Google Glass Prescription Frames Detailed for $99

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When Google Glass launched back in 2013 it was met with plenty of excitement, along with an array of worries and privacy concerns, not to mention wearing them wasn’t possible for those with prescription glasses. However, multiple leaks have shown a prescription option is in the works. Today, at CES in Las Vegas, Rochester Optical […]

The Wearable Solutions We Really Need in the Age of Context


All across the country mobile news hounds and bloggers are checking flight schedules and heading to airports to get ready for CES 2014. Many are hoping Las Vegas is a little warmer than the cold temperatures they are dealing with back home as they are packing and preparing to pass through security checkpoints. But the […]

Vocal Google Supporter Predicts the Doom of Google Glass


As Google is now beginning to expand the availability of its early Glass Explorer program beyond developers and into prosumers, vocal supporter of the wearable gadget Robert Scoble is now predicting that the product will ultimately fail in 2014 when it launches to consumers. Scoble made waves early on with Glass when the wearable computing […]

7 Android Smartphone Wishes for 2014


With another year of fascinating mobile devices and technology behind us, it’s officially 2014 and there is plenty of upcoming smartphones and devices to look forward to. From the Samsung Galaxy S5 to Google Glass, and much more. While we’ve already talked about exciting Android smartphones to expect in 2014, many which will be announced […]

Wearables: What is the Case for This Next Big Thing?


Happy New Year. 2014 is here and as it begins we also are supposed to begin this new year with a new trend called wearable computing. That runs side by side with the Age of Context and the Internet of Things. All fed by a growing use of sensors to record data and deliver context, […]

Google Glass Availability Expands to Google Music Users


Wearable gadgets and technology are going to be a big part of 2014, and as the year ends Google is finally opening up the floodgates for Google Glass, the company’s wearable smart glasses running Android. Google Glass is still a novelty item, and far from a retail product, but Google’s still looking to allow more […]

Google Glass Update Brings MyGlass iPhone App, YouTube, More


As promised Google is delivering the monthly update to Google Glass today, XE12, a few days later than expected, but the update adds tons of features and enhancements to the wearable computing glasses we’ve all been waiting for. Google promised updated once a month, and usually they arrive within the first week or so, but […]

Best Tech of 2013

Here's a look at the best tech of 2013.

With a few exceptions, 2013 wasn’t about all-new groundbreaking products and services. Instead we saw a lot of improvements and refinements. Our favorite tech products from 2013 range from affordable phone accessories all the way up to a $1,500 pair of high-tech glasses. We have more Apple products in our list than from any other […]

2014 Mobile Tech Predictions

The Swami

2013 is quickly preparing to exit stage right. 2014 has moved from the green room and is waiting in the wings for its entrance. Who really knows what the next year will bring? There have been some interesting signals and intriguing signs that might tell us something of where we are going in mobile tech. […]

Google Glass Prescription Option Outed

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One of the biggest questions surrounding Google Glass since first being announced is whether or not the product would work with actual glasses. Would users with prescription eye wear be able to use and enjoy Google’s new wearable technology, and the answer is yes. After Google confirmed a prescription edition or model was coming in […]

Google Play Music Arrives for Google Glass, $85 Earbuds Included


A few weeks ago we heard reports of the popular Google Play Music streaming service running on Google Glass, and today we’re happy to announce it’s now officially here for all Google Glass Explorers. Google Glass, the wearable smartglasses that can do tasks like translating languages or showing incoming messages in real time, to getting […]

Google Glass Signup Page Pays Off with More Invites

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The Google Glass explorer program has been making a lot of noise lately. With Google sharing the Glass API for developers, allowing Explorers who own Glass to invite friends, and they recently started taking names for future customers. If these are any indication, things are getting close to final stages and progressing right on time […]

Google Glass Prescriptions and Insurance: Google’s Secret Weapon?

Google Glass prescriptions and frames could help Google partner with eye doctors as retail fronts and insurance companies to cut the price down.

Google Glass prescriptions are in the works and according to our source, a major vision insurance company is already listing a Google Glass Prescriptions option which is another sign that a larger Google Glass release may be close. Our source confirmed a listing for Google Glass in a vision insurance listing, but was not able […]

Google Glass Release Inches Closer as Google Takes Names

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This week we’ve received a lot of news regarding Google’s wearable computing device, Google Glass. After issuing the promised monthly update late last week with a few fixes and new features, today Google announced Play Music support and an official headphone earbud is coming, but that wasn’t all. Without much mention of it, the Google […]

Google Glass Stereo Headphones, Music PlayBack Coming Soon

GOogle Glass Gets Google Play Music

Google Glass, Google’s wearable headset accessory for smartphones, can do a lot of things like translate languages and show text messages in real-time. One thing it can’t do is actually play music in stereo sound. However, new reports indicate that this could change in the very near future. According to The New York Times, Google […]

Google Glass XE11 Update Adds Easy Screencast and Calendar Search

Google Glass 2 Unboxing Video -  8

Back when Google first released Google Glass to lucky explorers and those who attended Google IO, they made a promise of monthly updates.  Then just as promised, we’ve seen an update with new features and bug fixes every single month. Fast forward to today and we’re getting one more. This morning Google issued update number […]

Nexus 5 Hands-on: White vs Black Through Google Glass

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Last week Google announced the brand new Nexus 5 smartphone running the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS, and even though last week was the official launch, today is Nexus day for most. Many consumers who purchased the brand new handset will be receiving them throughout the entire week, even if stock is low and shipping […]

Google Glass 2 Unboxing and Demo Video

Google Glass 2 Unboxing Video -  5

Google Glass is a wearable computer that connects to a smartphone and displays alerts and other information in a small prism above a user’s right eye. Introduced earlier this year to a limited group of users, Google just started shipping what many are calling Google Glass 2, an update version of Google Glass that will […]

Google Glass User Gets a Ticket For Wearing Glass While Driving


Since first being announced by Google back in 2012 the wearable computing glasses known as Google Glass has seen its share of struggles. With bars banning the use of Glass, to even seeing West Virginia ban using Glass while driving, or in the process at least. While the device is still not a commercial product […]

Google Glass 2 Images Appear With New Earbud

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Yesterday Google confirmed some important details surrounding the smart-glasses platform. Google Glass is extremely exciting, but still in the early developer and beta stages, and yesterday Google confirmed a new revised design of the wearable device is coming soon, and will be much better overall. Confirming that the original model will be getting updated and […]