Google Voice Has a Potty Mouth

I’m a big fan of Google Voice and even gave it a Editor’s Choice award when I reviewed it earlier this year. But the service has been cause for some embarrassment. I recently set up Google Voice for my father and he got a very odd text message. Google Voice generally does a decent job […]

Google Voice Available to all U.S. Residents

Screen shot 2010-06-22 at 1.55.21 PM

Google Voice is now open to anyone with a U.S. phone number. The free service was previously offered as an open viral beta. While the service isn’t perfect, it’s an indispensable tool that makes my mobile lifestyle much easier. If you don’t already have a Google Voice number I highly recommend heading over to The service […]

Link phone numbers to Google Voice in Firefox


So I was looking up a phone number on the web today. Because I have Skype installed with the plug-in for Firefox, the number, once I found it, automatically linked to Skype, allowing me to call the number through Skype with one click. Very useful if I used Skype for calling out to standard numbers, […]

Google Voice Web App Allows You to Send SMS to Multiple Recipents


What was I saying about competition being a good thing for consumers earlier? Here’s a case where it works on our behalf. According to Lifehacker, Google Voice’s web app now allows you to send an SMS message to multiple recipients. This is a feature that is currently lacking on the iPhone natively. Remember the Google […]

Google Voice web app goes live


If you’re an iPhone or Palm WebOS user and you’re itching to “beat the system” with Google Voice, your life just got easier thanks to the new web app version of Google Voice. The web app offers easy access to your inbox, a keypad for dialing out from GV, text messaging, contacts, and settings. The […]

Is This Why Google Voice Can’t Make It On The iPhone?

38bfc_GoogleVoicePreview1.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x360 pixels)

I may be completely off base here, and if I am, I’m sure I’ll be corrected. That said, this post on jkOnTheRun rang some bells for me this morning. I didn’t realize that AT&T offered a voice mail transcription service for its customers. That feature of Google Voice is one of the selling points (even […]

Google Voice to get Gizmo5 VoIP?


Word out of TechCrunch is that Google is finalizing a deal to purchase VoIP provider Gizmo5. The most obvious ramification of such a deal would be the addition of a VoIP component with call-out functionality to Google Voice, enabling users to make calls through GV on their PCs. The combination is already being used to […]

Use Google Voice’s Voicemail Features With Your Existing Number

For those who might want to use Google Voice but don’t want to change their phone numbers this might be worth giving a look. Google is rolling out a sort of light version of Google Voice that allows you to take advantage of the excellent voice mail features of Google Voice with your existing phone […]

Make calls through Google Voice from your iPhone contacts


Ran across a post on The Consumerist today rounding up “Three Ways To Use Google Voice on Your iPhone.” Even though I place and receive very few calls, I do have a Google Voice number and an iPhone, so I gave it a once over. First method uses an app to dial out to Google […]

Apple Doesn’t Like Google Voice Apps and Removes Them From App Store


UPDATE: Word later tonight is that Apple is not going to approve the official Google Voice App. Me thinks AT&T should quit spending money on lawyers and start spending some on fixing their network. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about seeing their business model erode right before their eyes. I wonder what it feels […]

Google Voice Going Live Today?


There is a rumor sparked by a comment on the Buzz Out Loud podcast that Google Voice may go live today. I hope this is the case. Google purchased Grand Central, sat on it awhile, and now has it out for limited Beta testing. The idea is that you have one phone number that you […]

Google Voice to Allow Number Porting


Something I’m eagerly awaiting is for Google Voice to expand its Beta. Now I’m even more excited to get my hands on Google Voice. According to TechCrunch, Google Voice will allow number porting which means those concerned about acquiring yet another phone number to have Google Voice control over their other numbers can ease those […]

Google Revives Grand Central as Google Voice


Just in time for the Easter season, Google has brought Grand Central back from the seemingly dead as Google Voice.   If you aren’t familiar with Grand Central, that service (bought by Google awhile back) allowed users to use one Grand Central phone number to handle calls from the many phone numbers that we all […]