest. These are the same clothing items Rolf Potts used to travel around the world without a bag and that we use to cover CES. To […]

Win a Lexmark Interact S605 from Evernote


Evernote and Lexmark are giving away five Lexmark Interact S605 all-in-one printers. If you’re an Evernote user you’ll appreciate the fact that it can scan documents and photos straight into your Evernote account. It has a large touchscreen display and all the usual niceties you’d expect from a modern all-in-one. This is a Twitter contest […]

GBM’s Ring Central Ultimate Small Business Start Up Giveway starts today!


The Ring Central Ring Ultimate Small Business Start Up Giveway has already started on other tech sites, and now its our turn to add to the contest frenzy. If you are interesting in winning a complete small business set up package, including things like voice service, business cards, logo creation, web hosting, etc, today is […]

Announcing the HP Data Vault giveaway


We are a society of multimedia consumers.  We store thousands of pictures, videos, documents, games, etc on our computers hard drives, on USB drives, on portable drives and now in cloud storage solutions.  We consume multimedia like its our favorite candy.  And with consumption comes storage.  We never seem to have enough for all of […]