Android iTunes Radio and iTunes Apps Could Arrive to Save the iTunes Store

iTunes Radio comes in iOS 7 with streaming stations that are ad-free for $25 a year.

Apple could be preparing to bolster its iTunes business by unleashing an iTunes Radio app and iTunes Store app in the Google Play Store. News about a possible iTunes Radio and iTunes Store apps for device’s running Google’s Android operating system first surfaced last week in a report from Billboard. According to that original report, […]

Nexus 5 & Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 Battery Bug Fixed by Skype

A Skype 4.7 for Android update fixes a KitKat Battery bug on the Nexus 5 and Galaxy Note 3, until Google can deliver an Android 4.4.3 update.

An annoying Android 4.4 bug causing bad battery life on the Nexus 5 and Galaxy Note 3 should be fixed thanks to a new version of Skype out on the Google Play Store today. Users should update Skype on Google Play immediately and read on for an important change in group chat notifications, and how […]

New Nexus 8 Details Point to Big Display, Release Plans

Nexus 7 LTE Review 2013 Verizon - 7

Nexus 8 rumors continue to swirl as a new report claims Google is planning a new Nexus 8 tablet that will feature a high-resolution 8.9-inch display and a release date that could land this summer. Google is still months away from Google I/O and its usual summer Nexus launch date but that hasn’t stopped rumors […]

Google Will Beat Xbox Live to the Punch, Bring Play Games to the iPhone

Xbox Live Game on an iPhone

Rumors of Microsoft creating extensions of its Xbox Live services for gamers on the iPhone and Android have only picked up steam within the last few months. However, it appears Google, Microsoft’s arch nemesis in the smartphone space, already has a plan in place to combat the new threat. Google has formally announced that it will […]

Why Do Google Search Results Look Different?

The old Google Search results.

Frequent users of Google’s search engine may have noticed a few changes over the last couple of days. No, you’re not imagining them. Google’s introduced some slight tweaks to the way it renders users search results, and though none of them are huge, they do make for a cleaner, more airy experience. The first of […]

Microsoft and Google Kill Asus Dual-Mode Transformer Book Duet


Cross breeding is a tricky and dangerous game when it comes to mammals and plants. Some think it is voodoo science. Apparently Microsoft and Google think the same thing applies to gadgets and have soured on mixing their respective operating systems into one device that can run both. At CES 2014 Asus unveiled the latest […]

Google Drive Prices Drop, Is the Best Deal in Town

Google Drive

Google has announced changes to its pricing plans for Google Drive storage. The company has lowered its tiered pricing plans and is now offering 100GB of storage for $1.99 per month, 1TB for $9.99 per month and 10TB for $99.99 per month. This essentially puts Google Drive as one of the cheapest cloud storage solutions […]

Google Purchase Could Confirm Coming Nexus TV

Nexus 7 LTE Review 2013 Verizon - 7

Google could be preparing for an all-out assault in the living room with the rumored Nexus TV if its purchasing habits are any indication. A new report indicates that the company has purchased Green Throttle Games, an outfit the previously made a custom Android controller. News of a possible Google acquisition of Green Thorttle Games […]

Nexus 6 Release Date Rumored, Again


The Nexus 6 release date is once again rumored for deep 2014 as a new report claims that the early LG G3 release likely won’t have any impact on the Nexus 6 release later in the year. As we march deeper into 2014 and further away from the Nexus 5 release date, we’re starting to […]

Nexus 6: What We Know So Far


The Nexus 5 isn’t even six months old yet and already, we’re hearing chatter about a potential 2014 Nexus, a sixth-generation Nexus smartphone that is currently dubbed Nexus 6. While it’s still very early, we want to take a look at all of those Nexus 6 rumors and offer consumers an early outlook on the […]

Nexus 5 Problem Identified, Google Working on Fix for Battery Life

Google is testing fixes fora big Nexus 5 problem that impacts battery life.

An annoying Nexus 5 problem that causes high processor use and poor Nexus 5 battery life is identified and Google is working on fixes for a Nexus 5 update. Over the past several months users complained of bad Nexus 5 battery life, eventually nailing down a problem with apps accessing the camera and a process […]

New Nexus 6 Details Leak Ahead of Launch


New Nexus 6 details emerged again today as yet another source claims that Google will once again be working with LG, the company that designed both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5. Over the past week or so, we’ve started to see Nexus 6 rumors emerge at a surprising rate. With the Nexus 5 […]

Nexus 6 Release Rumor Points to Familiar Dates

The Nexus 5 camera is improved with the Android 4.4.2 update.

Google recently said that a sixth-generation Nexus 6 smartphone would not be released in the first half of the year. Just days after the head of Android made that proclamation, we’re seeing our first Nexus 6 release date rumor and the new report claims that the Nexus 6 release date may not come before October. […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Nexus 5 Video

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5 displays are similar, but Samsung packs in extra features.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will soon arrive on store shelves as a flagship Android smartphone that can compete with the best Android smartphones on the market, including the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 is made by LG, but is just as much a Google product. Unlike many Android smartphones sold at U.S. carrier stores and […]

iPhone 6 vs. Nexus 5: What We Know So Far


Google’s Sundar Pichai claims that a Nexus 6 won’t be arriving in the first half of the year which means that the Nexus 5, Google’s current Nexus smartphone, is going to be on shelves for the foreseeable future. That means that consumers are going to be weighing it against smartphones from 2014 including Apple’s 2014 […]

Google Hangouts Update Turns Your iPad Into an iPhone

Google Hangouts for iPad

To a lot of users’ surprise, Google updated its Hangouts mobile app on iOS with a complete redesign that compliments the new iOS 7 look, as well as included full iPad support, marking the first time that a Google-based messaging app has come to Apple’s tablet. The app has been available on the iPhone for […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Nexus 4: 5 Key Differences


The Nexus 4 may no longer be available on the Google Play Store but it’s still in the hands of many consumers, consumers who might be looking for something new in 2014. One device that will likely emerge on the radar is the new Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S that will land […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.2 Impressions and Performance (AT&T)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.2 update is now available.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.2 update is rolling out now to Sprint and AT&T smartphones and likely in the works for Verizon and T-Mobile. This new Android 4.4.2 update brings a small collection of new features to the Galaxy S4, but does not add the new Galaxy S5 features that Samsung demoed early this […]

Nexus 6 Details Emerge Thanks to Google


Google’s Sundar Pichai took questions at Mobile World Congress and the company’s Android head reportedly had a lot to say. In fact, Pichai revealed some Nexus 6 details narrowing the Nexus 6 release date for those interested in the follow up to the current Nexus smartphone, LG’s Nexus 5. On Halloween, Google announced the Nexus […]