Google Updates Google Glass, Offers Explorer Program Invites

Google Glass features a premium design with a titanium band, bond conduction tech and more.

Samsung may have  entered the wearable computing space with the Samsung Galaxy Gear recently, but it clearly hasn’t scared Google away. The company announced two refreshes to its Google Glass program today. The first is a slightly tweaked version of the Google Glass hardware, and the second is a slightly tweaked invite program for getting the […]

Samsung Gear Glass Appears in New Patent Filing


A new patent filing has been revealed showing signs of Samsung looking to get into the smart glasses market and take Google Glass head on. Samsung’s been known to try devices and screens of all shapes and sizes, recently released its smartwatch the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and now “sports glasses” could be up next for […]

Microsoft Reportedly Working on Google Glass Clone

Screenshot 2013-10-22 10.21.46

It’s being reported that Microsoft currently has prototypes of Google Glass-like wearable devices and is testing them as we speak, according to the Wall Street Journal who spoke with several anonymous sources. Microsoft supposedly describes it as “internet-connected eyewear” that mimics Google Glass. Unfortunately, there are very few details, aside from the company simply testing these […]

Google Glass 2 May Already Be in the Works

Lately talk has been all about the smartwatch when it comes to wearable computing, but that isn’t the only device that’s destined to reach our pockets and sync to our smartphones over the next 12 months. Eyewear like Google Glass has been extremely popular as of late, and now details have already surfaced about the […]

Samsung Gear Glass Wearable Tipped to Arrive with the Galaxy S5


Samsung makes phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, has upcoming devices with flexible displays, and is dominating the Android smartphone and big screen Note market, and now they even have the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. So it only makes sense that their next adventure would be further into wearable devices. Today we’re hearing the […]

Google Glass MyGlass App Updates with UI Control from Your Android Device


The MyGlass companion app for Google Glass has received an update on Android, allowing users to control the UI on Glass from their Android smartphone. Controlling Google Glass using voice commands, swipes, etc. isn’t always ideal in some situations, so Google is letting users have an alternative at their disposal by using their own Android device […]

Google Glass Getting Its Own App Store in 2014


Google has confirmed that a separate app store for its wearable Google Glass eyewear is forthcoming in 2014. The company did not provide any details and over the weekend Clive Thompson wrote, “The company says an app store is coming next year, when Glass is available to the general public,” in his account of his […]

In Latest Design Makeover Google Glass Gets More Fashionable, Less Cyborg


After having run a multi-page advertisement campaign in Vogue magazine, Google is increasingly trying to appeal to fashion-forward trend setters with Google Glass. Technophiles already understand the value of having ready always-on access to information at eye level and now Google is trying to appeal to the fashion conscious shoppers. In the latest design makeover for Google […]

Google Boosts Speech Features of Google Glass

Google Glass features a premium design with a titanium band, bond conduction tech and more.

Following today’s update, Google Glass users will be able to watch videos, and even stay abreast of the latest traffic and email alerts, using the device’s new Google Now cards system. The update, which should start appearing for Google Glass users today and take a few days to reach every Glass owner, allows users to […]

Will Google Glass Launch as Motorola Glass in 2014?


After trying to distance itself from Motorola Mobility after acquiring it to signal fairness to Android’s other partners, Google may now be leaning more on Motorola to deliver its hardware goals, including potentially using Motorola to manufacture Google Glass. As Ryan Knutson and Spencer Ante reported for the Wall Street Journal, there were many growing pains for […]

Google Goes Grassroots With Glass, Will It Work?


Wearable computing is still a relatively new space, and Google has been forging a bold, new path with its wearable eyeglasses called Google Glass, that provides an always-present, always-on experience between reality and computing. Essentially, you’ll still see what’s in front of you as you’re walking down the street, but glance to the side or […]

Instagram Coming to Windows Phone, BlackBerry Before Google Glass


Though Instagram has made no promises of delivering a client to BlackBerry or Windows Phone in the immediate future, the social photo sharing network is saying that an official Instagram app for those platforms would come before one would be available for the new Google Glass platform. This should be good news for owners and […]

Google will Use Samsung Displays in Google Glass

JetBlue Google Glass 2

Samsung will provide the display technology to be used in the version of Google Glass that is shipped to consumers. That’s according to sources who talked exclusively with the Korea Times and who work in the management ranks inside Samsung Display, the arm of Samsung that provides displays to other device manufactures. Reportedly, Google Glass will […]

3 Key Groups Google Will Need to Convince to Make Glass Successful

Glass user at a hotel bar in San Francisco, California for Google I/O 2013

Google Glass was the talk of San Francisco last week as geeks paraded around town with Google’s latest wearable computing eyepiece at the Google I/O conference, but is the rest of America ready to embrace this new form of technology? Google still has a hard task as it sets out to popularize Glass much in […]

Congress Wants Privacy Issues Addressed With Google Glass


Eight Congressmen on the Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus have sent a letter to Google asking the Internet search giant to address privacy concerns and questions surrounding the use of Google Glass by June 14th. Congress wants to know how Google will address privacy issues for users and owners of Google Glass, as well as for […]

Nexus 7 2: Better Design & Build Likely

ChromeBook Pixel Premum Build

The Nexus 7 2 didn’t arrive at Google I/O 2013, and based on the direction Google’s hardware is moving this may point to a better design and build quality for Google’s affordable 7-inch tablet. The original Nexus 7 remains a good option for Android users, but the next version could arrive in July and thanks […]

Facebook, Twitter, Evernote & More Coming to Google Glass


Seven new apps, including three from the most popular social networks will soon come to Google Glass, bringing more functionality to the wearable device. The New York Times reports that Google announced the new apps, which it calls “Glassware” at Google I/O. The new apps include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote, CNN, Elle and a game called […]

Facial Recognition Hack Makes Google Glass Useful in Medical Settings


While we’re still not quite sure how exactly will Google Glass be used in the future as it’s still an entirely new mobile form factor and there are still not that many applications designed for the wearable computing platform, Glass will definitely be a beneficial tool to doctors and medical staff as demonstrated with the […]

Google Planning Google Retail Stores for Google Glass?


It looks like rumors of Google opening up retail shops are heating up again and this time the stores are said to be built specifically for Google Glass. This would be a smart move on Google’s part as Google Glass is an entirely new computing experience, and opening retail stores would not only allow customers […]

Google Glass Will Soon Support Features for iPhone Users


Google Glass users with an iPhone will soon be able to take advantage of turn-by-turn directions and text messages, which are currently only available to Android users. A Google employee told a TechCrunch reporter that the features of Google Glass will be available to all users, no matter what device they connect it to. Currently Google […]