How to Enable Push for Gmail on iPhone [Tips]


If you use a Gmail account, when setting up your iPhone’s email your natural reaction would be to, well, set it up as “Gmail.” If you want your new emails to be delivered immediately, though, that’s exactly not what you want to do. What you will want to do is to set your mail up […]

New “Less is More” Gmail Look – How to Get It Right Now


Google’s main search page has always been known for its clean, simple interface. In the early days of dial-up and extremely slow mobile connections, it was much quicker to load than rival search engines. As for its other services and applications, some of them have taken on a more cluttered appearance. Gmail is no exception, […]

Google Sync for iOS Gets Three Important Updates

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Google announced an update to their sync service for iOS devices like the Apple iPhone and iPad bringing three welcome feature updates. The ability to search all email – not just locally stored Calendar events invitation handling Send Mail As which lets you send messages with a different return address than the one being used […]

How To Login to 2 Gmail Accounts at the Same Time, In the Same Browser

How to Login to 2 Gmail Accounts at the Same Time in the Same Browser

Many of us have multiple email accounts for work, personal life and volunteering. As more organizations move to Google Apps, a growing number of users end up with multiple Gmail accounts. While you can forward your accounts to one central location and use different browsers, these solutions aren’t perfect. Instead, we will show you how to login to 2 Gmail accounts […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for April 22nd

iphone tracking

This past week was a big one, with iPhone tracking news and a collection of other big news. We’ve condensed the hottest topics in smartphones, tablets and notebooks into this post so you can get caught up before the weekend. Perhaps one of the biggest stories this week was the iPhone tracking story which our own Warner Crocker […]

How to Insert Images in Gmail

How to insert images in gmail

If you are constantly sharing images with others using Gmail, you may want to stop attaching images and start inserting them right into your email. This is allows you to write some text, insert your image and write more text. Not only does it look nicer, it is easier for users to see your images […]

Gmail Motion Controls Come to Life With Kinect

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Gmail Motion and the Predator Computer interface both get us pretty excited because they show new ways we might interact with our technology, but you can’t start using them just yet. Thankfully a group of researchers solved the issue and has showcased a method of controlling Gmail with a Kinect sensor. Best of all, they […]

Google Intros Multi-Factor Security for Gmail


Gmail is introducing multi-factor authentication for Gmail accounts. The move will allow Gmail users to secure their accounts by allowing them to use their mobile phones to verify their identities. This is the same idea behind the security many banks employ and something I first saw at the RSA Security conference five years ago in […]

Mobile Gmail Gets Priority Inbox


Google’s mixed up the layout of the mobile version of so you can now view your Priority Inbox messages first. Gmail users need to setup Priority Inbox through a desktop browser before accessing the mobile version. Google’s Priority Inbox is a fantastic tool for those who receive more messages than they can comfortably sort […]

How Does This Get Past Google’s Spam Filter?

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On Friday my wife and I went out with some very good friends to celebrate a birthday. As usual, we started talking about tech. One of my friends recently got a promotion at Google and is overseeing part of the company’s business apps offerings and talk turned to Google’s paid email service. We use Google […]

Gmail for Android Updated with Priority Inbox Support


Google has just released an update for Gmail for Android handsets running Android 2.2 or later, bringing Gmail for Android to version 2.3.2. The version adds improvements such as Priority Inbox support and an easier way to switch between reply and reply to all within the email composing screen. If you’ve integrated another email account […]

New AOL Mail: Project Phoenix…Can AOL Rise Again?

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 11.10.15 PM

Amidst all the talk about Facebook’s new messaging system, AOL’s trying to drum up some excitement about Project Phoenix, its new email and messaging service. Project Phoenix certainly looks more interesting the AOL of yesteryear, but an early video doesn’t look all that promising. The Project Phoenix video is more talk than substance. Towards the […]

Windows Phone 7 Initial Setup on the HTC HD7


Here is a video of the initial setup of Windows Phone 7 on the HTC HD7. I show the initial setup of a Windows Live account, Gmail account, and Facebook account. I also show a bit of the customization that is available to users with Windows Phone 7. There isn’t much to customize though. I […]

Google Letting Gmail Users Turn Off Conversation View


Using Gmail via your favorite web browser is great….unless you hate conversation view. Scanning through an inbox in conversation view can be an adjustment for those who’ve spent decades seeing a whole new line for each reply to a conversation. Google’s finally giving Gmail users the option to go back to the delight of seeing […]

Gmail for Android Improved, Gets Priority Inbox


Google’s released a new version of the Gmail app in the Android Market that has a number of improvements. Since the app is available in the market, Android users don’t have to wait for major system updates to get new Gmail features. The interface has been revamped, allowing users to star or reply to messages […]

Creatures of Habit


Things change so fast in mobile technology these days that forming new habits seems to be something that is almost impossible to do. Just as you get used to doing something one way, another way comes along, and you shift what you are doing accordingly. Most times that leads to doing things a better or […]

Gmail Priority Inbox

Screen shot 2010-08-31 at 7.23.53 AM

Google’s introducing an automatic filtering tool called Priority Inbox that predicts which emails you’ll want to read. Think of it as a reverse spam filter that, over time, learns which contacts are most important and which emails are likely to be read and responded to. If you’ve been online long enough, you probably remember the […]

Unlimited Monster Strikes Again…This time it’s Skype


Last week I wrote about how tech companies bend definitions of words in marketing campaigns. Today I learned that Skype’s ‘unlimited’ plans are in fact limited. HP CTO Rahul Sood has been a Skype ‘unlimited’ customer for  years and today he had a conference call that lasted for four hours. When he tried to make […]