Google’s Original ‘Google Phone’ Revealed

Original 'Google Phone' Revealed

Long before there was the T-Mobile G1 or the Nexus, there was a device dubbed the ‘Google Phone’ which Google actually presented to carriers two years before the G1 hit shelves. Dug up by The Verge, the device resembles a portrait QWERTY, although the exact specifications regarding the device are unknown. It appears that Google […]

Google’s Nexus One Phone Specs Unveiled and Invite Only Sales?


Watch for the invite begging to quickly begin. Engadget is reporting that the Google phone, known officially as the Nexus One now has some specs available. They are also reporting that it will be available on Jan 5 but as it looks, you have to receive an invitation to get one. That is most likely […]

The Google Phone as Stocking Stuffer


Turns out my prediction about the Google Phone looks pretty good. Apparently Google gave its employees one of the new devices as a Christmas gift. And as a way of creating interest they apparently are looking the other way as those giddy employees are twittering about the device, but not the new Android 2.1 software. […]

Leak Says Google Phone is a Certainity and with a New Android


Rumors, leaks, whatever. Gizmodo is reporting that a source has seen the Google phone and that is real. More intriguingly it is running a version of Android that no one has seen yet, and that version is supposedly the “real Android.” That will probably come as a surprise to all those who have been loving […]