Google Adds Honeycomb Tablet Support to Google Docs


Google’s online document creation, editing, and storage suite has now been updated to support a better experience for tablets. In particular, Google Docs–which includes tools for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations–can now support a desktop-like experience through an updated app for Android tablets. The updated native Android app–available free on Android Market–now brings a multi-pane user […]

How to Get an iCloud Experience on Android

Android iCloud

While the new iCloud service from Apple is garnering attention for the ability to use the cloud to keep your devices in sync with apps, music, documents and more, it’s not the first time these features are available. Apple has done a good job of pulling these services together, but if you want to replicate iCloud on […]

Google Docs for Android Now Available

Google Docs for Android

Google has finally released its Google Docs software for Android and it comes loaded with a bunch of features that will certainly make those who frequently use the software very happy. After installing the application, which you can do if you head here, you can access your Google Documents from anywhere using any Google account […]

Goolge Turns on Desktop Editor for Google Docs on iPad

Pastebot 2010-12-10 12.22.17 PM

Yeah, the cloud news from Google just keeps rolling in this week. Back in November Google finally flipped the switch to allow iPad users the ability to edit Google Docs on that device using the mobile website. Now if you want to do a little more detailed editing and formatting you can access the non-mobile […]

Google Cloud Connect: Google Docs Meets Microsoft Office


My friend Shan Sinha announced that Google Docs will soon be able to edit and share documents directly from Microsoft Office. If it sounds counterintuitive  to you, don’t knock it until you try it. The features are based on the code that Shan’s team wrote while running Docverse, a startup that was acquired by Google […]

Google Docs Soon To Be Editable on Mobile

We’ve heard the promises and now we have the video to go along with those promises. Google has been saying we’d be able to edit our Google Docs on our mobile devices for some time now. Well, according to the snazzy video showing this off you can on your Android devices, your iPhone and your […]

Google Teasing Google Docs Solutions for iPad and Android


Many, including me, are saying it’s about time, but then with a few new Tablets running Android due to hit the market soon, I’m guessing the timing is all a part of Google’s grand strategy. Along with the news I linked to earlier about Google adding a security layer for Google Apps account holders, Google […]

Google Preps to Allow for Uploading Files on Google Docs

Official Google Docs Blog_ Upload and store your files in the cloud with Google Docs

Google wants your stuff in its cloud. Google is in the process of allowing you to upload any file to a Google Docs account (1GB free storage $0.25 per GB over that per year), and let you do so through a direct download as long as the file is 250MB or smaller. The direct upload […]

Google to Acquire DocVerse?

According to TechCrunch, Google is close to acquiring DocVerse, a company that helps people group-edit Microsoft Office documents. This isn’t a done deal, but I’m crossing my fingers since my friend Shan Sinha runs the company and I’d love to have DocVerse integrated into Google Docs. As much as I like Google Docs for collaborating […]

Zoho Apps Now Integrate with Google Docs

Zoho Apps Integrate Google Docs | Zoho Blogs

Zoho is announcing that they now integrate some of their applications with Google Docs. This bit of cloud integration will come in handy for some, as the folks at Zoho say that it has been a much requested feature. Zoho CRM, Mail, Docs & Projects now have some integration with Google Docs. Some of the […]

Backup Your Google Docs to a Zip File


We’ve been talking quite a bit about backing up data and protecting your data in the cloud. If you’re a Google Docs user this might be a very workable solution to consider. Basically Google is allowing you to convert your documents to whatever format you choose and then compress them into a ZIP file, which […]

Google Apps finally out of beta (β) testing

Good news, everyone! Your arduous testing and re-testing and testing again of Google’s Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Talk services have finally paid off. Google has finally moved them out of beta testing, as signified by the “beta” label being removed from their logos. Otherwise, the products are completely unchanged. Nada. Zip. Same service, no “beta” […]

Google Docs Adds Rudimentary Drawing Tools


Along with an improved Search and Replace tool, Google has added rudimentary drawing tools to Google Docs. You can access the drawing tools from the Insert menu and selecting drawing. Tablet PC Inkers won’t be that impressed as you are limited to the usual lines, symbols, etc.. that you find in most non-Ink Enabled drawing […]

Getting Things Done With MindManager, Gmail, and Google Docs

MindJet’s Michael Deutch and Mobile Musing’s Alan Yoshioka both have some fascinating articles on integrating MindManager, Gmail, and Google Docs in order to stay productive and get things done. Highly recommended reading! From Michael Deutch: I created a map to quickly test MindManager 8’s integration with the following Google applications: Gmail Google Docs Google Presentations […]

Weekend Discussion: What Office Software Do You Use

We are fortunate to live in a time where there are many options to help improve how we work, help us save money, and be productive and mobile at the same time. One of those many options are in the office application space: document creation, editing, managing, collaborating, and more. What office application suite do […]