Google Maps Will Soon Include Street View for Businesses

Google Maps

Google Maps is about to get a lot more interesting as Google has unveiled a program called Business Photos from Google which will allow businesses to show off 360-degree street view and interior imagery of their business on the company’s Places page. Google is currently taking applications from businesses in 37 select cities around the […]

Google Maps Updated with NFC Support Prior to Galaxy Nexus Release

Google Maps

Google has recently updated Google Maps in Android Market with a number of changes, but chief among them is NFC support. It is speculated that the NFC update to Google Maps will be to support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich‘s Android Beam feature, which will allow NFC-equipped Android phones that are close in proximity to […]

What Happens When Google Doesn’t Think Your Address Exists


A common concern for many Internet users is that giants like Google know too much about them. This is a valid concern, but recently I ran into the opposite problem — Google didn’t know enough about me. Specifically Google didn’t think that my address existed. This may sound like a small problem, but I assure […]

Google Maps for Brings More 3D Buildings to More Cities Globally


With Google Maps 5.0 for Android, Google had enabled 3D building renderings for select cities in the U.S. Now, the map-maker and search giant will be expanding its goal of rendering city skylines in 3D in more major metropolitan cities around the globe, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Singapore, Lisbon, Boulder, and 11 major cities […]

Android’s Google Maps Can Now Download Maps

downloading google maps

Google’s update to the Maps for Android app got some nifty new features that help out commuters with public transportation stops. While that is a great addition in itself, Kevin C. Tofel at GigaOm┬ánoticed another very cool feature that went under the radar: the Google Maps app can now download maps for offline use. It […]

8 Great Road Trip Apps for iPhone

Navigon GPS iPhone App

My family and I are enjoying a road trip across the southeastern US and thanks to the following apps we’ve had a great trip so far. The iPhone apps below have helped us find our way, get good prices on both gas and hotels and discover cool activities and places we would have otherwise drive […]

Google Street View Updated with High Resolution Panoramic Images

Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 10.09.43 AM

Google has updated Street View for Google Maps, which allows users to have access to high resolution panoramic images. Now, rather than sitting there with your Android phone trying to decipher where your location is, you can actually immerse yourself into the maps and explore your surroundings. According to Google, ‘New imagery is now available […]

Google Contemplating Offline, Locally Stored Maps for Android?


Google may be considering taking its turn-by-turn Google Maps with Navigation offline soon to give non-connected devices the ability to navigate sans a continuous mobile broadband connection. This would benefit the Android platform greatly in a number of ways, and could potentially allow customers a way to save on data consumption in an age where […]

Report: iOS 5 Will Still Use Google Maps

Google Maps for iOS

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of Apple bringing its own mapping service to the next incarnation of iOS with the purchases of Placebase and Poly. However, a new report indicates that the company will not be including it in its newest version of iOS, iOS 5, that is likely going […]

Google Maps for Android Updated with Check-Ins And Ratings for Places

Google Maps 5.5

Google has announced and released the latest and greatest version of Google Maps for Android bringing the software up to version 5.5. The new edition brings several new features including new check-in and rating buttons for Place pages. The update intends to make it easier to check in at places, rate those places and to […]

Google Maps Arrives for Mobile Browsers

Google Maps for Mobile Browsers

If you own an iOS or Android powered device, you probably find yourself using Google Maps pretty often. In fact, 40% of Google Maps usage is through mobile devices. Well, today, Google wants to make things easier for iOS and Android owners and it has released Google Maps for mobile browsers. Now when you enter […]

Nokia to Power Bing Maps as Result of Windows Phone 7 Deal


While details still have not been released, the latest insider information reported by Search Engine Land suggests that Nokia–and by proxy of its acquisition, Navteq–could potentially be powering mapping information on Microsoft’s Bing Maps, which is the default mapping service on Windows Phone 7 devices. All the details aren’t ironed out, and things can change, […]

Google Looks to Android Users to Report When Maps Are Wrong


The latest update to Google Maps for Android, bringing the app to version 5.4.0, comes with several new features and bug fixes; most notable is the service’s use of crowd-sourced information to let Google’s map team know when maps are incorrect. According to the version history, Google says of the feature, “Report “destination not here” […]

Android Google Maps Updated with Better Latitude, Hotpot Integration


Google Maps for Android has been updated, bringing the version number to 5.3, which delivers better social network integration for the Google-branded Google Places Hotpot and Google Latitude. With the new version of Google Maps, users can now view their location history. Also, users can set a home location where they can save the location […]

Google Maps Navigates Android Users Around Traffic


Google Maps with Navigation, currently a beta product, provides turn-by-turn voice guided instructions to Android smartphone users and now the service will help calculate routes by taking into consideration traffic data. The new feature doesn’t require any setting changes or any action from the user, according to the Google Maps blog. All users would need […]

Google Maps for Mobile 5 goes 3D, another nail in coffin for GPS vendors


If smartphones are killing the market for standalone GPS units, then Google Maps for mobile 5 is the last nail in the coffin as Google puts the competition into the ground. Not only does this version, which previewed on the Motorola tablet prototype running Android 3.0, offer rough 3D views of locations, but it stores […]