Airtight Brings Airplay to Google TV


A new Google TV app called Airtight will bring Airplay capabilities allowing your Apple phone to stream video to your Google TV set top box. The app, available on Google TV hardware via Android Market, will retail for $0.99. Right now, Airtight is still a bit rough and feels more like a beta than a […]

Google TV Ventures Where Apple TV Dares Not: Porn


Adult entertainment channel Vivid announced that it would bring its steamy content to Google TV players to the living room, which was recently updated to the same Android Honeycomb platform that’s found on today’s latest Android tablets. While Apple tries to maintain a cleaner image, often times restricting adult content from appearing on its mobile […]

Google TV Updates Roll Out Next Week

google TV app store

Finally the Google TV update the company announced back at Google I/O will finally roll out starting next week. In a post on the Official Google Blog, Mario Queiroz, Vice President Product Management, and Vincent Dureau, Director of Engineering, went over some of the new features of the platform, including a simplified interface and improved search. […]

Android Market Now Featuring Google TV Apps?


It looks like Android app developers are now submitting and getting their Google TV-compatible apps onto Google’s own Android Market app store. Back at Google I/O this year, the Android OS-maker had promised to migrate Google TV to the Honeycomb platform, it looks like cross-platform compatible apps may be hitting tablets, phones, and TVs in […]

Cable TV Set-Top Boxes: The Real Motive Behind the Motorola Acquisition?


Various smartphone and general technology blogs and sites out there have explored the various implications of what Google’s announced $12.5 billion of Motorola Mobility may mean to the Android ecosystem from the smartphone and tablet perspective, but a key–and perhaps a growing arena–area that has not yet been talked much about is Motorola’s experience and […]

RIM Working on BlackBerry TV?

blackberry media box RIM is Working on a BlackBerry Media Box Similar to Apple TV

In an effort to compete with Google TV and Apple TV, Research in Motion may be prepping its own media box to get Internet content onto your large screen either from the cloud or via your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. Unlike Google’s and Apple’s solution, this BlackBerry Media Box is less targeted at consumers, and […]

Apps for Google TV Platform Imminent?

Google TV

It looks like applications access for Google’s Google TV platform, which runs on a modified build of Android, may be coming soon as hinted by Google’s latest actions on Android Market. Visiting the web portal for Android Market (, users are now greeted with not just all the Android smartphones they own to which they […]

Can’t Make it to Google I/O 2011? Catch Up with Keynotes, Videos Via Google

Google IO

If you can’t make it to Google I/O this year and are interested in Android’s developments for Android smartphone, tablets, and Google TV, you can catch up with the latest news, sessions, and keynotes coming out of the official Google conference via Google. The Android software-maker will be live-streaming the Google I/O keynotes this year, […]

Top 20 Tech Stories of 2010: The Good, the Bad, and Some Ugly


It’s list making time. And here is my list for the biggest stories in 2010. There are 20 stories here, some good, some bad, and some ugly. But these are the stories that I think 2010 will be remembered for, or rather those behind the stories will be remembered for. Later this week, I’ll have […]

Google’s CEO Forecasts “Augmented Humanity”


I love reading about the future Google envisions for us, as communicated through its CEO Eric Schmidt. We’ve all known that mobile is going to be the big key in all of this. How else will you be able to have advertising pushed to you when you’re in front of  store that may fit your […]

Google Draws Big Bold Line in Sand in War with Apple


The Google I/O conference was destined to be full of news and it was/is. Google TV, the next version of the Android OS-Froyo, web based music, an app store for web apps, a new video codec for HTML5-VM8, and other things Google is promising for the future. And while the ongoing spats between Google and […]