Unlimited Monster Strikes Again…This time it’s Skype


Last week I wrote about how tech companies bend definitions of words in marketing campaigns. Today I learned that Skype’s ‘unlimited’ plans are in fact limited. HP CTO Rahul Sood has been a Skype ‘unlimited’ customer for  years and today he had a conference call that lasted for four hours. When he tried to make […]

Drag and Drop Gmail Attachments to the Desktop


If you use Google’s Chrome browser, you can now drag and drop attachments to your desktop from your browser. This is certainly a handy tool to have if you receive a lot of attachments. Awhile back, Google added an easy way for users to drag attachments into an email for both Firefox and Chrome, but […]

GMail Adds Drag and Drop Attachments and Calendar Invite Feature

Gmail - Compose Mail - waywtc@gmail.com

The GMail folks keep cranking out features and most arrive when you aren’t looking it seems. Today they’ve rolled out two new features. The first makes it easier to invite folks to a meeting if you share calendars. Below the subject field is a new invite link that allows you to view a prospective invitee’s […]

Using Gmail on the iPad


Google wasnt about ready to be left out of the onslaught of iPad news.  They wanted to let all the iPad users know that they are putting in their two cents worth to this new product with some changes to Gmail specifically geared toward the iPad. From the Official Gmail Blog: When the iPhone and […]

Gmail for Tablets (sort of)


Not one to be left behind, Google is staying a step ahead by reformatting their Gmail and other interfaces for the iPad and tablet computers. Or so they say. Their screenshot of Gmail on an iPad looks pretty slick, but using it on my Tablet PC requires a bit of tweaking and isn’t so hot.

How to Secure and Recover Your Gmail and Google Apps Accounts


Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration lived through a cloud computing nightmare and survived to blog about it. Last week someone hacked into his GMail and Google Apps account, which meant they had access to just about everything in his personal and business digital life. Luckily, he had some contacts at Google that helped him regain […]

GMail Tweaks Labels for Small Screens


Brad of Liliputing blogged this little tip that might help GMail users with little screens (can you say Netbook). If you use lables (GMails method of filing emails) then those labels appear in the subject line when you open up GMail. Well, now there’s a Google Labs feature that allows you to turn them off […]

GBM Poll: How Often Do You Change Your Password?


The other day I dropped a computer off at the local repair shop because it was under warranty.  After verbally asking for my contact information and email address, the attending technician asked, “What’s the password on this machine?”  I answered audibly, without considering who was around me.  There were at least two other people within […]

What’s Wrong With This, Google?


Yeah, I’d love a Google Toolbar with Chrome. Oh, wait it’s not available.  I really appreciate how you entice me, then tell me I’m using a Firefox browser, then tell me I’m not using Firefox,  and then tell me that I can’t have what you told me I could have three screens ago. Thanks for […]

Google Apps finally out of beta (β) testing

Good news, everyone! Your arduous testing and re-testing and testing again of Google’s Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Talk services have finally paid off. Google has finally moved them out of beta testing, as signified by the “beta” label being removed from their logos. Otherwise, the products are completely unchanged. Nada. Zip. Same service, no “beta” […]

GMail Makes Using Labels Easier, Sorta, Kinda


GMail has made an ‘improvement’ to make using Labels (think folders) easier for organizing your email. Essentially, your most used labels now show up on the left of the screen above the Chat list and below the Inbox, Sent Mail, etc list. You can now also drag and drop emails onto the Labels (like I […]

Tips to Get You on the Way to Earning a Black Belt in Gmail Ninja

Gmail Productivity Tips

If you live in Gmail like me, then you need all the productivity tips you can get. Fortunately, the Google Gmail Ninja fighting team is here to help us! Check out these tips, organized from White belt all the way to Master to help you master that Inbox.   Ok, gotta run – need to […]

GMail Offers Attachment Reminder


This looks to be a good addition to GMail. How many times have you sent an email, intending to send an attachment, but then forgetting to actually include the attachment? I know this happens to me every so often.

GMail Now Makes It Easier to Add Multiple Attachments


In the category of “what took you so long?” GMail has made some improvements in the method of addding attachments to an email so that now you can add multiple attachments at one time. This is a huge time saver for me as I frequently have to send emails with multiple attachments and the old […]

On the Heels of GMail Outage Comes a Phishing Scam

GMail is going through some rough times. First there was a major outage, since corrected, and now hot on the heels of that problem comes reports of a major phishing scam that is circulating through GTalk. Apparently a message directing you to a video also asks for you to enter your GMail login info and […]

GMail Goes Down and Comes Back Up

Crazy. GMail went down over night (at least in the US and parts of Europe) and of course it caused quite a stir when that happened. I found out curiously via a phone call. At the theatre where I work we are in the casting and hiring part of our season. I’m in the process […]

Getting Things Done With MindManager, Gmail, and Google Docs

MindJet’s Michael Deutch and Mobile Musing’s Alan Yoshioka both have some fascinating articles on integrating MindManager, Gmail, and Google Docs in order to stay productive and get things done. Highly recommended reading! From Michael Deutch: I created a map to quickly test MindManager 8’s integration with the following Google applications: Gmail Google Docs Google Presentations […]

GMail Now Has Offline Mode with Gears


Maybe this explains while GMail has been so flaky of late. Google has finally added (although it is still experimental) and offline mode to GMail using its own Google Gears. You’ll have to flip the switch in the Google Labs section of your settings and this looks like another phased rollout as I don’t see […]

Gmail Adds TXT – Again


Gmail has just added the ability to do text messaging from the chat window.  Text messaging was actually supposed to come out a few weeks ago, but was pulled at the last second because of a glitch.  I tried it out with Warner and it seemed to work just fine now – when he replied, […]

Google Adds Tasks to GMail


Google continues to tinker with GMail (and of late, I continue to have sporadic issues with GMail) and now they’ve added a module to allow you to create and manage Tasks. Basically you click and type and add a Task and you’re all set. You can add the feature through Settings/Labs (as you do with […]