Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Backs Smartwatch Over Google Glass


Wearable computing–like smartwatches, smart eyewear with mounted displays, and sensors on clothing–is an emerging market that is predicted to explode over the next few years, so what device to buy and what to wear to maintain your geek chic? Twitter’s  Jack Dorsey and Square co-founder is hedging his bet on the smartwatch category, which is rumored […]

Security Flaw in Google Glass Could Expose Users to Big Brother Surveillance


iPhone jailbreak hacker Jay Freeman has recently discovered a potential security flaw on Google Glass that may expose users to unintended surveillance if malware makes its way onto the wearable computing device. In the Google Glass Explorer Edition that’s being shipped out right now from Google to developers, Freeman found that a lack of a […]

Pundit Proves Google Glass is Water-Resistant with Shower

Google Glass

Users wondering whether Google Glass can survive a shower now have their definitive answer: Yes. Technology blogger and Rackspace’s Startup Liaison Officer Robert Scoble tested it himself. This past weekend, Scoble took to Google+ to prove without a doubt that the Google Glass device he’d been sent through the Google Glass Explorers program are water-resistant. […]

Eric Schmidt: Talking to Your Google Glass is ‘Weird’

In describing the experience of dictating voice command to the Project Glass wearable computing device, Google’s former CEO and current chairman Eric Schmidt says that it’s “the weirdest thing.” Schmidt’s comments were made during a talk at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Reuters reported. Schmidt also concedes that new rules and social norms would […]

Google Games: Is Google Planning Real Time Multiplayer and More?

myglass games

A teardown of the MyGlass Google Glass companion app reveals that Google may have plans for a gaming service similar to Apple’s Game Center. Android Police tore down the MyGlass APK and found that Google shipped the entire GMS (Google Play Services) library, including a previously unseen “games” folder. GMS is a set of components that […]

Google Shuns Ads on Google Glass


Though Google generates a significant portion of its revenues on placing ads, the Internet search giant is making a bold move in asking developers of its new Google Glass platform to not embed ads into apps made for the new wearable computing form factor. The company had issued guidelines just as Glass is beginning to […]

MyGlass Google Glass Companion App Appears in Play Store


Google Glass will soon start shipping out to those who paid the $1500 for early Explorer Editions, and the Android companion app is already available for those lucky few. The new MyGlass app appeared in the Google Play Store last night, just in time for the first shipments of Google Glass. The app will help […]

Google Glass Specs Detailed by Google


Along with shipping notifications to some of its earliest Google Glass Explorer signups, Google has gone on to detail some of the specs behind its Google Glass wearable computing device. The company says that the eyeglass will last for a day with typical use, but says that certain apps and functions may have a greater […]

Google Begins Shipping Google Glass


As was reported, Google is finally beginning to ship early units of its Google Glass to its Glass Explorers, or developers who signed up to trial Google Glass at last year’s Google I/O conference. Google Glass, which will cost $1,500 to early developers, is expected to be available at retail to consumers by the end […]

Google Hiring Google Glass Advisers, In Case You Need Support


Google, which had historically limited customer service to web forums, emails, and chat in the past, is taking a bold move in hiring 40 Google Glass advisers. The Glass Advisers will be hired in key locations in San Francisco and New York, and some will be present at Google retail stores that are said to be […]

Google to Ship Google Glass Next Month, Expect I/O to be Glass-Heavy


Google has announced that it will begin shipping its Google Glass wearable computing hardware sometime next month, which coincidentally would be during the same month that its Google I/O conference kicks off. The Google Glass project was announced at Google I/O 2012 almost a year ago, and this also means that Glass would be shipping […]

11 Places Where Google Glass Won’t Be Welcomed


While there is plenty of excitement on how Google Glass will end up in defining the wearable computing technology, its presence may not always be welcomed even among the most tech-forward crowd. Google will not only need to educate consumers on how to use Google Glass and some of the benefits that an always-on, always-connected […]

Microsoft Prepping Google Glass Competitor


While Samsung, LG, and Apple are rumored to be entering the wearable computing category with a smart watch, Microsoft is speculated to be working on a wearable computing device to compete against Google Glass‘ heads-up, always-on device. Microsoft is expected to debut its Google Glass competitor in 2014 while Google says that its eyepiece computer […]

One U.S. State Wants to Ban Google Glass Use While Driving


Texting while driving is already a big no-no in many states and now West Virginia wants to be the first, if not among the first, U.S. state to say no to drivers using Google Glass behind the wheels. Republican Gary G Howell of the state’s legislature is proposing a bill that could see drivers fined […]

LG Reportedly Building Smartwatch to Compete with iWatch, Samsung


Following a report from The Korea Times LG joins the long list of mobile companies that are reportedly working on their own smartwatches. According to the paper LG is working on a smartwatch as well as a Google Glass competitor. Both devices are part of a long-time strategy to remain competitive. Presumably the devices will […]

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Caught Naked


Which automobile first featured the 3-point safety belt? How about the first vehicle to feature electronic stability control and traction control? What about the first vehicle to feature pre-collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control? If you answered the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you would be correct. For 2014, Mercedes is bringing the next-generation S-Class to market. It […]

Google Glass to Support Prescription Lenses at Launch


When Google launches its Google Glass to consumers by the end of the year, the Internet search giant has confirmed that its heads-up display wearable computing device will in fact support the use of prescription lenses. This news is important as Google Glass is intended to be worn near the eye and users will interact […]

Google Shows Off Apps for Glass at SXSW


Google is hyping up its Google Glass project by demonstrating how some popular apps would work on the heads-up display that’s part of Google’s wearable computing platform. The company has committed to launching its new Google Glass, which will usher in an entirely new form factor for running the free to use Android operating system, […]

Google Glass App Could Help You Remember Everyone’s Name

Google Glass press image

An app for Google Glass called InSight will help users identify their friends based on their clothing, even when the user can’t see their face. According to New Scientist, the app, which was partially funded by Google, debuted at the HotMobile technology conference in Keyll Island, Georgia last week. The app can identify people based […]

JetBlue Imagines Using Airport Terminals With Google Glass

JetBlue Google Glass 1

Google recently asked anyone interested in Google Glass to explain what they’d do with the device, and JetBlue decided to respond with mockups of what travel would look like with Google Glass. JetBlue airlines posted a collection of photos to its Google+ page that show ways travelers could use Google Glass in an airport terminal. […]