Street View Coming to Google Maps in iPhone Browser Soon


In two weeks, it looks like iPhone and iPad owners will have access to Street View in Google Maps only it won’t be through a standalone app but rather it will be available through Google’s web-based Google Maps. According to The New York Times, courtesy of iDownloadBlog, Google will implement Street View into the web-based […]

Google Maps for iPhone in the Works for Late 2012


Google is apparently working on Google Maps for the iPhone and iPad though neither application is expected to be finished soon. According to The New York Times, Google has begun to work on standalone Google Maps app for both the iPhone and iPad. Evidently, Google is aiming toward finishing the application by the end of […]

Apple Ended Google Maps Contract One Year Early and Surprised Google


Google was reportedly caught off guard and surprised when Apple had announced its plans to stop using the Internet giant’s mapping service a year earlier than the contract was set to end. Instead, with iOS 6, Apple had unveiled a replacement Maps app that eschewed Google’s backend mapping service in favor of Apple’s home-grown service, […]

Google Maps for iPhone Isn’t in the Works


Those looking for relief from Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps application shouldn’t be waiting for a Google Maps application to arrive in the App Store at any point in the near future as Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, says that they don’t have an application ready to go. According to Reuters, Schmidt made it clear […]

Garmin Adds Google Street View To iOS Apps

Garmin iOS app

The biggest complaint with iOS 6 is the lack of Google Maps and the features and data it once provided. In an attempt to fill one of those holes Garmin added a few new features to its iPhone navigation apps. According to 9To5Mac today Garmin added one of the biggest features of Google Maps to […]

Motorola Trashes iOS 6 Maps in New Ad


In a new ad for its Motorola Droid RAZR M, Motorola trashes Apple’s new iOS Maps application which has come under fire recently for its bugs and lack of information. The company posted the advertisement on its Google+ page and it shows an iPhone 5 running the iOS 6 Maps next to a Droid RAZR […]

How to Get Google Maps in iOS 6


In iOS 6, Apple’s new Maps application replaces Google Maps as the native maps app for iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. However, that doesn’t mean that Google Maps is inaccessible when using iOS 6. In fact, there is a way to use Google Maps with on devices running iOS 6 right now. Here, we show […]

Google Maps App Submission for iOS Likely False


There has been rumors that since Apple has retooled its mapping app on the iPhone to eschew the Google service in favor of its homegrown service that Google would submit a Google Maps app for iOS as a competing app. However, according to The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple, that may not be the case as Dalrumple claims that the […]

iOS 6 Release Brings Modern Maps, Navigation to iPhone

Apple Maps Navigation iOS 6 vs iOS 5

One of the best features in iOS 6 is the improved Apple Maps app. This app replaces Google Maps on the iPhone when users install iOS 6, and brings modern maps with navigation to the iPhone. The iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS all receive this update today, but the best features like Flyover […]

iOS 6 Features That Will Make It Tougher to Sell Android

iOS Closes the Gap with Android in Key Areas

Apple announced over 200 new iOS 6 features at WWDC 2012, so it’s not surprising to see that many of the best new iOS 6 features are already available on Android. In fact, some of the more popular features in Apple’s iOS 6 can already be found within Google’s mobile platform. Here is a look […]

3D Google Maps Coming to Android and iOS

3D Google Maps Coming to Android and iOS

As expected, today Google announced that Google Maps will soon be available in 3D. Surprisingly the 3D maps will be available for both Android and iOS. According to Engadget, Google’s new 3D maps will come to both platforms in the “coming weeks.” Google showed off the new version of Maps on an iPad running what […]

Will Voice Guided Turn-by-Turn GPS Directions Be Coming to iOS 6?


With rumors that Apple may be ditching Google as far as the Maps app on iOS is concerned, there is now speculation that the move may also bring native voice guided turn-by-turn GPS instructions to the Maps app for the first time on Apple’s mobile iOS platform. According to a report on the Wall Street […]

Google to Show Off New Google Maps Next Week

Google Maps

Google has announced that it will be showing off its “next dimension of Google Maps” next week. The company has begun sending out invitations, according to TechCrunch, that invite the media to an event in San Francisco that is set to take place on June 6th. Google’s invite also promises to give those in attendance […]

Google Maps for Android Adds High-Res Maps, New Route Options

Google Maps for Android Adds High-Res Maps, New Route Options

New iPad apps aren’t the only apps that are getting updates to support high-resolution displays. Google has updated Google Maps for Android to add better support for high-resolution devices. Google Maps for Android 3.6 now uses high-res map tiles for those phones with higher pixel densities. Google mentions the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, and […]

5 Things the New iPad Told Us About the iPhone 5

5 Things the New iPad Told Us About the iPhone 5

At a press conference at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple announced the next rendition of its tablet device dubbed, iPad. The new slate is going to be coming with a bunch of new features including 4G LTE connectivity, a new dual-core processor that features quad-core graphics, a high-resolution Retina Display, an […]

Apple Ditches Google Maps for OpenStreetMap in iPhoto for iOS


Yesterday Apple released iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone, giving users a better way to manage their photos. One of the features in the app is the ability to show your photo locations on a map as part of a Photo Journal. The maps aren’t the same Google Maps we’re used to seeing in iOS, […]

Google Challenges Foursquare Without Fair Warning


Google quietly enters the “Social Check-in” game. Google updated its Google Maps application for Android on Feb 15th, 2012 failed to share with the world one of the new features. You can check the Google Maps webpage and the listing in the Android Marketplace and there is no mention of this new feature. What is this […]

Google Maps for Android Update Brings Better Battery Life to Latitude Users

Google Maps

Unless you’re a regular user, you’ve probably forgotten that Google still has a service out there called Google Latitude. It’s like Apple’s Find My Friends, except it came long before Apple’s app. Latitude tracks your movement via your smartphone and shares that location with your friends. It can drain a lot of battery, but Google […]

Review: 10 Reasons the Galaxy Nexus is Better Than the iPhone 4S

Galaxy Nexus Better than the iPhone 4S

The best Android phones are arguably the Nexus devices which get special treatment from Google. These phones have the latest software, the best features and often the best looks. The Galaxy Nexus continues this tradition on Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network, bringing an HD display and Android 4.0 to the table. Read: Galaxy Nexus Review […]