Kyocera Echo Gets Tortured for Your Viewing Pleasure

Kyocera Echo

It has been awhile since we heard from the Kyocera Echo, the double-screen Android smartphone on Sprint, but Kyocera is trying to bring it back into prominence with a fantastic ad where two scientists torture the device. While the Echo might not be the most exciting or the best selling Android smartphone on the market, […]

Gorilla Glass Gets Competitor in Form of Asahi’s Dragontrail Glass


Current market leader for virtually scratch-proof, break-proof, and shatter-proof glass Gorilla Glass, made by Corning, will soon get a competitor from Japan’s Asahi Glass known as Dragontrail. Asahi Glass hopes to capture up to 30 percent of the glass market, and Dragontrail can potentially be seen shipping on smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. Because […]

iFixit says iPhone 4 has Gorilla Glass display


The guys at repair (and teardown) site iFixit got their hands on an iPhone 4 and promptly tore it down to its bare components. The teardown is well documented and photographed (if you’re into that), but the big attention-getter is their claim that the front display is made of Corning’s super-strong Gorilla Glass.

CES 2010: Sumocat Does!


Guess what I just won. No, not a punch in the face – this Verizon Droid I’m point at! Thanks Corning! Gorilla Glass rules! Name survey! R2-D2, R4-D4 (bad moti vator), or HK-47?

CES 2010: Gorilla Glass, best-kept secret in mobile tech

Got to break some things at CES today: little pieces of glass (in plastic sleeves to keep pieces from flying everywhere). It was a test of other, weaker pieces of glass compared to all-mighty Gorilla Glass, the best kept secret in mobile technology. How secret is it? If you have a Droid, you’re protected by […]

Motion Computing C5 and F5 Get ‘Gorilla Glass’


Motion Computing and Corning announced that Motion’s C5 and F5 will be the first ruggedized tablets to be outfitted with Gorilla glass. The stregnthened glass is being offered with the Motion Computing’s View Anywhere display option. This $249 option improves outdoor readability in addition to preventing damage to the display. According to Motion Computing and […]