Google making it rain (gadgets) at GDC 2011


Word out of Engadget is that Google is making it rain at the 2011 Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. But watch your head – these aren’t dollar bills being thrown in the air, but gadgets running Google’s latest operating systems.

Chrome OS Cr-48 Review Part 1: Out of Box Experience

Screen shot 2010-12-10 at 8.48.07 AM

Last night FedEx dropped off Google’s first Chrome OS notebook. The Cr-48 isn’t going to be sold to consumers, but the story here is software, not hardware. Manufacturers like Acer will likely mix things up in 2011, but for now we have a pretty straight forward device in terms of hardware and software. This is […]

Google Chrome Notebook Unboxed (video)

Screen shot 2010-12-09 at 9.10.25 PM

FedEx just dropped off my Google Chrome notebook. The Google Chrome notebook (Cr-48) probably won’t turn any heads. It’s plain black and void of any branding. Here’s a quick video unboxing of the thing. Google really built up my expectations at the Google Chrome event on Tuesday and so far I’m impressed. Setup took less […]

The Schmidt that Stole PC’s Christmas


Avram Piltch from Laptop Mag got a little creative and wrote what Dr. Seuss presumably would’ve written about Google Chrome OS if he were still alive and if he covered tech rather than children’s books. Here’s a sampling of How the Schmidt Stole Christmas With Chrome OS Read more: All your mail and docs […]

Grading My 2010 Predictions


Well, 2010 is almost gone and it is time once again to gear up for some predictions for the next year. But before I do that, here’s a look back on my predictions for 2010 and how I scored with those. In my view, the biggest story of 2010 was Apple and its iPad. It […]

Let the Testing Begin. Inventec Delivers 60,000 Netbooks to Google


Google’s adventures with Chrome OS include a large pilot program that I’m sure many applied for. Those lucky enough to get into the program will receive a netbook/notebook with Chrome OS installed to do testing on and provide feedback. While I can’t say this is the number of applicants who will be lucky enough to […]

Google Does Add Some Tablet Support in Gingerbread


Yesterday’s Gingerbread (Android 2.3) news from Google almost seems like it was meant to be passed by quickly, given the spate of announcements today about all things Chrome and last night’s news about Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). But, thanks to eagle eye Brad Linder of Liliputing who links to these guidelines it looks like there is […]

Google Chrome OS Netbook Launching Tuesday?


According to various reports Google is finally going to unveil its Chrome OS Netbook on Tuesday, December 7. In addition sources are saying that Google’s Chrome Web Store will be announced at the same time. Pictures of a Chrome OS keyboard have surfaced and this is fueling lots of talk. Word is also bouncing around […]

Eric Schmidt Says Chrome OS is for Keyboards Andorid is for Touch


In a repeat of a repeat attempting to salvage what many think is probably already one innovation too late, Eric Schmidt is trying to clarify how Google’s Chrome OS fits into the grand scheme of things in today’s mobile tech world. Simply put he’s repeating statements made earlier that Google’s Chrome OS is for devices […]

Chrome OS devices coming from Acer: netbook, tablet or other?


Google announced Chrome OS, their web-centric operating system, almost a year ago and we’re still waiting for it. Well, the wait isn’t quite over yet, but it’s shortening: VentureBeat reports a couple of Acer products running Chrome OS will be unveiled at Computex. But what kind of products will they be?

Eric Schmidt Talks Chrome OS, Netbooks and Pricing


Nothing really surprising here, but Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is talking up Google’s Chrome OS on Netbooks and the pricing of same. Schmidt seems to think that Netbooks running Chrome OS should fall in to the $300 and $400 range, which on many levels isn’t a surprise. He was also talking about the challenges involved […]

Google Chrome OS netbook tech specs reportedly rumored (and it’s a tablet)


“Google Chrome OS-based netbook tech specs are out,” screamed the headline from IBTimes. Sounds like a scoop, so everyone should jump on board and report it as fact… except that IBTimes didn’t report their story as fact. In reality, they peppered it liberally with such non-commital verbs and adverbs as “rumoured” and “reportedly.” It reads […]

Google-branded netbook rumored, will change name to AOL


TechCrunch is floating a rumor that Google is not simply working with PC makers to get Chrome OS on to netbooks, but actually working on their own branded netbook as well. It is similar to what people are saying about Android and the presumed Google phone. Very exciting stuff. If it all pans out, I […]

Acer Aims to be First with Chrome Netbook


Acer is aiming to be the first out of the chute with a Google Chrome based Netbook in 2010 according to a report on DigiTimes. I’m not surprised they are making noise about this, because Acer is making noise on lots of fronts. Who will actually get there first is a race that, if nothing […]

Chromium OS goes on a diet, slim enough for a 1GB drive


Chromium OS, the open source base for Google’s Chrome OS, is now available in a “diet” form that can run from a 1GB USB drive. This means darn near anyone with a flash drive and PC can give the OS a try. Even more remarkable, not only have no features been cut from this version, […]

Dell Makes Google Chrome OS Available for Mini 10V


This is interesting. If you want to check out Google’s Chrome OS and have a Dell Mini 10v Netboo then you are in luck. Dell has made a build of Google Chrome OS available for download. (You can get it here.) No virtual machine needed, but the download comes in at 8GB so you’ll need […]

Non-Geek Thougts on Google Chrome OS

There’s been a pretty wide range of reactions to Google Chrome OS in the tech community. But what matters more than anything is what consumers think about it. I sent a link to the Google Chrome OS video to some family and friends that are not geeks and asked them what they thought about it […]