Google Glass Gets Stylish with Shades & Prescription Lenses

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Nearly one year after Google initially started sending out its new wearable technology smart glasses to developers and early adopters, Google Glass if finally getting a bump in the right direction when it comes to style and daily use. It’s no secret that having Google Glass and a camera strapped to your face isn’t trendy, […]

Google Glass Prescription Frames Detailed for $99

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When Google Glass launched back in 2013 it was met with plenty of excitement, along with an array of worries and privacy concerns, not to mention wearing them wasn’t possible for those with prescription glasses. However, multiple leaks have shown a prescription option is in the works. Today, at CES in Las Vegas, Rochester Optical […]

Google Glass Prescriptions and Insurance: Google’s Secret Weapon?

Google Glass prescriptions and frames could help Google partner with eye doctors as retail fronts and insurance companies to cut the price down.

Google Glass prescriptions are in the works and according to our source, a major vision insurance company is already listing a Google Glass Prescriptions option which is another sign that a larger Google Glass release may be close. Our source confirmed a listing for Google Glass in a vision insurance listing, but was not able […]