Epson Moverio BT-200 Is Google Glass for Both Eyes


Epson is mostly well-known for its printers, but the company has been dabbling in wearable devices for some time now. Here at CES 2014, Epson is showing off the second-generation of its Moverio smartglasses, officially dubbed Moverio BT-200. These glasses could essentially be compared to Google Glass, but instead of having the single display for […]

Vocal Google Supporter Predicts the Doom of Google Glass


As Google is now beginning to expand the availability of its early Glass Explorer program beyond developers and into prosumers, vocal supporter of the wearable gadget Robert Scoble is now predicting that the product will ultimately fail in 2014 when it launches to consumers. Scoble made waves early on with Glass when the wearable computing […]

After Experiment with Gold, Apple Banking on Sapphire


After a rather successful experiment with the gold hue iPhone 5s (reviewed) globally, Apple is turning its attention to sapphire, a crystal gem that’s currently used on several different components on the iPhone smartphone. Apple has signed a multi-year agreement with GT Advanced Technology to produce and manufacture sapphire in Mesa, Arizona in a new […]

In Latest Design Makeover Google Glass Gets More Fashionable, Less Cyborg


After having run a multi-page advertisement campaign in Vogue magazine, Google is increasingly trying to appeal to fashion-forward trend setters with Google Glass. Technophiles already understand the value of having ready always-on access to information at eye level and now Google is trying to appeal to the fashion conscious shoppers. In the latest design makeover for Google […]

Google Goes Grassroots With Glass, Will It Work?


Wearable computing is still a relatively new space, and Google has been forging a bold, new path with its wearable eyeglasses called Google Glass, that provides an always-present, always-on experience between reality and computing. Essentially, you’ll still see what’s in front of you as you’re walking down the street, but glance to the side or […]

3 Key Groups Google Will Need to Convince to Make Glass Successful

Glass user at a hotel bar in San Francisco, California for Google I/O 2013

Google Glass was the talk of San Francisco last week as geeks paraded around town with Google’s latest wearable computing eyepiece at the Google I/O conference, but is the rest of America ready to embrace this new form of technology? Google still has a hard task as it sets out to popularize Glass much in […]

Congress Wants Privacy Issues Addressed With Google Glass


Eight Congressmen on the Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus have sent a letter to Google asking the Internet search giant to address privacy concerns and questions surrounding the use of Google Glass by June 14th. Congress wants to know how Google will address privacy issues for users and owners of Google Glass, as well as for […]

Facebook, Twitter, Evernote & More Coming to Google Glass


Seven new apps, including three from the most popular social networks will soon come to Google Glass, bringing more functionality to the wearable device. The New York Times reports that Google announced the new apps, which it calls “Glassware” at Google I/O. The new apps include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote, CNN, Elle and a game called […]

Facial Recognition Hack Makes Google Glass Useful in Medical Settings


While we’re still not quite sure how exactly will Google Glass be used in the future as it’s still an entirely new mobile form factor and there are still not that many applications designed for the wearable computing platform, Glass will definitely be a beneficial tool to doctors and medical staff as demonstrated with the […]

Google Planning Google Retail Stores for Google Glass?


It looks like rumors of Google opening up retail shops are heating up again and this time the stores are said to be built specifically for Google Glass. This would be a smart move on Google’s part as Google Glass is an entirely new computing experience, and opening retail stores would not only allow customers […]

Google Glass Will Soon Support Features for iPhone Users


Google Glass users with an iPhone will soon be able to take advantage of turn-by-turn directions and text messages, which are currently only available to Android users. A Google employee told a TechCrunch reporter that the features of Google Glass will be available to all users, no matter what device they connect it to. Currently Google […]

Security Flaw in Google Glass Could Expose Users to Big Brother Surveillance


iPhone jailbreak hacker Jay Freeman has recently discovered a potential security flaw on Google Glass that may expose users to unintended surveillance if malware makes its way onto the wearable computing device. In the Google Glass Explorer Edition that’s being shipped out right now from Google to developers, Freeman found that a lack of a […]

Next Motorola Phones Rumored to Be Unbreakable


Despite Corning’s coveted Gorilla Glass to help make modern glass displays a bit more rugged to the rough and tumbles of daily life, if you drop your phone at just the right angle physics will still triumph and you’ll likely end up with a cracked screen. Thankfully, it seems that Google-owned Motorola Mobility is working […]

MyGlass Google Glass Companion App Appears in Play Store


Google Glass will soon start shipping out to those who paid the $1500 for early Explorer Editions, and the Android companion app is already available for those lucky few. The new MyGlass app appeared in the Google Play Store last night, just in time for the first shipments of Google Glass. The app will help […]

Nexus 4 Problems: Broken Backs, Busted Wireless Chargers

The Nexus 4 was hampered by supply issues.

The Nexus 4 is supposed to represent the best pure Android experience, but Android fans are frustrated with the fragile design of the Nexus 4 and livid over Nexus 4 wireless charging issues. The Nexus 4 launch mess is over, but based on these complaints, Google is in for another mess as users become frustrated […]

Google Hiring Google Glass Advisers, In Case You Need Support


Google, which had historically limited customer service to web forums, emails, and chat in the past, is taking a bold move in hiring 40 Google Glass advisers. The Glass Advisers will be hired in key locations in San Francisco and New York, and some will be present at Google retail stores that are said to be […]

Google Glass App Could Help You Remember Everyone’s Name

Google Glass press image

An app for Google Glass called InSight will help users identify their friends based on their clothing, even when the user can’t see their face. According to New Scientist, the app, which was partially funded by Google, debuted at the HotMobile technology conference in Keyll Island, Georgia last week. The app can identify people based […]

iPhone Glass Supplier Claims Bendable Willow Glass Still 3-Years Away


Corning, which has become a household name among smartphone enthusiasts with its Gorilla Glass and a supplier of the chemically strengthened glass for Apple’s iPhone, is now saying that the flexible and bendable Willow glass is still some three years away from mass market viability. Corning’s Willow glass with its flexible properties could open the doors […]

Sapphire Crystal: The Holy Grail For Virtually Unbreakable Smartphone Displays

Sapphire glass scratch test against a block of concrete. Image courtesy of CBS Interactive

Corning’s Gorilla Glass has been all the rage in a market dominated by growing smartphone touchscreen displays with its scratch-resistant and break-resistant properties, but there’s something even better. Also known generically as chemically strengthened glass, Gorilla Glass has surprisingly built up a brand reputation for itself among consumers who seek out a smartphone or tablet […]