Gold iPhone 5s Buyers Get Some Good News

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After selling out completely after the iPhone 5s release date, the gold iPhone 5s has seen its shipping times improve through the Apple Store with Apple saying that it will be shipping out variants of the gold variant within two to three weeks, a big improvement over the vague October shipping date that it had […]

How to Add the Midas Golden Touch to Your Non-Gold iPhone


If you have an older iPhone model before Apple unleashed the gold-hued iPhone 5s that created a modern day gold rush, or if you simply couldn’t get your hands on the gold 5s and opted instead for a silver or space gray model, fret not as you can mimic the look after the fact. Customers […]

7 Tips for Gold iPhone 5s Buyers

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Last week, Apple finally replaced the iPhone 5 with a new premium iPhone, the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s went on sale at midnight on Friday and almost immediately, there were problems. Not with Apple’s website or with orders but with the gold iPhone 5s which sold out almost immediately online and in-stores with shipping […]

Gold iPhone 5S Video Will Make Buyers Sick

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Apple’s gold iPhone 5S sold out extremely quickly, forcing buyers to either shell out a ton of cash for one now, or, wait until October before stock hits shelves once again. Just in case the wait wasn’t torture enough, a new gold iPhone 5S video shows one of the few devices in the wild getting […]

The iPhone Gold Rush: Gold iPhone 5s Fetches $10k at Auction


Scarcity behind the gold model of Apple’s iPhone 5s is driving up prices on the second-hand market as Apple tries to meet demand through its own retail channels. Lucky buyers who were able to snatch the gold model of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone are now finding that they can make quite a profit by selling […]

After iPhone 5s Sellout, Apple Rumored to Boost Production


After being sold out at launch, the gold iPhone 5s has proven to be a surprising hit for Apple as it has been highly sought after since it became available to purchase on Friday. The phone has been so popular that according to a recent report on the Wall Street Journal, Apple has “asked its […]

Gold iPhone 5s Selling for Thousands on eBay

The gold iPhone 5S is in short supply.

Apple released the iPhone 5s today to much fanfare; so much, in fact, that the gold version sold out within minutes on Apple’s website, and only Apple Store locations had most of the supply, leaving carriers and retailers left out to dry as far as receiving any gold models. However, you can still grab a […]

Gold iPhone 5s Shipping Times Getting Worse

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The gold iPhone 5S is sold out until October through Apple and looking for relief through carriers like AT&T, Sprint or Verizon aren’t going to find it as the gold iPhone shipping times are bad and getting worse. Today marks the first day of iPhone 5S sales and already, the device is off to a […]

Gold iPhone 5S: Key Things Buyers Need to Know

The gold iPhone 5S is in short supply.

Early this morning, Apple put the iPhone 5S on sale in the United States for the first time and almost immediately, we saw the gold iPhone 5S shipping times get pushed back. Those going into stores didn’t fare any better and some wound up walking out with gray and white iPhone 5S models instead. Many […]

This $3,000 Gold iPhone 5s Outdoes Anything Apple Will Sell You

Real 24 CT rose gold iPhone 5s

Though Apple will sell you an iPhone 5s starting today for an entry price of $650, Apple’s gold-hued iPhone is just that–a color. For those who want a little bit more of a premium experience with Apple’s best flagship smartphone to date, London’s GoldenGenie is delivering a plated iPhone 5s in real precious metal. For […]

Gold iPhone 5s Sold Out Online Until October

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Apple sold out of its initial batch of gold iPhone 5s units less than five minutes after putting them up for sale at at midnight. Apple and its wireless partners state that some iPhone 5s models are not available until October. At midnight showed all iPhone 5s as being available to ship within […]

Champagne iPhone 5S Point of Consternation for French Wine Enthusiasts


Apple is on the cusp of satisfying iPhone lovers with colored variants of its next-generation smartphone, the iPhone 5S, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s excited about the new color options. In fact, some French wineries are decidedly unenthusiastic about the champagne colored iPhone the company could  announce today. While being interviewed by local French media site […]

iPhone 5S Photos Show New Feature Up Close

This is the gold iPhone 5S.

Ahead of the iPhone 5S release date we’re getting an up close and personal glimpse at one of the device’s features as high-quality photos of the gold iPhone 5S have emerge ahead of the device’s rumored September 10th launch. For weeks now, iPhone 5S rumors have waged on, suggesting an iPhone 5 replacement that keeps […]

iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C Photos Show Aluminum & Plastic

The iPhone 5S is heading to AT&T on September 20th.

Apple is rumored to be just mere days away from introducing its new iPhones, dubbed iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and the leaks keep on coming as new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S photos have emerged offering prospective buyers a look at how the iPhone 5C’s plastic shell will look next to the iPhone 5S’ […]

iPhone 5S New Color All But Confirmed

Apple is expected to debut a gold iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S is all but confirmed to be coming in a new color with the heavily rumored gold iPhone 5S almost certain for arrival at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S launch date. Rumors, for weeks, have been swirling in regards to a new color for Apple’s iconic iPhone. While the company, in the past, has […]