Is Google Glass Worth Buying?


Yesterday Google announced its wearable computing device, Google Glass, can now be purchased by anyone inside the United States as part of a beta program. Essentially letting anyone be a Google Glass Explorer ahead of an official product launch. Google Glass is one of those pieces of technology that is hard to explain, but surely […]

Google Glass Stereo Headphones, Music PlayBack Coming Soon

GOogle Glass Gets Google Play Music

Google Glass, Google’s wearable headset accessory for smartphones, can do a lot of things like translate languages and show text messages in real-time. One thing it can’t do is actually play music in stereo sound. However, new reports indicate that this could change in the very near future. According to The New York Times, Google […]

Google Glass Update Puts the Web on Your Head

Google Glass features a premium design with a titanium band, bond conduction tech and more.

A new update to Google Glass will bring with it a full-fledged web browser and more hands free features. According to a post on the Project Glass blog, an update rolling out to Google Glass devices over the coming days will add new features to make the device more useful. Users of the Google Glass […]

See What it’s Like to Wear Google Glass (Video)

Google Glass press image

Today Google released a new video that shows what it’s like to wear Google Glass for the first time. The video shows the Google Glass user interface, which is just a small transparent window in the upper right corner of the video. The doesn’t look exactly like the original concept video for Google Glass which […]

Google Glass Passes Through FCC

Google Glass FCC

Google Glass recently took a trip through the FCC according to a report from Engadget. The Google Glass Explorer Edition, which Google sold to developers at Google I/O passed through the government agency and the agency approved the device for human use. The glasses use a Broadcom Wi-Fi radio and a Bluetooth 4.0 + LE radio […]