Google Launches Google Music Web App for iPhone, iPad

Google Music Web App

The announcement didn’t come with any big announcement but I have a feeling this might actually be a pretty big announcement for some of you out there who love Google Music and own an iPhone or an iPad. Google, rather slyly, announced that it has released a web application for devices running iOS 4. If […]

Hands-on: Spotify is a Tour de Force for Mobile Music Lovers

spotify iphone

With last week’s launch of the Spotify music subscription service in the US, American listeners now have the option of joining their European pals in an all-you-can-eat musical smorgasbord. After spending some time with a Premium subscription, we have to say that this is a buffet that many music lovers won’t want to miss. Service […]

Rumble in the Clouds: Amazon Sweetens Their Cloud Player Pot

cloud fight

Amazon responded today to the challenge that Apple’s upcoming iCloud is sure to pose. Amazon announced that their Cloud Player (which launched a couple of months back) will now offer unlimited music storage, provided you buy a $20/yr. plan. The retail giant also announced a web app for their Cloud Player, which can be run in Safari […]

How to Get an iCloud Experience on Android

Android iCloud

While the new iCloud service from Apple is garnering attention for the ability to use the cloud to keep your devices in sync with apps, music, documents and more, it’s not the first time these features are available. Apple has done a good job of pulling these services together, but if you want to replicate iCloud on […]

How To Keep Your Android Screen On While Listening To Music In the Car

Android Stay Awake While Plugged in

Android devices like the HTC Thunderbolt and Droid X2 make for great multimedia devices in the car especially with all the great music apps currently available. The biggest issue is that on most phones and in most apps the screen will go blank and the phone will lock after a short period, even while plugged […]

iTunes Match Cost vs. the Competition

iTunes Match

Apple just announced iCloud, a new online service that provides easy access to all the music users have purchased through iTunes for free. Apple has also announced a service called iTunes Match, which will match the music you have ripped or purchased from other stores and add a high quality version to your iCloud library […]

Google Music Works on iPad and iPhone (Video)

Google Music on iPad

Google Music may be aimed at Android users, but that doesn’t mean Google is leaving iPad and iPhone owners out in the cold. The Google Music service works great on the iPad and iPhone, without the need for an app. The Google Music for iPad and iPhone site works so well you can even use […]

Google Music Beta Hands On and First Impressions

Google Music Beta

Google launched the Google Music Beta, an online storage space for up to 20,000 songs, web player and Android App, at Google I/O last week. WE just got access to the service and have started to put the cloud music service through its paces. Google Music is currently in an invite only beta, which you […]

Does Cloud Music Even Matter? Why Google Music Isn’t For Me

Google Music Beta

The Google Music Beta has  just launched, asking you to upload all the music files you keep on your computer to the cloud so that you can access them from almost any Internet connected device. At first, a cloud music service for your own media sounds like a great idea, I know it sounded awesome […]

Google Aims to Succeed Where Microsoft Has Failed


Watching the announcements streaming out of Google this week, I could not help but notice a certain trend. There were a slew of accessory devices and gadget applications shown off in what is unofficially being called “Android Everywhere”. They’ve bolstered their offerings with music streaming and movie rentals. They seem intent on breathing new life […]

Google I/O 2011 Day One Announcement Roundup

Android 3.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

In case you were unaware, Google has been extremely busy during the  first day of their Google I/O event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco announcing everything from a new cloud music service to the company’s latest software. Here is a  rundown of the major announcements that Google made today: Google Music Beta One […]

Google Music Player 3.0 Hits the Android Market

Google Music Player

Google Music Player 3.0 has hit the Android Market which means that the software that will allow Android users to sync up to Google’s new Music Beta service is now available for download. Earlier today at its Google I/O event in San Francisco, Google announced the beta version of its new Music service which will […]

Google Acquires Mobile Music Startup Ahead of Google Music Launch?


Google had just acquired Pushlife, a mobile music startup founded by a former Research in Motion employee, for $25 million. The company had developed technology that would allow users to synchronize a non-Apple device with iTunes as well as offered carrier a way to develop apps to combine a user’s music collection with songs in […]