Android is Free, But Google’s Apps Aren’t

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When people talk about Google’s Android operating system words like “free” and “open source” are always mentioned, and for the most part, they’re true. Google doesn’t charge for the open source parts of Android, which allows nearly any company to compile the software and release smartphones, tablets, and more. There’s a common misconception though, and […]

Google: Users are Still Tech’s Largest Security Flaw


Members of Google’s security team believe that the company’s biggest security challenges still revolve around users themselves. That’s according to statements made by two of Google’s security experts and documented by CNET at Google I/O this past week. Eran Feigenbaum, the director of security for Google Apps, believes that users can help Google protect their […]

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Caught Naked


Which automobile first featured the 3-point safety belt? How about the first vehicle to feature electronic stability control and traction control? What about the first vehicle to feature pre-collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control? If you answered the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you would be correct. For 2014, Mercedes is bringing the next-generation S-Class to market. It […]

Google Buys QuickOffice to Build Better Google Docs Apps

Quickoffice Pro HD

Google has acquired Quickoffice, the collection of office suite apps for iOS and Android. Google announced the acquisition on The Official Google Blog. The Quickoffice team will soon join Google and help the company make its Apps products better. Quickoffice’s apps for iOS, Android, and Symbian are all native apps, so it would make sense […]

The Gmail Man: Microsoft Parody Video Makes Fun of Gmail Ad System

The Gmail Main

Microsoft created a mildly amusing parody video making fun of the Google Gmail system of looking at the content of your email and producing targeted ads based on the content. While the video is kind of funny, it highlights a variation in the approaches Google takes versus Microsoft. Being an advertising company, Google produces products […]

Google Intros Multi-Factor Security for Gmail


Gmail is introducing multi-factor authentication for Gmail accounts. The move will allow Gmail users to secure their accounts by allowing them to use their mobile phones to verify their identities. This is the same idea behind the security many banks employ and something I first saw at the RSA Security conference five years ago in […]

How Does This Get Past Google’s Spam Filter?

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On Friday my wife and I went out with some very good friends to celebrate a birthday. As usual, we started talking about tech. One of my friends recently got a promotion at Google and is overseeing part of the company’s business apps offerings and talk turned to Google’s paid email service. We use Google […]

Google Expands Google Apps with More Apps for Organizations


Google is expanding the scope of Google Apps, a software suite based on a select number of Google Services, such as Gmail and Google Calendar, to include ten times more applications for enterprises, educational institutions, and organizations. This give organizational IT administrators more control and administrators can manage access through their Google Apps control panel. […]

Google Apps finally out of beta (β) testing

Good news, everyone! Your arduous testing and re-testing and testing again of Google’s Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Talk services have finally paid off. Google has finally moved them out of beta testing, as signified by the “beta” label being removed from their logos. Otherwise, the products are completely unchanged. Nada. Zip. Same service, no “beta” […]

Google Releases Sync for Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook

Google keeps going after Microsoft on many fronts and this is just another one that has opened up. Google has now released Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook that allows users to snyc up Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. This works with the Google Premiere or Education editions.