How to Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Gold Apple Watch Edition


If you bought an Apple Watch, whether it was the Apple Watch Sport or the stainless steel model, you might still be wishing you had the beautiful gold Apple Watch Edition. Here’s how you can make your cheaper Apple Watch look like it’s worth $10,000. The Apple Watch Edition is made out of pure 24-karat […]

Gold Moto 360 Release Teased


Earlier this month after tons of hype, rumors, and leaks the all-new Moto 360 smartwatch was officially released. It first debuted in March along with Android Wear, Google’s operating system built for wearable devices, but took months to finally arrive for prospective buyers. The initial release back on September 5th was extremely limited, with stock […]

What iPhone 6 Color to Buy: Gold, Silver or Gray?

iPhone 6 Colors - Advice

While watching the iPhone 6 pre-orders start arriving, and the iPhone 6 release date this week, one question keeps coming up — “Which iPhone 6 color should I buy?” The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available in three colors; gold, space gray and silver. These are the same iPhone colors Apple offered on […]

LG G3 Leaks in Gold as More Details Arrive


The brand new LG G3 is no surprise at this point, and this morning two new photos have been leaked to the public giving users and potential buyers our best look yet and new details. Over the past few months the leaks and rumors have continued to arrive at an alarming rate regarding the new […]

3 New HTC One M8 Options Coming Soon


Back before the HTC One M8 launched at the end of March we heard reports and various rumors that the company was aiming to offer a slew of colors and options for the smartphone, but that never came to fruition. In March HTC announced and released the brand new HTC One M8 flagship smartphone in […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold Heads to Verizon


It may not be like Motorola in over 18 different color and customization options, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is finally getting a few more colors with Rose Gold headed to Verizon Wireless. While we’ve yet to hear an official announcement from Samsung or Verizon, this week Samsung’s own site shared all the details […]

LG G2 Follows iPhone 5s With Gold Edition

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.59.00 AM

Following a successful launch of a gold iPhone 5S we saw many other manufacturers eventually offer something similar, and now LG is looking to join the stylish fun. After Apple we saw an HTC One in Gold, as well as a few gold phones from Samsung with the Galaxy Note 3, and now a James […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Arrives in New Colors


Different color smartphones are becoming more and more popular these days, especially when you consider they’re just as much a fashion statement as they are a gadget we all use daily. This was clear with the iPhone 5s in Gold selling out everywhere, and now others are doing the same. We’ve seen multiple different smartphones […]

Gold HTC One Announced for Holiday Shoppers

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 9.55.27 AM

The latest trend in smartphones appears to be offering devices dressed up in Gold. We’re not talking about a gold-plated smartphone here, but simply a device with a gold color instead of blue or white. Following Apple’s lead with the iPhone 5S, HTC released an 18k Gold HTC One for $4,000 earlier this year, and […]

HTC One 18K Gold Edition Announced, and You Can’t Have One

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 9.26.00 AM

A new trend in smartphones has emerged as of late, and that is offering them in a wide array of colors like the Moto X, or even the new iPhone 5C. That isn’t all either. Both the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4 come in a gold color option, but HTC has a real gold smartphone […]

How to Add the Midas Golden Touch to Your Non-Gold iPhone


If you have an older iPhone model before Apple unleashed the gold-hued iPhone 5s that created a modern day gold rush, or if you simply couldn’t get your hands on the gold 5s and opted instead for a silver or space gray model, fret not as you can mimic the look after the fact. Customers […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Edition Unveiled Following iPhone 5s Envy


Almost a week after Apple officially launched the iPhone 5s in a new gold color, Samsung has unveiled a new Galaxy S4 that comes in the same color. Samsung’s United Arab Emirates Facebook and Twitter accounts posted a render of the new device, saying that the new color is “a style that’s uniquely yours.” The […]

The iPhone Gold Rush: Gold iPhone 5s Fetches $10k at Auction


Scarcity behind the gold model of Apple’s iPhone 5s is driving up prices on the second-hand market as Apple tries to meet demand through its own retail channels. Lucky buyers who were able to snatch the gold model of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone are now finding that they can make quite a profit by selling […]

After iPhone 5s Sellout, Apple Rumored to Boost Production


After being sold out at launch, the gold iPhone 5s has proven to be a surprising hit for Apple as it has been highly sought after since it became available to purchase on Friday. The phone has been so popular that according to a recent report on the Wall Street Journal, Apple has “asked its […]

Gold iPhone 5s Selling for Thousands on eBay

The gold iPhone 5S is in short supply.

Apple released the iPhone 5s today to much fanfare; so much, in fact, that the gold version sold out within minutes on Apple’s website, and only Apple Store locations had most of the supply, leaving carriers and retailers left out to dry as far as receiving any gold models. However, you can still grab a […]

This $3,000 Gold iPhone 5s Outdoes Anything Apple Will Sell You

Real 24 CT rose gold iPhone 5s

Though Apple will sell you an iPhone 5s starting today for an entry price of $650, Apple’s gold-hued iPhone is just that–a color. For those who want a little bit more of a premium experience with Apple’s best flagship smartphone to date, London’s GoldenGenie is delivering a plated iPhone 5s in real precious metal. For […]

iPad 5 & Gold iPad mini 2 Renders Show Touch ID

This new render shows what Touch ID and a gold iPad would look like.

Attention is now on the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, Apple’s new iPad models we expect to see later this year. We’ve already seen numerous iPad 5 leaks showing the new iPad mini inspired design, and today we get a look at what the iPad 5 could look like with a Touch ID fingerprint […]

HTC Gives Apple the Nod With Rumored Gold HTC One


HTC may be giving Apple’s controversial gold-hued iPhone 5s the nod as a new leak suggests that the Taiwanese smartphone-maker may be working on its own gold HTC One smartphone. The HTC One first debuted in silver and has since been released in various colors, including black, red, and blue. Adding a gold option would broaden […]

iPhone 5S May Come in Champagne Color


In addition to the black and white color options for the iPhone today, Apple’s next generation iPhone 5S flagship smartphone may have a third color choice as well in the form of champagne. The gold-hued color would be the first for Apple’s smartphone lineup and may follow the expanded color choices available on the rumored […]